Stalking married men is now a felony..

 The following coincidences are felonies. Placed appropriately, these individuals can subvert the United States.

Here's who they are and how they have been used thus far to establish fascist communism in place of Justiice.
From page 219, SAS & Elite Forces Guide - Manhunt, by Alexander Stilwell, Amber Books, London, 2012

Knock-Offs are an imitation of something real
In order of birth:
CONDI RICE 11-14-54 
The 5th letter of each first name contains three letters from a 5 letter word. They will used for an overthrow" 
Let me break this down for you as it relates to the original they're trying to replace"

HIE makes no sense, does it? But add the letters WT and now you have the target(s) for their fist.

Revelations 1.11: The White House of FDR and several before him were trying to do this with two names hooked together from Judges 5.12.

In 1939, another couple named DODGE became pregnant and went to see a doctor. Upon hearing she had conceived, the powers that be a listening planned their attack on the Daughters of the American Revolution. Marian Anderson was raised by the second daughter of then King George VI. This was a British attempt to disparage what was in place by FDR to bring about "Deborah Song" which they hoped would be born in 1940. See PEARL HARBOR

The DAR clearly stated that their facilities are held for use by their members. Obviously, Black Nationalism was going to challenge this and so a "stink" was caused before my arrival. As a result, the DAR let black females join their ranks as illegitimate children of white slave owners, which didn't exist up there very much at the time. The Secret Service put that idea to them.

Now from the above list, you can find Marian Anderson again in Oprah's place of birth being Mississippi and Rice's place of birth being Alabama. This then, makes these gals a plan for attack rather than mere coincidence.

I wasn't born in 1940 and so, they tried again with another DODGE male and an Irish Catholic female, that was my mother. This was their plan for 1952. MIT was involved because the Holy Bible could be interpreted from Judges 5.12 much easier.

Revelation 1.11 was to be made out of two persons. One being the first name and the other the last name instead of months of birth like the British plan above.

-------------------------------------------------------"No games."
6. Cipher for Eleanor Roosevelt: Eisenhower's October 14
Dennison, Texas
Michelle Obama often plays under this one because of her husband.
Control of wealth: 1 Kings 10.14
6. Cipher for NAACP and Oprah Winfrey: Condi Rice*: November 14
Birmingham, Alabama
During the 11th year of a 14 year prison sentence, Malcolm Little became a Moslem. He changed his name to Malcolm X. The year was 1934.
November 14 means No 14 points which was Woodrow Wilson's speech. But worse than that is someone saying no to AG Archibald Palmer who was very much against Communism.....
Amassing the number of people needed: Ezra 2.13
6.Cipher for great powers that be such as Phi Beta Kappa: December 14
FBI Director James Comey
Yonkers, New York
Be quiet, George, or I'll let Florida tell the rest of the story!
Violations of the law begin with the Smith Act of 1940, Yates v US (1957), and the desecrations of the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 8th amendments. Revelations 2.9
Do not contact Dallas FBI or any field office.

The relevance of the numbers 444 comes from Matthew 1.17,
Michelle Obama's dob).

The dropped ones from the fours come from Revelation 1.11,
which comes from the months of Oprah's (January) and Condi Rice's dob

If you play leftover numbers in freemasonry, you'll have 2914.

Their ugliness, or should I say Balfour's,  expounds on what King Henry VIII
said to the Roman Catholic Church in 1534: "Sex is for pro-creation only."
Marriages were thus annulled if the female didn't produce male children, as
he assumed and declared, "women choose the sex of heirs." See
"Katherine" in STUDY HALL. She tried hard.

Sex is for procreation only" punishes all of us who believe otherwise.
They say "sex for procreation in marriages also, or it's lust" and this tech
can vastly cover the continent very quickly and virtually undetected.

For more on the British machine, read these articles:

Don't believe everything in the news. And if you see something you don't like, call someone and share, write a letter to an editor or pray for us. You will not escape talking to the terrorists. Stalking this page, is fired and possibly jail, Mr. Class. (No Clancy FBI to override the Constitution)

---------------------------------------------Token Attorney General Loretta Lynch
It goes badly now for the married woman with children. Black women are saying: "She's not using her thing to make a man happy" which is what whites call marriage. And women without husbands are just giving into the procreation urge. So the slut is the lady and the lady is the slut. Isaiah 5.20-1 is firmly in place. How odd, or is it a coincidence, that May 21st is the opposite of my birthday and also Loretta Lynch's? Why can't they do their thing without dragging everyone of us into it? BECAUSE....the aim is to destroy Christianity!

* Condi Rice's initials came from  the Latin words "Chi-Roh" as camouflage for her mission which is to destroy the them with out of wedlocks. Since then, Michelle Obama has become the highest ranking black female practicing the artistry in EASYASPIE.

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