Lynch is an imitation of Oprah: X3,14,27,57,62,134,258,263,323,331,324,335,357
  • Read her latest crap on BARRY to the president.

(she fcked it up again like EXTREME BOLO)
This one was on me before she became Attorney General!

  1. "You don't have enough attorneys to stop me. I'll take her off [the internet]."
  2. She'll see a doctor or I'll tear her heart out with my machine."
    "You're just a mat I wipe my feet on."
  3. "I believe in unconsciousness for that one." 7
  4. "Now, I'll use my other fist." 92 all night long

  5. "I said No!" 53
  6. "Never again or I'll murder her."
  7. "I'm no whore. I said no white." X251, 371
  8. "She's not going to get up with that one."X153
  9. "I'll take him off (after Bush said 'No inside.')"She's just a scream."
  10. "I can call her crazy whenever I want because she's crazy."  X293
  11. "Now I can make you see a doctor (because Donna said no fun.)"Now I can." X311
  12. "Alright, I'm ruined, but still no internet for you." X148
  13. "I thought I could get away with killing you." X151, 102
  14. "It means no first (while controlling my android camera with tech). I have to poke her to get her riles." 2, 2, 13 X234
  15. "I want no secrets.""I'll get you for saying bunch." X73
  16. "I said no real." X318"I said no height." X206
  17. "No O-beast. That's my bed." X260"I'm dangerous...." X280,289
  18. "No FBI." 33, X78
  19. "I won't let her do that [work with the police in the streets with an FBI satellite]. X123, 166,250,390
  20. "And you better not try to touch it!."
  21. "You'll never see that... if you tell on me." X372
  22. "Block her (accesses)" X101"I'm up." 27,13
  23. "I don't want this country believing in Jesus Christ again..." X121
  24. "...or they'll throw me out." 42, 16, 28, 41
  25. "I said no." X384
  26. "I did Donna. I'll get you for ..." X12, 373
  27. "Now, I own the Vatican because you told on us." X170
  28. "I could cream you for telling on us." X94
  29. "No! No! Not with her (despotic). I'll make that impossible." X260
  30. Anonymous: "Which cancer were you planning on giving me?"
  31. "We're going for a hemorrhage and making you look like you melt." X236
  32. "No name in the Holy Bible."X12"
  33. I'll stop that." X187
  34. "I hate it when you do this. I'm just so decadent I can't change."
  35. "No white rabbit." X200, 266
  36. "I'll cut off her esophagus when she swallows." INDEX 44, X236
  37. "I said no Debbie in there today (Sunday Earth Day)." X33
  38. "I don't want her cart real." X140
  39. "Don't let them up if they help her." X77, 113
  40. "I'll recuse, but she's going to suffer for trying to get up without us." X85, 112
  41. "I want no Thor up." X327
  42. "He's my lust." X65
  43. Anonymous: "You do not speak for Debbie unless she comes to you and it's discussed."
  44. "I made her an orphan and soon, I'll make her a widow" makes her Bush's ass.
  45. "I knew I could ruin her with my laser. I took her down." X118
  46. "I told you he was my husband." X134
  47. "I made it impossible for you with my fist." X24
  48. "Alright, I killed her romance." X50
  49. "She's GOOSE."
  50. "I'll keep taking things from you until you laydown for us." X107
  51. "Condi Rice doesn't want you."
  52. Anonymous: "Bossing her around will cost you. It's not a threat when you're causing trouble on someone outside the law. And who the hell cares what that militancy wants?"
  53. "I'm going to raise your rent again." X221
  54. "If you upload a video to ABC, I'll call an agent.That one doesn't work. " 92-29 [Had a reaction to Truman's speech on South Korea].
    "I don't want her healthy. I'm too much real for you. No real if you deny me. I'm here to stop you. I'm the next one in the White House. I'm going to prevent you from mailing that package for two weeks for telling on my baby (cipher for petty). I'm punishing you. I said no telling on me. X14
  55. "No yobo (husband)."
  56. "You better zip it or I'll keep taking (things from you). I want no private conversations with her. Comey is with me!"
  58. "I own porky pig."
  59. "How dare you tell on me (doing communism to you)."

  60. Continued on VULGAR SKIN
  61. Another coincidence is her connection to a plot by the black tyranny machine stalking me to corner the top positions to stop FDR and Hoover in us..
  62. There is a very highly influential person backing her who's date of birth is 1-17-64. I have been tortured by this one immensely. She is an imitation of what I am. Born in the Lunar year of the rabbit, and solar year of the dragon. This one presents as anti-seven in the date, which means no allowing me to "arise" under the Judges 5.12 scripture without them causing the death of a member of my family; although they have caused many deaths previously" *
  63. This one's original name matches a member of my family in the past, but whose date of birth is the same as that of the Attorney General's which isn't you, Mam. There is more, but it's too dangerous to proceed. The "star wars" weapons was developed to be put on me.
  64. She's mine. I'm the justice of the court.
  65. Now I got me a bust. I said don't let her up again. Now you have to obey me.. .... 92-53(left shin bone is crippling)
  66. You're suppose to be fearful of us. I know your history"
  67. I can be painful if I want to. Leave the stinks out (of theGREG page). 46 I have a good upper [cut]." 47, 18
  68. She's delusional.
  69. Oh! The hell with it! 13
  70. Block all her routes. [BSFN train stops in Carrollton which took about an hour to re-route all the traffic and let buses continue through]
  71. 46 no real pictures allowed
  72. I'll shrink her.
  73. I want to see you like a vegetable. Now, no film [means removal from store shelves].
  74. I was warned and I said no!
  75. I said no s....
  76. I said no feelings for Debbie.
  77. I said no last (name).
  78. I wish you would die..
  79. "Be careful. I'm weak. I have Eddie Haskel." 12/14/21

April 14, 2015
September 28, 2017 Still hangs around and uses razor form of laser on me.
December 14, 2021