Debbie Song is Federal Witnessing -  - Eph 2.2 causes 2 Thess 2.3 and is Black Tyranny"""
July 11, 2012
Greg Abbott: "Debbie responded against Hillary for doing that. Why was she tortured?"

NOTICE: If any of this language sounds familiar to you, please record it.
Debbie:"Bush Casey won't let me change the heading above. I took pictures of setting it at 18 points and they won't allow it to go through. They sabotage me every chance they get." 8/7/12
Smith: "You have to obety me to get the nomination." 2 7/10
Mueller: "Talking about how much $ you spend is a felony, especiallty, since many of them are the cause for making the prices higher. She used to pay $1.62 for that thing and now it's $4.33.
Rubico: "If she goes near us" 10, 92-10 on the corner of Dennis & Royal "Now Debbie will see my fist." 10, 15, 41
Debbie: "I had to leave the area he was so vicious to protect illegals."
MF on the train coming home: "No character." 10
Oprah Winfrey: "You're not real if I say." 10
Relay: "Revelation 13.3"
Smith: "I can make a Chinese problem like Iran."
FBI Washington: "Not letting her go the bathroom is the death of her sick ass stalking Debbie. That was my 508 plate."
Debbie: "She took the Fushigi ball out of Vistaprint's image file and then bragged about it to me."
Ann Romney: "I thought the Dallas Police were right to take the tapes [from store shelves]."
Mueller: "No vicious in the White House."
Relay: "Barney is fighting them, too. Bush is trying to bankrupt the United States with these games."
Al Wagner: "I gave Debbie those pictures of the Holocaust and you will pay for taking them away."
Relay: "He told Mueller he wants Debbie to have all the property on Barstow. That brother of yours is a squatter."
Smith: "I don't like them charging $2.66."
Relay: "I don't think it's your business, Mam."
NAACP: "Girlfriends will be the death of us."
BF on the train south: "I got him!"
Ann Romney: "Smith killed her husband to help me." 7/7
Relay: "Plastics judging you isn't Fine."
Smith: "No tapes."
Ann Romney: "I want to hurt Debbie for using me." 16, 16, 33 "Debbie is just stink and I'll take care of Glenn Fine."
Dallas Police Chief: "That's the end of the world when you can get at her and she can't protect herself."
Debbie: "I found Ann Romney in Belle Aragon in "Two Rode Together" and him as her fiance. That name is an Oprah cipher for no first/free exercise."
Sam Neill: "I'm cruel." 92-13 "I'd kill a priest."
Bush Sr. in Koreatown: "It's not okay to win without Oprah."
FOP: "Ask your people who snitched?"
Debbie: "Condi Rice to Casey."
Oprah Winfrey: "You'ere not going to control the police." 28, 10
Debbie: "Huh?"
Relay: "Does a certain color underwear control them, ridiculous piece of trash."
Debbie: "Troublemakers don't have to make sense, Honey.""
BF Hebron Station: Laughing very loudly: "I always win because they hear me first."
Re: Winter Cap order
BM Busdriver of Route 23: "We thought she was crackers for trying to hold onto a man with her snatch. You're not real. You're just a nice snatch."
Debbie: "The black trash interpretation of marriage said more than this on his bus. He made his lips look like Condi Rice."
WM on a motorcycle in Lewisville: "They killed JFK for Condi Rice. That's why we have to let her have her way. What famous person died for you?"
Debbie: "Huh? Beam me up, Scotty."
Bush: "Alright Condi Rice doesn't want to let go of your stuff. I casn't stop it."
BF near Royal Lane Station: "Everyone has to listen to my satellite or I'll scream."
Gulf of Tonkin at Jack in the Box where I went for supper on Emerald: "It would be too expensive to raise you. Besides, I want to stay (in America)."
Mueller: "The NAACP is racism. That's what a double standard is - Romans 2.11"
Smith-Oprah: "I told you to get more pain medication."
Librarian at VR: "Misooki won. You're still a bitch." 1955 hrs 7/11
Bill Clinton: "Hillary is not an excuse for Romney breaking the law."
Mueller: "Debbie already won, because she's not bothering anyone or breaking the law to get at any. Making him say bad things about Debbie is an abomination and God will get his day with you."
Debbie: "Smith-Romney is sabotaging the picture file at Vistaprint."
Relay: "That's a punk fascist for you."
Debbie: "I can't get my daughter's phone to pick-up. I think Romney had something to do with it, too."
Relay: "That's crappy, because you're not allowed to call the shots in your family, but troublemakers can. Everybody steps on Debbie's rights to be family because she's mixed married. We don't want you to officially anything. We want you to drop dead and leave her alone. See what they're doing? They're playing Oprah's "It Costs" game. Like Smnith said: Just before they nab her for all the crimes on Debbie, she'll pretend to have a psychotic break and change sides."
Debbie: "You know how the press sucks up to trickery. Did you hear that Condi Rice wants to be Romney's Secretary of Defense. This may be why torture and thefts have escualted on me since they took the tapes away. They're so hard on me, I can hardly turn over in bed."
Mueller: "Debbie Jr. first is a felony, since their mother was relieved of control of them before they were teenagers by Bush and that Oprah witch saying she wanted to be their mother. Though Debbie fought tooth and nail to hold on to them, those devils had more $ and tricks with friends than any parent could win against. Friends have a way of making parents look bad under normal circumstances."
Mueller: "Condi Rice is insane for butting in to Debbie's life like this"
Female in 350: "I'll have to knock you down for telling on us." 29, 73-Romney 84-70 "I'll have to give him a heart attack if he doesn't respond to my shame. You better listen. I own the police..... I hear everything you say! I don't care what she does. I'm not going to take care of her stuff when this goes."
Zoe Saldana: "Continue no close. I said no leaving here" was Smith.
350: "I tried to be incredible. She's still a risk to the star because I still don't like her poo-poo." 92-28  "Casey said you will die for seeing Steven."
DJ Caruso: "Alright, we didn't want to do it her way." 2
Debbie: "She said she'd crash an airplane if I went to the airport. Without specific terminal information, it's dangerous for innocent people. Who needs "the power" to murder?"
Ann Romney: "In another tyhree months, you're still going to be a hole. I didn't like her because she doesn't help the girls." 92-29, 16, 65
Zoe: "Don't stop me." 55
Smith: "I told Ann about napalm." 92-10
Debbie: "I never talk about napalm to you bitch!"
Oprah Winfrey: "I'm going to do everything I can to interrupt her." 33
Dan Quayle: "I don't want her in his head" is a homewrecking!
Bush Sr.: "I made him an old man because he didn't offer you any protection." 42, 42, 45, 10, 6, 18, 6
Debbie: "Since when do you allow love to prevail, George?"
Halle Berry: "I can continue to play with him."
Debbie: "Because you're a loud mouth racist bitch!."
Mueller: "They always drag in Debbie's husband into attacks on Debbie. They can't attack her on the issues. And they assault capability is always lurking."
Mesothelioma: "And you continue to have a past."
Mueller: "Ann Romney and Oprah playing with Starnes against Debbie with that laser (92-15) isn't making it better."
Debbie: "That issue, like napalm, is not open to black girl specifications."
Oriental female: ""No ending him with the Vatican."
Relay: "Here again, filth from the outer limits raises it's ugly head and butts in. We had it with communism stalking you."
S. Weaver: "No polaris missle."
350 for Romney: "That husband isn't coming back." 27
Ann Romney: "You don't obey me." 15
FBI Dallas: "[UD] isn't a holy one, so it can be on the track."
Ann Romney: "I can't let Debbie up. She'll kill babies."
Relay: "It's already the law, Mam. Matthew 5.17."
Smith: "I'm helping you leave my town. I'll be gentle." 18, 17, 6 7/21, re: DART Map 7/30
Ann: "That's why you're getting whacked because you're telling on Condi's side." And Misooki said no last." 92-35, 92-29, 30, 35
[Prostitutes speak loudly by front door at 0233 hrs 8/8/12]
Smith: "I'll tear Debbie apart." 7/23 0148 hrs.
350: "I'll have to knock you down for telling on us." 29
Michael Reagan: "Stone's hands in Wikipedia picture meant no imperialsim which is the artful dodger way of saying don't use echelon to control things."
Mueller: "When they cause a problem like Colorado, they use it to racketeer and introduce more people to echelon's power."
Republicans: "No trades."
Oprah: "Glamorous torture. Try to be creative. Now I can kill you here. Don't try to stand us or I'll use my knife [NASA Laser]. He sounds hideous."
Debbie: "Communists believe everything government belongs to them personally."
Relay: "What do you mean, Oprah to you and Debbie didn't do it Oprah's way, so you didn't process her order? That's racketeering/RICO."
Mueller: "I don't care what you heard about Debbie. An American would report it and fill out that order. Hate crime Condi Rice for stealing the first one using Defense for Romney Smith! Passing Debbie's stuff to others as communism!. Tell Debbie I am sick of these devil troublemakers. Pull DOJ grant from for fascist terrorism for Romney Smith racketeering!."
Relay: "They think they're God out here with Defense spying on us."
350: "You have to obey to get stuff."
Relay: "That's communism, Goose."
Debbie: "Obey me is bottomless pit."
Danny: "Well, she proved her point."
Oprah: "Police obeying the law are teeth."
Debbie: "Oprah terrorizes me through neighbors, too. No one can be civil to me. It upsets her tantrums on me."
Oprah: "I want him [InKwon] to drink milk from my breast."
Relay: "Romney bossing you around is terrorism, not a campaign. He's phoney baloney."
FBI: "Conspiring with anyone notoriously against Debbie is a hate crime."
Mitt Romney: "I don't want to see Gifford, now."
Condi Rice: "He likes me because I have a stash [of grass]."
Oprah Winfrey: "I'll crash a plane if you don't obey me."
Dallas Police: "That's a coup her with weapons on us like this. The press prefers Rice because she does mayhem needs to be looked at."
350: "One day hear."
Oprah Winfrey: "I can torture her until I see the Secret Service." 15
Bush Sr.: "Who gave her orders to go to the police?"
350: "My hair [air] is Oh [Korean for five/fist]. I'm fish [subversive] and against everthing hot. Alright, I can't get him for vanilla [monogamy wife], but he stays with me [pollution]."
Ed Show Substitute: "I'll hammer her (for Condi Rice)."
FOP: "We think it's too hot for you to work where there is no shade."
Elizabeth Cohen: "I thought she was addicted to that."
The FBI: "Calling success an addiction is a hate crime."
DA Dallas: "No bending the rules for politicians anymore. Espionage puts communism on Americans in charge."
Ann Romney's 22: 18
Jane Harmon: "I said just stand (against ice)."
Geico: "Hey crabcakes, stop being them."
Jack Cafferty: "I can't help you."
Gloria Borger: "I thought you were piss...." 4
Cisco: "I said hit her ...."
Capella: "I said ...."
Discover Card: "I'm making sure you lose and I don't like what you said about Inouye."
Mueller: "Pure fabrication."
Mary Snow: "I get to teach China (how to do hate crimes for sympathy and fame)."
James Henry: "I like..."
Dan Rivers: "We should be able to take her out (of the internet) for disturbing the police."
Janet Napilatano: "I just called you a vagina."
Joselyn Taylor: "He wants Misooki not you." 4
Liberty Mutual: "We can replace your stuff and you can't escape [communism]. Don't try to detective us. I'll say no Chapaquiddick. Don't try to contact this office."
La Patita: "We're against your tradition."
Joseph Banks: "I said ..."
Mike Rowe: "Stop taking care of us."
FOP: "Is this power - all this trash bullying Debbie?"
Cymbalta: "You're a ..."
BF AARP: "I said no travelling her with him [the husband]." 47-94
Mike Rowe: "Close only if you let us get up in Misooki."
Metzenbaugh: "I lost the thrill."
Oprah Winfrey: "Angie Engine halt." 99
Seth Medley: "You'll be out on the street in no time."
Ann Romney: "She wants to kill the little babies."
Sarah Palin: "We're going to strap you down."
Chloe Anderson: "'re a cancer."
Janet Reno: "Go to hell, Janet."
OF on 486 west to Royal Station: "I don't want to share my stiff [oriental erection]. No biblical with him."
MF near Green south: "Misooki and Condi Rice own your husband [by disturbing him]."
Mark Sullivan: "What do you mean 'It's your turn to mind control the orientals'?"
Oprah Winfrey: "I own your bed [marriage] until you're big enough to terrorize us."
Debbie: "Is that legal, George?"
Jane Harmon: Gabby Giffords should put you on the street. You're old."
Debbie: "New information regarding "Gabby Arizona" has surfaced and it brings in the US Olympic Gymnastic Team."
Harmon: "We're part of this scheme to annoy you. You're ..."
350: "They like my play [echelon crimes]."
Mitt Romney: "We can't make it [echelon crimes] illegal."
Debbie: "The Olympic Games are fixed."
FOP: "Debbie used to be fit as a fiddle until Romney came along with that laser."
350: "I'll have to knock you down for telling on us. 29 "I said give him a heart attack if he doesn't respond to my shame [racism]. You better listen. I own the police..."
Sheriff: "Big deal!"
Mueller: "She ought to be busted for terroristic talk."
Debbie: "Oh, please."
350: "I don't care what she does. I'm not going to take care of her stuff when this thing goes."
Ann Romney: "In another three months, you're going to be just a whole." 9
350: "Danny said no way your air [echelon]." 7/28  6
Relay: "He did not!"
Debbie: "You're all fcking liars!"
Bush Sr.: "Now you'll never get up because I sold them Palin." 98
Queen Elizabeth: "Now we have to obey men."
Bush Sr.: "I said no religion or I'll get tight on your thing again." 10
Ann Romney: "I want no loose. She runs around too much" (echoes Rice). 92-13, 29
Bush Sr.: "I have a motive. I said no hot twxts."
Mueller: "That's what Bush, McCain and England call women who tell them no control of our private lives. These hellcats try to control images by forcing women to get pregnant in order to pleasure their husbands. That's why so many politicians have a lot of children. Men can only be 'physical' with the wife if she's fertile. Debbie said stay out of my bedrooms and that makes them mental [calling her vulgar names]."
Danny: "They shouldn't be watching married couples in love with satellites."
Debbie: "I'll bet that 50% of marriages that ends in divorce has a satellite on them!"
Mitt Romney: "Alright, I want no hot."
Mueller: "The royals have been interested in mind control since the 16th century."
413 Balance Beam: "Another two months for that scream. I can't wait to make you pay for that one (BF #411 getting physically chummy with an OM)."
Herman Cain: "I don't want you to run like that..." 66-13
Gabby Douglas during a series of poses: "I got you ear" is cryptic for no real.
Mueller: "Everyone heard that one."
Chin: "Debbie better not say that."
Narrator: "Forever."
Relay: "A weapon of mass destruction is a cheater."
Mitt Romney: "That's why I don't want you. You'll say play fair. That's why I don't want your thing."
Debbie: "I didn't write his first comment in, so he repeated himself and it was worse."
Oprah Winfrey: "Now I'll have to beat her up for Gabby's mother." 53-84-70 "You're just thick snot and you ought to be locked up."
Robert Casey: "You're going to get it for tricking us about 4.18." 4, 4
Bush Sr. : "Now I can hamstring you because you said hot twxt." 95
Debbie: "Gabby Douglas plus Gabby Giffords is hatemail from Condi Rice, but there's more. All their trainers were orientals and the initials spell what my daughter's mother-in-law said to me in response to my Christian religion in 1998: "Goddamn." Therefore the Olympics have been corrupted to distribute gold to those the oligarchy deems worthy.. Remember they blew up my little white color TV in 2000 for catching them then. The above quote was said over the radio many times where I lived just to rub in that Asia was against Christianity being taught to my husband who had been missing for over a year. The lady that said that to me gave me a very nice wool coat, so it's not clear why she kept saying those words to me."
Oprah: "I'm giving you no wiggle room to get up." 98
Ann Romney: "I don't like you for saying kill the little babies." 13, 24, 84-13-92
Robert Mueller: "Don't let this one run for using espionage on Debbie"
AMA: "This choice of words is anti-social. Has she been doing this for very long?"
Relay: "Romney used to be pro-choice. Wish them into the cornfield, Debbie."
Marco Rubio: "I'm Hispania." 18, 53
Debbie: "You're going to prison for spreading lies about me with that laser. I am Ortiz, back to you."
Relay: "He's racketeering with Obama's wife."
Oprah: "If sex isn't for pro-creation only, you're just a whole."
Condi Rice: "If Mitt Romney doesn't choose me, I'll kill him."
Ann Romney: "You were divorced before." 28
Debbie: "And I went all the way to Korea to find him."
Mitt Romney: "When I heard I could hurt you, I got really happy." 4
Ann Romney: "If you're not ready for this, we're going to break you." 6 "You're an imitation." 18-6, 18-6, 18-6
Oprah: "she belongs to me or she won't go." 6, 6
Ann Romney: "No queel." 3, 4, 47, 62, 6
Oprah: "I'm mad." 18, 18
Psychopath: "I thought I could scare her off." 4, 25
Ann Romney: "I respect your stink but you're not taking over Rubio."
Ed Stewart: "I can't reimburse you because you want to be real." 98
Fear: "Now, there will be no Debbie."
The Ho That's always pregnant: "No Mikey to the White House."
Black Screamers: "You're so not me. You're never going to see your virgin again."
Robert Mueller: "It's a leak about Theater 16. Thanks."
Bush Sr.: "We can't allow Christians this high. We have to crack the men so she won't have any power. There is no soul."
A Guy: "They're like cattle prods."
Relay: "If it costs men a pregnancy to have sex with the wife, that's prostitution. Unless, it's mutual, it's prostitution."
350: "Stink!" 92-18
Winston: "I used my knife. No honest injun."
350: "I said no part stand."
Oprah: "I said lie!" 35, 53
Bush Sr.: "Don't make it easy." 70-57-89-92
Relay: "Do you pay higher prices?"
Debbie: "Yes. Thanks for telling on Condi."
Alex Thomas: "I hope we interupt you for Condi Rice."
Harmon: "We're part of this scheme to annoy you...."
Mueller: "I want Swanson for thefts."
Debbie: "All I said was Elena was a Sandinista on my son. That's why I am not allowed to see him since 1999. That's how commies play and I wrote it down for someone to read and the Romneys attacked me with the lasers because Condi Rice and Oprah had a fit. My family is not her business and NOT for her to join in against me.."
Bush Sr,: "See to it nothing happens. I'll tell them to choose Rubio."
Ann Romney: "You'll stay there if you don't obey us."
Cherri Rowe: "I don't want her to be that high."
Bush Oprah: "We'll proceed with the strangulation if you try to get up with him." 4
Oprah: "Just give up."
Bush Sr: "Just drop dead!"
Mueller: "Have Rubio as your translator so I can arrest him for lying."
Bush Sr: 4 "Now I'm not sure.." 6, 84 "I'll really freeze her for that."
Little Girl Dell: "I'm glad I removed the tickle."
Ann Romney: "Can you stop her breathing?" 13, 29, 35
Janet Reno: "I'll put all four of you in jail. No more letting blacks up on Debbie. They're too sadistic."
WF Macy's: "NO cheese sites." 33, 35, 53, 34
Winston: "Make her suffer." 90-92-13, 29, 53, 16, 6
Paul Ryan: "You're incompetant." 79
Sikh Pracitioner: "Now we'll listen [to Misooki] to be safe."
350: "Now I win."
Sikh male: "We should have let her be on top [by buying rice from their store at TM Station in Carrollton]. We shouldn't have been afraid."
Erin Burnett: "We don't want your witness. We'd rather have Misooki out in front. That's why I did that." [57-84 "Case it] 73-Bush Sr.
Billy Bob Thorton: "That's why we can't help you. We choose communism. We don't want her to use her tissle. It's not going to work for you anymore like it did. We'll never get off Misooki for telling on us."
Radio: "We come for Niko."
Ann Romney: "NO Dallas."
Bush Sr.: "You can't be first because Misooki doesn't have your knowledge. We made you a stench so they'd stop you." 53
Smith: "I want you in a loveless marriage. I want no comfort for her when I kill all her children. If I say its gibberish (on the tapes), that's what you say.I said no bracelet ( for her." 91 "I won't be happy until you're arrested." 88
Winston: "The Chief of Police says no sleep." 90-92-13, 29, 53 "I own the District Attorney. I tell him what to say."
Debbie: From 8/2/12-8/3/12 Winston, Bush Sr., Brown, Smith, Rice, Romney and Oprah tortured me and deprived me of sleep. All invisible, but all their voices and the lasers were real."
Oprah: "I want in. 85 I want Rubio." 98
Ann Romney: "Once." 95
Eric Cantor: "...I'm obsessed. I didn't know she was GAO."
Rice: "I lower character so I can be free to be me."
Mueller: "Bush Sr. is a despot."
Ann Romney: "You're crazy."
Brown: "I offered to transport her to Romney and he frowned."
Winston: "She needs me to get the black vote." 55
Brown: "Thank God, they think she's crazy."
Smith: "You're going to win a few, but you're goin to stay right here!" 8/7
Oprah Winfrey: "Meek her."  8/6
OF Nurse Jumper: "My knee testing." 74
Bush Sr: "You're a whole if you don't want to worship my [baskets]." 9
OF GoTo: "I thought I could go rape."
Oprah: "I'll give you nervosis for trying to catch klute." 2 2, 28
Ann Romney: "I don't like what you said to them. 18 I don't need your third." 13, 29, 35, 27 8/2
Brian Munroe: "That's why I don't want you up, because you tell on my stuff."
Debbie: "Protection racket derby."
Relay: "The day will come for ridding the world of Chritianity, when even your own mother won't be trustworthy to get along." "I don't want you venting on her, George."
Oprah Winfrey: "I hope it hurts her when I'm chosen [appointed vice president] as his veep."
Winston: "I tell all the police she's just trash and to dump her. You better listen to us. Danny said..." 41, 13
Bush Sr: "Be quiet or I'll knock you down. You're too expensive to raise."
Winston: "No lust. That's what Defenbaugh told us." 94-70
Babs: "Blacks stalking us into bankruptcy is a murder spree."
Smith: "I know where she is." 33
Relay: "Espionage is lust, George, Mueller said. Tinkering with our system without being elected is communism."
Oprah: "I own Mitt Romney because you didn't obey us. I didn't think they would protect you."
Smith: ""I'll take your [Treasury check] away. She can only be creel for using my hand."
350: "I'll hold her. I'll take that altar boy off. I said no cheek to cheek to make him psychotic. You better not do that LA thing." 29, 13 "I said no sparky."
Condi Rice: "I said 6 months no close or I'll get up." 94-99
Oprah: "I made sure her stand against me came from her own pocket. I have Michael because you lusted again."
Relay: "No, you did, Mam, knowing about something without a warrant to search Debbie."
Relay: "This is psychotic tranny comprised of the lies of war all at her disposal."
Bush Sr.: "I have a [rogue] doctor that will take her out."
84-99-70 Conspiracy Rice"
Black Female Security Guard at Cromwell Library @ Forest: "I took her check. I own him (police chief of Battleground). I told you not to tip them." 8/9 1846 hrs
Danny Defenbaugh: "She's planning her next move with espionage on Debbie."
FOP: "Has she done this thing on you?"
Guard: "Now, I can't cold."
Relay: "Torturing Debbie in anyway makes the stalker a thief."
Oprah Winfrey (Thief beyond comparison): "Dennis is on patrol." Have you heard this on the radio?
Relay: "That officer didn't cost me."
Debbie: "If your life is controlled without due process, it's communist."
Bush Sr.: "Having sex with that bitch [his wife] makes him sick."
Relay: "I hate it when they say: 'I thought I could get away with it.'"
Oprah: "Romney is my hype. Now..." 27, 10
Gordon Liu: "I don't like your breast. ..." 94
Sam Stein: "Don't mention them. I go klepto over her."
Mueller: "How dare you esculate torture on Debbie! We shouldn't have laid down for the British and let Japan attack us."
Oprah: "Your future looks bleak." 28
John McCain: "Play!" 92-13
DPD: "Sabotaging Debbie in any way is a hate crime and that includes crippling her"
Mueller: "They're vagrant f... trash stalking our finest police departments ... Bush (Sr) is getting ridiculous with this lust."
Bush: 35, 35
Perla: "It will be a long time before you wiggle, Mommy."
David Carradine: "I got over your fatty ass with my machine."
Oprah: "No go, Babe!" 70 "Humble her...." 6, 35, 3 "There must be no joy." 92-20
Chris Christie: "I'll never let her up."
Portland's: "We're getting her for saying she's the police."
FOP: "Don't missread to get favors from communism."
Oprah: "I didn't like Pawlenty."
Vulgar: "You'll never get him off me [black tyranny and oriental females]. If you try to use his thing, I'll take him."
Relay: "It's not retruned if strings are attached like the last time in 1997. Don't listen to Bush."
Relay #2: "Strings attached is stalking."
Oprah: "No Diane if you want him! In order to make magic, I need a human sacrifice." 18, 13, 53, 13, 53, 8
Paul Ryan: "No man. I'm coming right in because you're mental. I don't like your ass. She's crazy."
Oprah: If I say no sex, it's no sex" keeps her in good with the queen.
Rachel Maddow: "And it's still no sex." 13, 18
Smith: "All I have to say is she's crazy and they'll give me the box." 99 "I win on Saturday at 9 o'clock."
Mueller: "That's an unscrupolous psychotic slt. I've had it with racists stalking Debbie. She didn't sell out and they're hot on her heels."
Bush Sr.: "I told InKwon he was petty to sqwak about being second husband when he had 22 years to change it."
Ann Romney: "I'm glad they took it. What does a woman her age need a clitoris for. She's a demon."
BF in Knowing: "His Jimmy belongs to me."
Bush Sr: "Thanks to the one above this one"
Relay: "Condi Rice trying to get up on Debbie is a felony."
Oprah: "I said no up for her until she worships Beast."
Condi Rice: "Debbie's crazy if she thinks I would crash a plane into traffic." 70
Bush Sr.: "Any crate. We have Bulshevik blood."
Gulag: "No making intercourse into for infants only."
Oprah: "Now I don't want you to have teeth."
Mueller: "Do you think they grow back after you knock them out, Bitch?"
350: "Misooki doesn't like your air. That's why you're not going anywhere."
Debbie: "All Misooki has done is make me suffer for EEOC since 1990. Who is she to judge. She's a f... immigrant that wasn't there. She doesn't even spoeak english."
Casey: "I'll grab her!"
Oprah: "I want no Debbie anything twice. I want no desire for her thing in him." 92-47, 92-53, 92-13, 62s
Mueller: "Petty has spoken. Sick f... people."
Bush: "I said Condi Rice (and Smith Romney) could get up with the lasers on you for not giving them the tapes." 84
Smith: "Two days torture for not giving me the tapes." 92-13, 92-35, 92-29, 92-35, 92-3, 4, 6, 90-84 "I'll start hitting her at 11 o'clock for sharing my thing." 13
Ryan: "I'm no love up."
Bush: "I don't need her in government. I don't need her fur."
Oiers Morgan: "I'm a sadist. 53 and you're the tiniest of sips." 89-84
Mike Rawlins: "Danny says she's not a cop. I thought she had too much to drink."
[Rawlins guarded by Oprah, 1425 hrs 8/17. That may explain the violence].
Debbie: "But that didn't seem to stop the City of Dallas from helping themselves to all that $, did it? That $ was real, wasn't it??"
Smith: "She's got evidence against me. Stop her!"
Clarice Tinsley: "Ruin."
Mueller: "That's why they fuss about Debbie's boxes to others not sympathetic with communism."
TMZ WM in green T-shirt 8/17: "Niow, I can kill her kid." 29,29
Ferrari: "They won't put him back because I won't allow him to be fake."
TMZ BF in a car's backseat: "No Dodge or you're going to see my hand." 13, 53, 27
Oprah: "You're children are in danger if you don't play with Smith."
Jay Leno's WF piano player: "You'll never see me again because they won't let me be myself with you. Now, I'm against you..."
Relay: "And they call Debbie crazy."
Smith: "All she does is piss around."
Ann Romney: "Tell Debbie ... I have to do reprisals..." 28, 13 "I thought I could torture her into sainthood."
Winston: "Ann Romney waits till Debbie falls asleep and hits her with the laser. Then complains when Debbie stays awake alnight."
Mitt Romney: "Never her one."
Condi Rice echo: "It'll cost Diane['s life] to put it [the website heading capability like it used to be] back the way it was."
350: "When I hear her screaming, I know they're hurting her for me."
Kevin Spacey: "You're a substance coronor. I'm always wrong."
Oprah: "I said make her a sonnabulist." 92-13, 35, 29, 90-74, 33, 94 for votes.
Debbie: "I don't like be restricted and punished all the time for every little thing I say or do by the grumpy satellites from hell! They said Donna was real sweet to them for Debbie and so was the Dallas Police and Defenbaugh. Casey uses espionage to track me on Mueller's and Mark's radar. Obama sends his love in the streets today, but it was hard to tell him from Brown. .... The use dopplegangers, too. It's hard to fall asleep after someone has awaken you painfully."
BF Secret: "Downtown." 99
Debbie: "This is Smith carrying out her threats. She's also after my website and financial situation. Just like Virginia Williams said in 1990 through Wayne. It's still happening."
Robert Mueller, FBI Director: "You're a dead troublemaker using entrapment and terrorism to make a case on a worthy candidate for public office because she's mixed married. That's racism to stop her chances in life! That was against the law not to verify the names on the front of the box and I hope it costs you both your jobs for causing this lady aggrevation. Mark Sullivan has been notified of the condition of his employees. Those forms were against the law and you should've never came to her apartment. There was a note inside the box you never availed yourselves. We're trying to get our country away from communism and you pushed us right back in. 'No love' is racketeering. ....."
Winston: "You're racist troublemakers and you shouldn't have taken pictures. We have satellite pictures of her. Why do you need cellphone pictures?"
Ann Romney: "I hope you don't survive my fist [torture based on espionage]."
Mitt Romney imitation/doppleganger on Dennis Road: "I'm making sure she's no teal [tail]" while standing near a motorcycle. 94, 35
Louie Freeh: "Bush isn't balance. He's tyranny."
Mueller: "Clobbering her all the time is espionage."
Relay: "People who play games on Debbie are violen
BF "Doing things for Misooki made me strong."
Mueller: "No, dear, it made you cruel."
Oprah Winfrey: "I'm trying to incorporate WWIII and you're stopping me."
Ann Romney: "I don't approve of your methods of getting attention."
Relay: "Perhaps a plane crashing into the Convention would be more appropriat? Maybe a murder spree with hatemail in the victims' names? What a glamour puss."
Winston: "Condi Rice said no sleep." 90-94-92 "You'll never get rid of me." 4, 13, 16
Smith: "You owe me" is fascism.
Oprah Winfrey: "Now, I'll pull her! I'm sure she's unbalanced. I told David she still hurts me and I want her dead. I'm sure I'm going to get away with cruel and unusual [on a federa lwitness]." 13
Relay: "This is an on-going battle over 20 years long. Don't butt in with your opinions or commands. Such brings lasers down on innocent people and our airplanes."
Lucy Lui: "I don't want white under my skin."
Relay: "Possessive sexual terrorism is a hate crime."
Bill Nye wants parents to stop telling their children to believe in creationism, as it blocks them from wanting to be future scientists. He said: "I'd Misooki you. 13 I'm dead. You're a whole for going there. No miss."
Attack of the Show Host: "We don't want to lose the twit [coupsters]." Then he said 46% of households believe in intelligent design.
Bill Nye: "I'll take her to county."
Debbie: "Is this science? talking this way to a total stranger? We have enopugh people trying to manipulate children. Butt out."
Byong Dong: "Just forget Debbie Song." 16, 47
Oprah Winfrey on 8/31/12: "I'm trying to make you out to be a crank." 74, 13, 28, 89 for Rice, 13
Donald L. Samuels: "Wars engineered for us to fight by the British are not real. Start with Desert Storm. We'll vote for Obama because [Romney's] a pencil."
Marines: "We played too bad [dirty] to let her up."
Mitt Romney okayed this one by highsign: "Tangle her feet up with the cart and make her fall on the concrete for telling on us." 13
Relay: "Open is sadistic terrorism without a warrant stalking people."
BF Guardian Movie: "He stays here [in Irving with Misooki/Oprah and Myo Kim]."
Oprah Winfrey: "If marriage is a gift from God, it means you're a whole." 13, 70, 27, 4 "I said no hot."
Elizabeth Warren: "We'll stand the police or turn into Egypt [a fist] on you."
Mitt Romney: "Hit the cyst."
Ann Romney: "Don't forget about me." 13, 13, 33, 16 "I said another two weeks [of torture and obstruction of internet access] for telling on us or I'll kill a McDonough." 2, 2, 18, 47, 16 "You're a wild tickle." 70-84
350: He wants to be between Misooki's legs."
Oprah Winfrey: "Hit her in the tibia, so she can't walk." 33, 13, 35, 33, 33, 34, 25, 13, 33, 35, 16, 16, 35 ... Carries out requests for cruel and unusual punishments. "I'm dating. That's why I didn't ask." 16, 28, 3
Bush Sr: "A heart can't get up or I'll blow it away." 18
Voice on ET: "We want Hollywood to help us end Catholic."
Jeff Goldblum: "We were tempting you with them."
Smith: "I don't want Debbie to walk anywhere." 33, 33, 6X "I own your life! 16 Everybody believes me." 70, 94/7X "You're fake if you don't put me in."
Oprah Winfrey: "He [Romney] has faith in me to put him in the White House if he keeps this [torture of Debbie] up on you." 33, 13, 53
Ann Romney: "I don't want your light. Stop calling the police." 84-70, Two weeks torture or I'll kill your brother. If I don't like her scream, my knife." 92-33, 47
Robert Mueller III: "Get them off Debbie! It's not 'play' to torture someone, demented!"
BF Verizon 4GLite: "He's not coming home because I want to control him" like you did Libya the week of 9/11/12?
Jane Velez-Mitchell: "I'm glad I stopped you with the cops" is espionage and terrorism!
Relay: "She didn't read anything you wrote about the subject she's talking about."
Oprah Winfrey: "I don't want her to be vaginal like before." 92-33, 6, 6, 6, 33
Debbie: "Please get the vulgar sluts off me."
Oprah again: "I don't want a hottie."
Relay: "No assembly-line people to please Oprah."
Keith Ellison: "You're oing to go to a doctor and I don't care what they say! I can't even think about your pxssy... Alright, I'll knock her down."
Smith: "They're going to call the pope and make you stop doing that. You're just a whole." 99
Debbie: "Play is torture."
Paul Ryan: "Hurt! I want her in stir here." 16, 47
Ann Romney: "Another 6 weeks of torture if you use them [the police] against us."
Mitt Romney: "I said make her take medication. I don't care about the cogentin."
Paul Ryan: "They're not paying me enough money to put up with her shit."
Ann Romney: "I don't want her pollution in the world."
Michelle Obama: "Take my name out!" 92-47
Oprah Winfrey: "I don't want him to be an American. I killed her fax." (She turned off my phone). 47
Hebron Librarian: "I said big deal her thing."
Heidi Klum for shadowing "Don't be jealous of us."
Ann Romney: "Debbie wants my penis [InKwon]. That's why I said don't let her up." 20, 92-13, 44, 6, 28, 2, 6 0045 hrs 9/14/12
Condi Rice/Psychotic homewrecker: 28, 29, 2, 2, 9 "It's me." 27 0105 hrs 9/14 2, 9, 47, 28, 27
Oprah Winfrey: "I'm not going to give what you want unless you pray to me." 16 "I'll have to figure out how to knock her down."
Ann Romney: "I banish you from us." 92-18
President Bush Sr.: "You need my permission to leave this room. No movies. no police [websites]...."
Mike Huckabee: "No commercials for her faith or I'll tisket [basket weaponry]. Now, we're never her light." 92-13
Relay: "We can't let them get away with using that laser."
Jeff Bethke: "I hope you're divorced. 57 I didn't know I was an animal. You're just an egg. I could have. I'm more dangerous. [He says what I have said on the tapes]. I'll get up in him. I'm not for her. [ popped up on the screen] I won't help her. It won't happen. 33 Technically, she's the closest. .... No America. I'm not a winner with her. That's why he's no awesome. 6 Friday is no sinner. No Love-gate. They like my stuff. 18 Pour on more shame. 4, 44 I said no up in her thing [marriage]. I might as well die there." 18
President Bush Sr.: I don't care what the chiefs of police say. I said no police."
Condi Rice out of the blue: 92-28, 13, 13, 4, 13, 84-89
Relay: "Enflaming a situation weith espionage is hate crime Winston excells at."
Winston responds to echo: "92-33, 6, 57-84
BF near my door at 0146 hrs: "You're going to learn to obey my children" is 7X. 6, 18, 99
Winston: "I made you look older, so you couldn't cap." 47, 2
President Bush, Sr.: You're nothing but a retard." 18, 47
Ann Romney: "Continue no close [open to espionage and terrorism]. I thought that would get her off the hook." 92-18, 92-28
Relay: "No more communism. When they tell you to say, don't say, you Deadly Beast! She took Jeb off because he wanted to get off. He grew a conscience for Romney he didn't have for the police and he was being harassed by Condi. What would you have done to her if she didn't obey him? Be honest, crunch. Not one of them has been tortured like Debbie and none of them have been stalked and punished for everything they do. Show me cops for Bush. They sit on juries and make faces at people. The way they look at Debbie on the bus is called intimidation. Imagine that face in the jury room while they decide. That's uncalled for and I hear all the time, they make those eyes at police officers on patrol who don't take their side. That's unlawful and it shouldn't be on our law enforcement officials. Who knows if that's how they get on the Cop Killer page. Who remembers St. Patty's Day task we gave Debbie. That witch with the satellite couldn't wait to mouth off (echelon) to every police officer this side of Fort Worth that Debbie found that pass in the street. Talking to the police via espionage is a deadly communist game that's very illegal and it's called "feet." The Bravery page is full of this thing. Set someone up and then in rolls the police games. That's not what they're hired to do. So why don't you mind your own business and crawl back into that hole you came out of and begone! What happened to Debbie is called Tyranny."
Winston: "All worms [the Jewish Community Center in Dallas calls fascism worms that get into our heads and eats the brain way] live in holes."
Relay: "Condi Rice and Ann Romney are not the legal community or a White House. Michelle Obama is White House, to some degree. They need Barry or the legal community to override her. He's White House"
Michelle Obama: "I thought she was going to take it out. He can't override me." 92-47, 27-Violation of free speech
Ann Romney: "I thought she was crazy."
Mueller: "Crazy is the one stalking people with that laser. Did you do Oregon?"
Relay: "Bush Sr. snitched Debbie out to Michelle Obama so the latter would strike her with the laser. This is sadism."
Debbie: "I started it. Finished up to page 1265. Yes, I would say most of them (thus far) have been destabilized since whenever I did them before."
Relay: "Michelle ought to be happy we didn't tip everyone off where it is."
President Clinton: "Ezra 2.13 is a scam on America and Debbie's right, using those women to breed like that ruins their lives forever. Didn't Quality say she hates ... because she found a man to marry her after the twins? They're not in a good position to re-marry or get married once they do that. We're sorry, but Oprah needs to leave these people alone. Stop using them. That's a bitter pill and they're too young to see the error in it. Someone has to say no. Thanks, Debbie, for having my kind of guts."
Mueller: "And she can wear red if she wants. Stop driving by and giving her dirty looks."
Nia-Malika Henderson: "I'll sue you.... She's a bane ass. I'm no sofs. Alright, I'll take."
Mitt Romney: "They'tre mental but you're a fool to say that to them." 2
Ann Romney: "I don't want you with high bucks."
Oprah Winfrey: "You're not going to get away with telling on my filth." 47, 16, 57-Pur water filter
Neighbor by my door: "We're no way [no Christianity as a way to succeed in life]."
Louis J. Freeh: "She found Vac."

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