The U.S. Secret Service
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proudly presents Communism
"All these comments required espionage."
NOTICE: If any of this language sounds familiar to you, please record it.

"It's a felony for our presidents to stalk Debbie in darkness. Eleanor Roosevelt killked her mother in that way. She may have killed the president using the maid. Either way, the dates indicate NAACP involvements. It was against the law what they did to your families (childhood and immediate)."

Debbie Song: "I'm the firstborn, not Misooki."*
U.S. Secret Service: "Trying to take down Debbie is not a job.."
BF Echo/Troublemakers at the Library as I see top two lines off the website: "All I see is crazy." And then, without a warrant she sabotages my website" (Voice of Oprah Winfrey uses espionage to hurt people who refuse to "play" with her).
Jeane Meserve: "No Catholics or I'll whole."
Cathy McMorris Rodgers: "...He won't go home..."
James Clyburn: "I said  to pinch hers off us..."
Jon Kyl: "That's a black report."
Bob Schieffer: ""You're not sane because you're irrational."
Karen Brown: "They don't want to get on top of you. We wanted them (the police) to stay little."
Ft. Worth Reporter Channel 5 at 0515 hrs 1/10/11: "We're not going to yield to your cat." 10
 Anderson Cooper: "Everybody knows you're just joke's. I heard you're just bog gum. I'll have to investigate you as the shooter."
Glen Beck: "At least she stays sane. At least she's an honest Joe." (He's talking about Giffords)
An unidentified member of the press: "We outnumber her."
[Now we know why they killed Kennedy].
CJ Karamargin: "Congresswoman Giffords would want us to no Debbie."
Patricia Maisch: "I'm just doing what they say."
Gabby Giffords: "Now I can't scream."
Rosemary Lemburg: "They'll be after me."
Cafferty File: "...I said she was an old period."
Ted Rowlands: "Hail...Bxtch...Get the Judge... I don't want to answer your questions..."
Mike McNulty: "Alright, we'll arrest her. ... I mean um."
Catherine Herridge: "...Don't try to tee up."
John King: "Nobody likes your conversation because you're a ... You're unstable now because of what he said. ... I'll hurt you for Benny Hinn." 84
Brian Miller: "Nobody wants your vanguard..."
Spitzer Kathleen: "I'll never let her up. Alright we'll leave him alone!"
Clarence Dupnik: "No your address again or I'll summons."
[Write every judge in Dallas who uses echelon. That's murder].
Drew Pearson: "You're just a spill."
Frank Lautenberg: "You're an imitation."
Kathleen again: "You're not right." (Probably reverse meaning the press isn't real. That they just hear espionage/echelon and respond like attack dogs!)
Ples Robinson: "I said no nutritious."
Kent Slinker: "I don't think my name is real."
Spencer: "You're still an imitation, not the Man. I'm a pear-ri-tition."
Hannity: "You're a whole."
Tim Pawlenty: "You're not a full Asian. Who wants Clinton up? No uncommon xxxt (is a long way from Valerie). I know how to pull out her ... 10. She's not real. She's just a tooth. 10 ..."
]No commi-kazi"
Tony Blankley: "Alright I said no Mrs. again." 16, 28, 45
Spitzer's: "[The gunman] writings are us trying to get at her. No up!"
Parker: "You have a lot of courage for saying that about Van. 10 "But we can't let him come back or he'll ruin our space (NASA doing espionage and planning on us wee folks like Loughner). I'll have to build a wall to get at her telling on me."
[wall is a cipher for assassin as in Oswald)
Using the landlord to steal evidence is gutter!.
George French: Theft of mail to the District Attorney through TXAG Abbott and FBI Director Mueller
Ray Bang: Conspiracy - No hot water, Racketeering, Sexual terrorism and failure to protect a federal witness from rent increases/hate crimes. No hot water is 89.
Lori Bailey: Theft of certified mail to the Dallas Police as requested and ongoing terrorism
Steve Rexar:  Stalking, Kidnapping, Conspiracy, False police reports to Director Mueller
Mary K. Suhm (voices black females as a rule): "I want no courtship." 9L "I want that wolf coat..."
Condi Rice: "No Jesus Christ. No son (of Byong Dong and Yong Im). No white background. [No faith in white people or their culture]. I can murder you."
Joe Biden: "She's a box if she doesn't obey us."
Diane Welch: "I'll go so fast to mental illness court if you out Kim."
Todd Palin: "Some crazy thing Bush thought up. I think she's just t... Shoot her in the pants. 10L, 47 Happy Anniversary, Creel."
Michelle Obama: "We loosed your kettle so he wouldn't want to come here anymore. Make sure he never goes inside or I'll get up." 89-84, 92-2, 4. She uses him to terrorize me!
    "Stay" is none of her business!
Oprah Winfrey: "I made sure he got it done on Townsend Street." 12/24 "That's why he's crazy. He did everything I dared him to." 92-4, 6, 28, 33 "His pxnis will never get hard for her xxxina for going to EEOC." 4
Barbara Boxer: 92 "We don't care about your tiss..."
MKS's hubby: "Kill her."
Keith Olderman: "We are deaf to you now. You can't head him. No love-er-ly (cipher for Mikey). Now I'll end vote. Okay whole."
Lynn Paltrow: "You look a little bit like him. I thought you were no up. You're a hazard for [cipher: Oprah Winfrey's] how."
Robert Spitzer: "I can't cater to your instititute [cipher: as a married person] Reel Feds no in."
Chris Matthews: "No topless is glamor. Still no financial (is mjore games)."
Chuck Todd: Alright, I Payne."
M. Boradallo: "There's still too many Minnies." 47 (It' still too petty out here).
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen: 47 "I'm just six not rose." 39, 8 "You'll be listed for this." 47, 47 "I'm no McBride." [And don't use psychology to work outside the law with my children or it's pre-meditated espionage for Oprah's votes].
Doris Matsui: "I'm devoted to your c...ts."
Richelle Carey: "He's my little girl for financial. I said no more amore (French word for Love). I'll fight off the weather. Alright I hooked him up with a pxick. Old Mart is my man (Secret Service Director's cipher for Debbie). We mean no title. 42L
David Weigel: "I'm not convinced. Tuck you."
Coundown Host: "You believe too much in the Bible. We think you're the Church (like Phil Gramm). I don't believe the things you say about them."
Vince Vaughn: "I said no Gringo. Now you can't have my teeth."
Sustern's et al: ""Judge Wopner is going to get you for this." [She has broken two CD Players already and got others to voice that's what they wanted to protect her violent goals for me from detection (new game in town)]. "You're a period and none are safe."
Sandra Bullock: "Now I'm no Mrs. because of what you said/84. You're a total lemon. I said Miss if you do any/penny. I don't want you gettuing on my motion picture/Speed (cipher for buses)."
Jeffrey Janis: "We're all lust when it comes to not saving you."
Karen Finney: 10, 81 "She's trying to make us the problem. She forgot we're not awake."
Natalie Portman: I don't want her to be real with them!" [92 alnight]
Blondie (MTV): 47 "No Eve-e. Alright, I don't want to meet your goal."
Tom Corbin: "I heard you were really crazy." [Ciphering means he's Condi Rice].
Trent Humphries: "I heard you're awnery without a xick." 10
Creflo Dollar: "It's not no Mrs. making everything hard." 10
Juan Williams: "I said continue no Mrs."
Katherine Ham: "I didn't want to be your foot. I was told not to love her."
H. Clarke Romans: "Debbie's dangerous like the others. I don't like the police."
Rachelle Maddow: "You continue to be libel. No up." [Did you read me?]
Jerry Brown: "I'll be free faithful."
Meghan McCain: "I think you did that."
John McCaa: "If I had a microphone hooked up to me all the time, I'd watch what I say."
]President Reagan wanted to protect me, and so they're hooked up too"" and they have weapons of death on me. And think about it, Dirtbag, I'm minding my own business when they attack and obstruct normal life for me. Don't you judge until you've been woken up by a lunatic with a pet peeve that's none of their businesses. 8 There she goes again! 47 And I mean sexually abused with that laser!
Nancy Pelosi: "I said no people [cipher for first]. He won't be off if you pay attention and stop telling on Democrats...."
Debbie Wasserman: "I'm no hot." [96 her clothing for Oprahmann votes].
Steve Israel: "You're still the Dirty Dozeb\n. Okay, no dime."
E.J. Dionne: "You're spoiled as well. No E."
Condi Rice: "I give." [A cipher meaning I take away until you obey]. Satellites on whites is her fist.
Jodie Foster: "You're a freak. You don't need me."
Patricia Gin: "I'm against your spirit in them. I don't like your fiddle unless it's red." (This is a Byong Dong rule that didn't bother my husband until blacks shoved it in his face everywhere as 89 for me going to EEOC in 1990)..
Robert Osborne (TCM): "I'm still over (Oprah). That will take another month. I didn't see any film. I said no Mrs. prints or I'll hunt and pal my nut. She's too rogue to be me. I see another man. Still no visitor (family). Alright, I'm two weak. Still no Robert."
89 TCM Guide access sabotaged on 1/22/11
Hannity: "No one thinks you're smart now."
Chris Matthews: "I don't like your dickel."
Patricia Kennedy (I'm doing Serial Killers now): "I'm hell on her for trying to help them." 84
John Avlon: "I was almost [cipher Michelle Obama]. I don't want to be responsible for this. All you're doing is teaching them resent. 47 Now, you're zoot." 1/20/11 "You do well to anus us."
"Dr. Montague" OF on the Mentalist with lasers: "I killed two McDonoughs and I'll tear you apart for saying those things. 2 He's suppose to be on my side. Now, I look like a slxt." For more info Look for it in My Hero #48.
6. So there! It's in both"
Tina James: "I'm total no hot. I don't care about you. Do you wanna hear my scream?" 92-45
Mel Gibson: "Because you're a snatch, I can steal things."
Sean Penn: "I want no teeth or I'll sic MIsooki on you."
William Hurt: "I can't come for them. Continue no Mrs."
S.E. Merkerson: "I said no safe place for her for calling me a bixch."
[They stalk me for every word I type in - Complaints from minors is stalking!.]
Amy Holmes: "I'm above. I'm going to run rush"
Christian Bale: "Lust: No up!" for an award
Natalie Portman: "All I had to say was no fresh. Miooki'as taking care of me. No new love or I'll stand her. Misooki trained her fur. No Benjamin PA" for an award she got recently. (Dob: June 9th, 1981)
Troy Bush: "I don't want to come."
Debbie Demon: "I wasn't under the gun. Ha! Ha! You're not nature."
Thomas Miller: "You'll never get elected. You're too unconstitutional. You're just Misooki's kay (Korean word for dog). Don't put me in your graveyard or I'll get Tet (cipher for hostile OFs). He's Misooki's Fay. You're a tendon."
Neer Tanden: "Mueller didn't comer up. We're used to your thing. I choose Misooki, not up. I won't about face even if you're the government. You're just Misooki's cat. I'm under her."
Mike Evans: "We can take care of fake."
John Simpson: "You're dangerous on us. We're still no way until you're too tight."
Richard Aborn: "I'm off. I'd tap her..."
D'Onofrio: He said something nasty, too.
Condoleezza Rice (the two letters twice matches with Ko..Ko): "I said just take her right tit away for telling on me." She's calling the government to use lasers to give me cancer!
John Travolta: "I want Fisher up."
Dan Quayle: "Scrape." Another call for lasers.
Tom Ridge: "I said to leave her in anonymity for telling on us."
Aaron Yoo: "I'm so over your thing."
Allen Winslow: I'll subverse her. I want her (marriage) out now. I said Knife." Twia: "I'm going to subverse her in everything. Stand, Mam."
TXCN Weatherman: "I thought you were trying to be Theo to the colored man. Alright, I made a mistake." 24
Brian Greene: "You're axhole. You're not right (cipher for might at in Zech. 4.6). You're toe-tal (trying to say tail without being picked up by Intranet's)."
Akran Elias: ""...I don't like your body. (BO cipher) I don't like your xthing."
Narrator (1000 Ways to Die on Spike TV): "I'll get you for John Tesh."
Dr. Kim: "If he's near your gentilition, I'll come. Now I can't let your cops go to school."
Jentezen Franklin: "Make my hear. You can't deal with our theater."
Hilary Swank: "He's my rifle..." Matches beginning of the Southland show where her eye is lined up with his gun.
William Shatner: "I don't want to be your bicep."
Julie Martin: "Now we have to go to county to get at you. You can't get at me. You're stranger danger on other countries."
Larry Dale: "He stays with his own lust."
Debra Messing: "I hit her in the stomach to get even."
Ronald Reagan: "I want that horror recorded...."
Robert Downey, Jr.: Stop telling on me. I thought you were Andy Card ..."
Debbie: "I thought you were a decent human being."
Shield: "I told you she was just a xsnatch. Why do you want to make it hard?"
Dr. Langston: "I don't see the significance in her and Rome. Alright, I kilt. That's why I let go. We all blaspheme. It means I'm brave. Alright, I made a faslse report."
George Eads: "I don't want her with my men anyhow."
Kristian Berg Harpviken: "No Vatcian again. Shh! We're not going to do it your way. We have experience with your way. It doesn't produce peace."
Oprah Winfrey: I'm not letting you get him." 12, 10, 47
Wanda Sykes: "I want to feel your nuts."
Culturelle: "I was just trying to get your t..t out of his system."
John Zarella: "You're a butt."
North Korean military officer: "We didn't need this."
GoToMeeting: "I'm going to have to take you out because you don't listen to the Man."
Mike Rowe: "I'm for sixteen."
Keanu Reeves: "Once a month. Alright, I won't play. Alright, I won't up." 53
Landlord: "21-32, you're the same old thing."
Johnny Depp: "No American blessing you. I'm the God. I'm not your fingers for lying to us." 47
Dwayne Johnson's mother in gridiron movie: "...I'm going to get Freeh for teaching you."
Blackberry Narrators: "Unblock her nuts and kill her cherry."
Montana Civil Defense: "...We're in Dallas."
Steve Tyrell: "I don't like your cat. I was interested in you." 10
BF Judge Dallas County using this name as a cipher Judge Wopner from Dallas: "I heard you're not taking your medication. 33 Now, we're going to meet or I'll give you an aneurysm. Just obey us! I said continue no special." 47
Dr. Royal Pains: "You'r a piano. I have to get you back for Camp Casey [Korea]."
Matthew Perry: "You're too extreme."
Robert Osbourne: "Now I hurt you both."
Weather Channel: "I said no distemper for your thing. You can only be hear. We're breaking your teeth."
Geena Davis: "Enough"
The Secret Service edits this page, so much of the filth I hear doesn't make it.
When are you going to Canada, George?
John Nichols: "You can't trap the press." ]School of Disasters
Ed Show: "It's a habit.Alright I said no $ for beam. Ear. I don't want her to be governor.I'm thinking about taking you out."
Thomas Frank: "You're Ear."
John Coquat: "Steak. Because you're not mine."
Nancy Grace: "Now, we can't destroy your property, but we can still braun." 97-17 alnight 2/23/11 and 17, 92-9, 44 and 24. Go to Rooms
Hancock's Husband on a Murder spree in Dallas: "I'll have to take your teeth. You're not my knife. He wants my fist. Just don't put on your puddy."
Showdown in Southland 3/23/11
BF Cop: "We don't have time for your s (sound)."
BF wart on chin: "Now I can't roll with your twoes. 47 He's Seoul (?)protectiveness."
BF Bank officer: "I'm Secret Service. I said no changing the channel."
Lena Taylor: "I can always say you made that number up." Aty Gen#6-22
Colin Firth: "I helped my biddy make a mistake. I don't have an arsenal to pig her. Now, she can't even enjoy a meal because of my biddy. Let true love up. Thank you for living up to this. I very beg your pardon."
Samuel L. Jackson: "...because it's the wrong way."
Duracell's Voice: "No soundtracks." 4
Robert Duvall: "Your one was worthy from the beginning."
Grandma on Rice Krispies: "No reminese. ..."
MF Office Depot following sabotage of a pair of sunglasses by lasering it in the middle: That's for giving me a heart attack."
Long-haired red female doc on House for Rice on 280 before published: "We'll just kill him because he doesn't want to come home." [Bush Sr. made it against the law to want sex from the wife."]
Harrison Ford: "I can't wait to hear your speech. I'd rather hear a g.. d... speil. You're the chief. 22-47 You're our people."
ODMP through another: "I told the police you're just bunk." 4
Richard A. Greenwald: "I'll end her ... I never saw her do something spectacular to warrant a shot."
Muammar Qaddafi: "I forgot."
Bill Shatner: "No anus us."
Sandra Bullock: Six. 4, 10 She's not my hear here. Just continue no together. No right. Lay him. ... Bye Maine" 4
Kate Blanchette: "Don't let Debbie get them."
Ken Mankewicz: "I can lie because you're rear. We can't own it."
Randy Newman: "We're honest stink. No up. I'll ask her."
Winner after Kirk Simon award: "No Delaware."
Kevin Spacey: "You're Eula." [a BF that robbed us with a hot check after saying giving us her address was racism]
Christian Bale: "You're gray spirit. Our eyes are still up. 16, 4, 4 I'm going to do you just like before. I'm knock. I'm the gekko, dickhead. He's her teacher." 32
Jennifer Hudson: "They let me.. I get you. I don't want her in him." 99
Natalie Portman: "I'm bad. I'm for her. 16, 13 I'm not sure. It's my dimple. It's Mi... I'm her fur. I'd never give you a job for this. I'm past Duckie. I just blasted you. I'm with Misooki everyday. 28 I'm your tree dead. I'm your present, Dick. I called the homosexual. You ruined my beautiful life. No first aid to you. They're my friends." [That's why they talkk so long].
Halle Berry: "I'm her finger." 92-4, 33
Oprah Winfrey: "I'm your eye not sleeve. I'm just his. Bank shot. I just wanted to do something. I'll take her down. [Inside Job award presentation also proves stalking] I said real cirrhosis and no ring. I'm dead. 4 See Evil
Bansky: "I said not her on earth." [means end marriages to get even]
Robin Roberts: "We're just a pistol on him. I said no post. No music. You'll all be destroyed. Orr. I'm your pedal here. I'm sure to [missing word not said as 74 is up, as in upset] set you this one. I'm not your man." 33
Robert Osborne: "I think under the circumstances you better stop that." [He's referring to Cop Killers]
Auto City Fee: "Our county came on a dare. Don't put him back with her. She'll use him on me."  28, 28
Laura Meckler: "You're not next because you're some kind of snatch thing. You can be my p.nis if you say that thing."
Patricia Murphy: "You're pew thing and Linda said No. [Second wife of Warren] No Texas relatives."
Chelsea Lately: "I don't want her to control my vag..." 53, 13
Whoopie Goldberg: "You forgot? I'm the gekko."
[What does the word England begin with??]
Being Human fee: "I don't even want that color on your bed." [She's referring to the silver colored TV control box her mind control voice broke two weeks ago].
Bill Shatner: "You're a lady without a house."
[Your opinion sucks, sucks, sucks!]
OF Battle of Los Angeles: "Still Misooki first."
A.J. Cook : "You're not a pleasure to me."
Fee Popeye's Chicken commercial: "Now, I say you're not up."
[Where is the initials of U.P. in this website??]
Janelle Monnae: "I'm going to kill your pu..."
Kevin Reese: "I don't like your name." His comment matched a BF in royal blue standing inside a Houston bus entrance.
Keneau Reeves: "Now I can give. I thought you were getting Oxygen." (Rice)
Cruel and unusual trash has spoken"
Robert Osborne: "Up or I'll break your glasses. Alright, I'm bad...I don't like fast!"
Fernando Salinas: "I wanted you out because you didn't make love to Gore. OUT!"
Osborne: "You'll never be famous."
Salinas: "I don't want you up. I'm looking forward to the fright."
Debbie Reynolds: "But you're still a tw.."
Eric Cantor: "Abnother two months for telling on us."Keith Ellison: "We're Misooki people. I said no Hollywood. I heard you were a nuisance. Alright, I'm sorry I said you had more advantages."
Stacy Kaper: "I was really against you getting physical with him again. I was the pimp for Misooki's game. In the case of hemp, I'll take her out of her home..." (Winfrey)
Atika Shubert: "They're our justice." [Taking the husband away].
Joe Biden: "I said no ID for her." (Bush Sr) 
Victoria Rowell: "Never get up." 10
Doc #223 1000 Ways to Die: "Alright, your h... was blocked." 53
Mike Bascik: "Alright, I'm not your house now." (Rice)
That's Antichirst her posing as him.
John Edward:  "Thank you for calling us. Alright, I shared. I don't want to hurt her, but I really want to be Misooki's hear. 6 I'm an Indian here and an invalid."
OF "Anna's Linens": "Thar's why I said you're a traitor."
Edward: "Alright, I'm the witch! I'm your email count. I'm your who.. for the day. I took your house. I didn't think you'd caught me. I'm incredulous. I said no sex first. I'm not you. Alright, I don't need you! You already told on yourself"
Rejandra: "And I did Lucille, too." DEARLY BELOVED "I want Misooki for myself. I can never be myself because they let Misooki up!."
Anne Morra: "I don't want to love her."
Blake Farenthold: "I heard all she wanted to start on women war war. She wants to hurt me. What she says doesn't make sense."
Robin Kane: "500 machines in 78 airports. I said no really. I was leaving before you started this."
Michelle's room is stalking me now and overriding keyboard commands. 3/22
Jason Chaffetz: "I'll end Miss America here."
John Mica: "Alright, I'll insult her.
Shon Gables: "Now, I'm the police." 24
Lt. Hedgpeth: "You don't need me." (Winfrey)
Akiko Fujita: "Now, I believe in radio silence. No babe."
They broke my clipboard. It came apart in my hands!
Japanese Professor -Reactor 3: "Alright, we're acting this thing. You're not going to be able to see him."
Daniel Poneman: "I don't think the Feds are going to take us in the right direction. I said no up for all no man. Bye."
President Obama: "I have to get her back for 'I forgot'."
HMS commercial BF: "Everybody I know says we're going to get on an airplane."
Sandra Bullock: "No noise. 41 I said no print or I'll axle." (Winfrey)
Angelina Jolie: "No beaming rap sheet." 3, 25, 41, 18, 41 (Rice)
Jefferson: "I don't want Debbie to know I like to pretend."
Leslie Clark: "You're ruined."
Nic Robertson: "I don't care if they thirst. You're real-T. Paparicka!" 33
Mick Huckabee: "I don't want 'em."
Jack Jacobs: "I heard you're just a menace and you won't be successful."
Chuck Todd: I'm silly said. Now I can call the doctor."
B.Obama: "I'm two."
Kristen Bell: "You're just a toxin."
Popeye's Chicken host: "No hay."
Navy commercial voice: "We're a force for no God."
Megan Buckle-Robinson: "Alright, I ruined her. I still say no si-vous-plait." 53
Virgin Mobile Announcer/WF: "No virgin."
Jane Fonda: "I didn't know you wanted teeth. I can't let you smell up or he'll want you... 4 I said no Vatcian cook and I don't want her living here. I said no six months here and I don't care about the Ides of March. 2, 4 I said no church.. All I think is you're the church."
Robert Alda: "Alright, you're a h..."
Mark Harmon: "I'll punch you if you try to get up. I'm Norman Bates and you're never going to get rid of your record. Alright, I'll kill her. I always thought she was jive"
Paulie, the lab gal: "He's Bush. We were going to take our hats off to you. I didn't book."
Christina Chyn: "I didn't want him living with a blasphemer. I don't wantv him to have your air [American]. I'm no infant for him,." 24 No! No! He's not our lust. I know I'm not I am, Mam." 28
Amy Holmes: "I said just stay." 10
Mesquite Police Dispatch: "We're sorry you're sad."
This is a reverse statement and serves as a warning/threat and is often spoken by a pencil.*
Vic Muniz: "You're not pro-life."
Justified's Rachel: "We're all fake. You'll never see him again."
]"Empowering" Bullies @ Utley Middle School in Dallas 331 I think the names are not a coincidence!
Justified's Carol Johnson: "No cold pie or I'll get up." 17, 24
Sarah J. Parker: Too vulgar and intrusive for this page.
Michelle Bachmann: "I hate you, too."
B.D. Wong: "I got over her."
Osborne:"You won't find any zeal for you here. You're not my favorite."
Wendie Malick: "Alright, we can abuse you. Alright, I'm fright and nobody cares about you. I'm going to get up now for trying to use me. If anybody disturbs you, I'll scream. Sure they disturb you."
Hydrolyze's voice: "You're two zero, not two six."
Gabrielle Union: "I did my thesis on no miracles and tyou're not going to get up for us. 2 "All I have to do is spit" 11 "and D.... D......... will go after you. He's pen.s."
Macy's Voice: "I don't want her sex."
OF Lyria: "Now I can't get up for letting him feel my h..." 47
Brandan Fraser: I don't want her popular."
MSNBC in pink (1515 hrs 319): "Senator Hussein is serving in Iraq. I'm chew [Operation Odyssey Dawn]." 4
Tia Leoni: "Catch me if you can."
Morgan Freeman: "No real. You're just lard."
Fairly Legal's: "Why don't you let them pull out all of your teeth?"
Oprah Winfrey: "No violent."*
Vivian Brown: "I'm just trying to understand you, not stop you." 41 ]Barging in wants to understand?
Tony while with Wendy Williams: "I hope it doesn't hurt her, but she's a skank if she puts me on that list." 11
Genevive McGillicuddy: " You're sick here. A silly JOhnson. I can't brign your catheter here."
Robert Osborne: "He would woop here because you're such a piece. Alright, I wanted to tear her aparts for doing that."
McGillicuddy: "I don't think she's them." [I don't think they're them"] "I didn't know I would be removed from on for saying stuff. I was just a hump to her. I don'tlike your bal..sharing things. Alright, I didn't want you teasing him. No tw.."
Adam & Eve voice: "It's impossible for you to chew." 10
Julie Rehmeyer: "He's Misooki's feet. No up. I'm afraid."
Latifah: "No urkel and you better do what I say! And not like before."
Sarah Vowell: 44 "I thought you'd get too buig for us. He's MIsooki's hands..." 3 "Alright, I tore them apart because I was afraid of her thing. Alright, I used your husband again."
Vickie McKenna: "I don't feel balance."
Halle Berry: "I want early."*
Wesley Snipes: 15, 15, 15, 15 "No man up."
Juan Williams: ""No more Uncle Mackie. I'll start a plague."
Greg Outfeld: "Thanks, racist."
Soon Lee: 28, 28 "I'm sorry I tore up your whole life for my thing."
Shumaker character on Hostage: "Alright, I'll pull her man but he stays inside my hand. Our papacy sees here. I'm going to knock her down for telling on us." 81-96-74 on film
Patrick Leahy: "We didn't mean to cause you pain taking him. We just wanted to give the other an advantage."
Carl Levin: "I thought you were my baby and told not to lie...."
She's stalking me on the keyboard and all they have to do is buzz her cellphone, which means sabotage Debbie for telling on her/Home Page.
Lawrence O'Donnell: "Alright, you can's lean on me. OK, you're no good for telling on [cipher for Obama's wife]. I'm afraid I can't change for you*
Melissa Harris-Perry: 47, 18-25
Mary Lou Leary: "You're a perp, Misooki said and victimless."
Leoni on Law & Order: "I thought you were a freak for doing this."
Lois Lane on Superman: "I want both balls." 10, 10 "Alright, I don't want her up."
Mary Ann Tobin: "I'm out."
Character Fantasy in blue: "Everybody says she's not a good Joe. She gave me the finger. She's not a winner." 4
]Can you see in the dark, Nazi?
Oprah Winfrey: "Get ion my place. I'm on." *
Dustin Hoffman: "You're not going to teach us Christmas again. And I say February when and where." 9 "I better not see Hoffman here. I know the porkers are not safe. I'm the big Dunbo."
Dick Clark: "I never said thwat to Debbie."
Sportscaster on Waterboy: "I hope Kenny Knox knocks the poop out of him."
Landlord in the hallway's response/84: "I'll throw you out of here if you say that to him."
Oprah's voice on the TV as an echo: "I don't want the breath of her whole in my men."
"SEC" female Character of Law & Order: "Now I'm down. He wanted to be with us [meaning blacks]. Alright, I castrated her.
Moriah Carey: "I have no more faith." 33
Starburst Candy voice: "I don't want him to feel your juices."
Subaru voice: "Hit her in the ears." 66-6 right one
Sashi: "I'm fed up."
Olive Garden's pink clad character: "He's great. No up."
Sean Connery: "No manna for you." 4
Owen Wilson: "That's why I fall off." 10
Meg Garvin: "No Justices. My complaint of him is automatic. We don't like you - wait. We wish you weren't still alive." 47
That's what the busdrivers are doing. "I beat her. You're not Misooki's system and I've got claws." 17, 53
OF on Breakout Kings: "He said he'd be a who.e for me." 92-41 3/27
BF at McDonald's Continenetal Riverbend on 3/30: "I think she doesn't want my pen.s. He wants to be my baby wet."*
Candace Bailey: "Now I don't want to see that thing."
Susan Rice: "You'll never be in first place."
Echo accompaniment: "I have alot of litigants that want to challenge you."
Shelia Jackson: "I don't need her knee."
Donna Deardorff: "I didn't know Debbie was going to be this expensive to stop."
Southland's make-believe cop fee: "I said no virgin. I don't like her personale. Yes, I own him." 4/4 episode
George Bush Sr echo: "I did that so you can't pleasure him" ]Skulls coming out of the mouths of skelator remains of 12 vampires at the end of Blade. 4/4
That's SICK! Not the victim taking it all in!.
Jackie Chan: "That's because you're tis.* Alright, I said no dill." 10
BF on Rice Krispie's commercial: "I'm going to take your t.t. I wanna be an atheist. I wanna see him crack without your tis."
Child Fund's old guy: "How would you like it if I took your food away?"
"Sam Axe": 10, 10 "I thought you were a sweet a.. You're just a snatc. Alright, I'm for Condi Rice. Alright, we didn't want your adventure up."
Sara Wong: "I only oh him."*
Michael J. Fox: "I said no Tate people." 9 "We're trying to put ligtening in a bottle." 6 (Rice) "I forgot." 15
Merideth Baxter: "I don't like alotta love." 33
Tea Party Rally Audience in Boca Raton: "We don't like your h.le." 47, 47, 47
Juan Williams: "I think she's sick for telling on us." 2, 25
Victor Garber: "You're under the curse because you don't obey Sad.* You're my first poke." 28
Michelle Bachmann: 2, 33, 45 [Nothing's been said nice by this one! She's torque.]
Alex Wagner: "I need another two weeks. I didn't step on your want. That's why I didn't hang in there." 45, 2
Larry the Cable Guy: "A stroke would be better." 42 "I'll just say, I didn't say that." 4
Archer: "I'm sorry I spoiled it for you. I didn't think it would be complicated like you were."
Nicole Randall Johnson: "I will stop you from sending things to LA."
Crazy Woman on the train 4/20 Echo: "If I ever see her again, I'll beat her up." [Voiceprinted]
Jane Lynch: "Now I'm against your traffic."
Michelle Bachmann: "I always heard she's crazy. I wanted orange juice, so I could use it on people like you and him." Dressed like Michelle Obama in double yellow on steps.
VonageBF last one: "It's too expensive to raise him with [his wife]."
That's racism..
Bush Sr. echo: "No truth!"
Bob Larson: No dick for Debbie or I'll pay. Alright, I didn't believe in her. She sins. I hear [Oprah]." 4, 47, 4
Oprah Winfrey: "No faith!"
Lansing & Co: "I heard you're just a mosquito and you're not first. You're just a tow. Alright, I'm not the group."
Stephanie Gosk: "I hit Debbie."
Blonde on Justified: "Alright, I'm preventing your X."*
Dodgers Drama BF Reporter MSN: "Now I can't get the black guy up. [#3 Jersey "Jesus" northside] I'll get him in [upchuck sign language] I'm divorce fright. I said no non-chalant with [spouses]." [Voiceprinted] 9, 9
Mike Phibee: "Alright, I made him a cocky boy. That's why I stopped that one so I could use it against you. []*
Leslie Sanchez: "Alright, I'm a hippo not a saint." 4, 18, 18
They're crazy about Oprah's breath in InKwon.
Heather Lewerenz:"I don't care if you're Martin Luther. You can't blame us. You're not going to get a ticket with them. Alright, I tried to control him with Myo Kim. I tried to have you say you're sorry."
Martin Basher/Brashir: "You can't play by yourself or I'll get plane. With you I lose faith. She's impudent. You'll never end it."
Angela on Dr. Oz in 2nd place: "Please two* I don't like to see them playful. Do me a favor. I can make her gain four." 33, 33
NAACP: "... We're against Asian mix-up. That's why we stopped your inside. He's Misooki's dead not the other. We would stop them if you lay down for them. You don't have any imagination how to get out uoir man." 92-17, 16 "She's using destitute to take my wife from me."
In all fairness, this group smashes her down everytime she tries anything!
It's wrong to teach them racket language.
Airport Security: "I could lame you." 20
Russlynn Ali: "I can't tain.* You're in our states. I'm against your education. Somar up. Yiou're just et*. Too emotional to be my a ooo or skin. ..." 17
Janet Murguia: "I think you're too assdid to do much good. You're shoe now. I don't like your country tree."
"We want you to live your lives without taking others by force or espionage to make a point or send a message. Weare live and let live!.. Debbie's not balancing anything. She's just looking for Truth. You did those things to her teeth and you're not getting away."
Sean: "Now I have faith in no babe."
Phyllis Ellis*:: "That means I don't need you." 33,10 "I can't fix your teeth because [Ellis] took too many out."
Donald Trump: "You can see a [sparkle] in Obama when Debbie is spoken of."
Dallas Observer's: "I'll ruin your career."
Eva (at McDonalds in Webb Chapel community): "I can't do close." [That's not a true statement]. Matches cocky on terminal 3.
Sandra Bullock: I'm investigating you. Don't try to mellow her. Peace. Ok, no dragon. I'm even steven." 47
University of Phoenix black: "I'm going to challenge her." 33
You're just disgusting espionage which amounts to bully crap! Her family helped build this country. What did you do?
Female Sleep # Bed: "I got you back for dulldroms."
Broke my TV in half: green and red Zenith. I told you they punish you for using words they own, unbeknowest to you""
Michelle Bachman: "You should go with me. I'll be good for you." 35
Hugh Laurie during 92-11: Just say you felt her h... and those lasers will come. I'm trying to narc."
Mary Katherine Ham: "She forgot she's a tw.. without us."
O'Reily: "You can't win with him. That's why I took him off. This one can't be free." 17
Where is Debbie's private life any of your business?
Marie Colvin: "No hu!"*
Robert Osborne: "You won't see your Yo here. I was told to say he's over you."
Librarian BF Cromwell: "No up because she won't accept my hard* No more Dole*-see-doe." 4/26
Robert Casey, Jr.: "You'll never get out of Dallas if you [tell on Staple's use of espionage] I can't make her a lady."* "....I'm stronger than you* I took 8 bucks from your account to float you. I'll never be arrested." Guy: "I'll just say I never seen her. How could I say that?"
Pompous has puppets
FOP Dallas: "She's mental. Look at this. Is she leaving by train?"
Officer Smith: "I'll give her hell." 4/27
Lopez Tonight: "I said no green thing."
Michelle Obama: "No babybell."*
If you think this is sad, think how disappointed we feel.
Jack-in-the-Box MM: "I can't believe [in] you..."
Same store MF: "I'll chill her."
Condi Rice echo: "She wants me to take her $ again."
Corley Kummer: "We didn't know it was Korean people helping the mantle overthrow her. I told them that's not the meaning of Dole. I told them to wait. She'll come down from the pressure or my knife. Sustain no Mrs." 11
Interviewer of Gene Cretz: "Misooki would mess us up in Afghan[nistan] if we didn't attack Libya."
Tell Rice to call a lawyer.
Mr. Waverly heard that, George.
Michelle "Tess" Bachmann: "Because of my jealous you can't go."
Sabotaging someone who was attempting to do it is a hate crime.
She takes letters out because ashe's a jealous piece of crap!.
Mohammed Elbacradei: "I have to hay, hay. You lose... You're just p.... I made that one up."
Katy Perry: "Alright, I wanted to be a Madison. She's not high like us. You're too risky, Oh. You're too poison to me." 4
How do you measure this, Mam? Espionage or extortion?
Kayne West: "You're too pest, itch."
Kate Middleton: "Nobody gets to see him but me."
Putting her family in the hands of troublemakers - Hate crime.
Middleton again thru Nutrisystem's: "Now you're arrested for saying that thing. Charles said he's all over your thing.." 74-88, 6
Officer Smith: "I wanna hurt you. That's why everyone helps. All I see is a bad man." 55-84
Investigate for murder of her husband with magic due to domestic unrest. 
Judge Wopner (BF): "Make her end these tapes." 11, 74-27
Bachmann with a 15 claw: "[The FBI] said you were made just for stink. That's why we can get away with this."
BF Ford Escape: "I can!" while looking south [Korea]
Smith: "I can't look up because you're too poo." (Bush Sr.)
Female news anchor Ch. 8: "I heard all she does is cuss on the tapes. All I hear is she's a traitor to the FBI." 55-89
Steve Stoler: "You watch Misooki."
Patron in story: "That's why we're messing you up."
BF in white car in story about OM driving 85 miles a day: "He's my a.s."
Last female in ROC commercial: "I'm no top."
Male Weather Channel: "You're just c..."
BF Postal worker #2213388: "No cheaper." [Means mind control was used at a garage sale to prevent me from haggling the price down. It also means no sexual marriages].
Condoleezza Rice: "I'll scare her a.. off him." 92-4 Sleep dep for Inkirl and Casey in Evil
PNC Bank Male: "Mrs. is going to lose this. I'm going to put you in the electric chair. I never wanted you."
OF Angie's List: "Danny says she's just stink."
Michelle Bachmann: "OK, I can't use her rod."
Oprah Winfrey: "I'll motivate him, but he's still my Frank king."
Bachmann: "I think she's a safety wench. That's why I don't approve of him going home. She's telling on us. I'm not her calm. Make sure she's my calm. You're too mental a raction. I have to be inside. I know how to be dangerous thing with my fist [to Todd Palin." 18
Sarah Palin: "I know how to give it up to Debbie in the rectum. She's Freeh's I know. She'll never make it to the Lakers. I am sure [to Bachmann]." 4
Todd: "I just feel she'll never make it. She's not ready for this thing [to Sarah]. I said no Debbie." 41, 4, 35 Hands start shaking"
Bachmann: ""I'll make you never forget what I did to you."
Todd: "I'll Sharon Tate her tonight. You'll go to her funeral [to In Kwon]. I said no laxative work for her or I'll show you my fist."
Sydney's wife: "... I like to stink him. He's my pen. No cousin." 16
Bachmann: "I wish I could spit in your face. Now, you're going to see my fist and this time you won't escape. The sheriff's coming."
Sydney's: "I never hurt her."
Don't lie to your girlfriends. Did you forget twisting the keys out of my hand when I screamed at you to stop because my fingers were entwined in the ring when you grabbed at them? You broke my left ring finger real bad trying to run away to Irving again to play childish games with echelon's! It's a tranverse fracture. That's how they make men. He tried to kill her and she beat him off and broke her hand. He remembers her bone breaking on his head and woke up. That's called defensive wounds.
Alot of men hearing echelon are violent towards women.
Oprah does it to them too, George"
No more tear down of Americans!
Black & White Clad flight attendent: "I'll give him back at the end of the year" has been said for the last 13 years!
Sarah continues: "I'm makin sure nobody trusts you."
Bush Sr.: "I think you're sick for standing against [Director] Freeh. No prevention." 47
Oprah: "Now I can hide her ID." 4
Sarah: "I didn't know you were under the gun to what we say ...."
Bush Sr. "You're a joke. You're not real to Texas anymore."
Rice: "Alright, I made him a hot head to even the score." 4, 9
Derek Hopper: "Tell Debbie to take it off!" 33, 33 to cripple
Palin: "I thought about giving you a heart attack for what you said. She needs medical attention. Like the kind at Terrell." 55 Rice for 84 and 25, 2, 6 "I thought I could use my laser on you."
Rice: "I heard you lost the police. I said no poo."*
Will Ferrell: "I gotta make sure I took him off." 6
Sarah: "I think she needs to stay in a hospital or something."
Rice: "Alright, I took her husband's heart away so I could use him on her."
Todd: "I'm going to call the police on her when I get home." 47, 2 1901 hrs 
That was Michelle tipping him off about you typing this in now.
President Obama: "Don't trust us." And then my TV was turned off by the laser.
Attorney General Eric Holder: "We'll look into it, Honey."
Louis V: "That'll be a breeze."
Bin Laden is a "U" story.
Where the Stanley twins float on the USS Victor Charlie which is "U" lingo for "no husband!"
Andy Young: "I want to beat her down."
Debbie: Is that a "reactionary attitude [to] the evolution of freedom"?
Gloria Campos: ""I didn't know you were real now."
Rescue Me's Natalie: "I'm tired of your red."
Rescue Me's Dispatch: "No more letting go of Debbie Dead or I'll ditch."
Bachmann: "No next or I'll fire. You can't stop my list."
She broke my control box again!.
Typical day on the streets/public:
Black female doing Rice: "I said throw her out on the streets if she doesn't want to pay that much!." That's MonGoose.
Black female voicing Oprah Winfrey: "I said no Berkeley on your ring* so he can't get up in you." [This one was wearing a pistol].
Oprah Winfrey: "I don't want her a.. up."
Busdriver: "No pro."
Black female: "I said no birth certificate for him."
Mexican female on Live Oak & Peak while threatening a 72: "I know how to make stink with my Mexican."
OF in purple walks by. Her clothing matches the windo across the strret marked "Martial Arts."
"I'll show you my ..." is said by a person in a blue Chevy driving by.
Female at St. Paul's Station: "I thought I could fel her pen.. again."
Another: "I said no tw.. up."
Another on the train: "I'm going to call the city council and make you stop doing that thing out here." [Referring to LAPD].
Black male: "She's going to prison for saying she'll stroke people who refuse to obey her."
Coup d'etat Oprah Winfrey stalking us with satellites and racketeering
 to get their ways in all things..
Al-Queda and Bin Landen were fake and all of that capture etc was hype! Vanna wanted us to say to hurt Debbie.
Storms are Bush and Vanna
Bachman: "We don't need your tissle. We need mean."
Mean is lust!
Mexican female on the train with two black female accomplices/73: "I have to make sure I have insurance on you so I don't have to lose face. That's why I pace. I hit Clarence Thomas so much he doesn't listen to us.
Black female 73: "All I have to say is 'she doesn't read the Bible' and they'll listen to us. 13, 38
Cue means brainwashed puppets the FBI will destroy. Don't be quick to play games on Debbie because you are being photogtraphed even when she doesn't report it.
You don't even know if that information is accurate, do you?
Black female on the bus: "Dallas Police said her skin is dead for leaving us." 57 Battery CD
Dallas Safety Patrolman: "She's crazy" to a store clerk as if he was an expert. "I think this (points to my cart) looks stupid."
Fraud!!! All 3 of them.
That's stalking what they did to her/ a coup master's game and no armed assassins on Debbie.
That's a sickness arming stalkers.
Debbie: "This is the future of the United States."
It makes us feel good to see all those people (named on the cart in symbols or words) using satellites on her with the police."
Bachmann: "Alright I'll Al-Queda it."
Al-Quayda beat Debbie up on the bus with the lasers for waving to the police on bikes at Inwood & Lemmon.
Tell Al-Quaeda to kiss my a.. for killing cops!
Popeye's Chicken female: "Alright, I can't get up in him."
Notice bowl in middle color and others in the background with same
Debbie: "But she does anyhow, every chance they get with espionage on me."
Chanel: "I said don't fight." 92-10
OF Hanes to WF: "He listens to me."
Gray-haired man in Richardson commerical: "Alright, we can't help Shupe."
The lawsuit is subversive.
Librarian for Elena Kagan: "That's why I have to knock her down." 92-29
Black female in Commando/Subversive 55: "No Jack back. Yoy can't tell on yourself."
Who does she think she is messing up Debbie's life like this?
Richard Blumental: "You're Frantatican. I don't want to please her." 13, 13 "Alright, I don't want your shout. I don't care if you're a veteran. Never! I'll get her address. She's a bad kid." then the TV was turned off by the lasers.
WM Ford commercial: "I want no real for her up."
Kris TWC: "I'm no loose."
Subway's Voice: "You have to be the first."
TCM's Ben: "Now, you're down."
Friend in red car next to him: "I can can."
WM Kayak Office Hallway: "Try to move up."
David Berger: "I'm sorry* I changed your cha-gee."
Lydia*: "Okay, I can't 10-4 your son." 28, 33, 29
President Calderon: "No deep. You're the worse case. Alright, you're too much violence on us. I'm still not interested in you. It's just business. She's no gain for us in this situation. You're not our first choice. I know I can't be your first choice. I don't want to orphan them." (Voices Bush Sr. and Oprah Winfrey)
Blonde CSI Miami: "Alright, I didn't lert her play with her toys. Alright, I'm a duck sitting up. I did this because you said I'm not sorry."
Michael "I'm a saducee...." 92-30 "Alright I want Tsunami."
Subversive Echo chiming in: "I'm doing this [92-29, 30] because you need a real shock." 5/11 84, 27 "I said no ease until she comes for me." 55 "I don't care how she is." 30, 30
This one is sick.
What's she doing with NASA equipement on Debbie?
She's using Bush to get into Debbie's room.
Tom Donilan: "I'm not much for her up."
TX Ch. 21 BF interviewr of below: "Ok, it's just God. Debbie said I stink. He's Misooki's dress."*
You filthy little liar. She never said anything to or about you!.
They're troublemakers and cruel to all who oppose their coup!!!
Jerry Lopner: " "I'll swear she didn't say that it was Bush Sr.... You're just a trowel. You're a brothrel O. You're just sin."
BF: "Alright, I'll use my attorney for sending him stuff. Thank you for looking into my fist." 30 "I'm doing this because you're just ten."* 32, 30
Espionage is a felony.
Gina Miller: 30 "You're not a pearl, baby."
Tell her to take an aspirin.
Arnie Spainer: "I thought I could say she's a horew for leaving us."
Gina Miller: "Misooki says she's always laying down." 30,16
Comman's Oprah: 30, 30: "We shoulder her [by] burnin'. I'm not her frinkin. I'm for parts in the street." 30, 30
Melissa H. Perry: "You mean no to us."
Thing is the missing word.
Barack in stir.
Just Paula (Johnnie on the Spot): "I'm going to make an appointment for her."
Bachmann: "I heard she makes alot of problems for them." 30, 11
She's been torturing Debbie alday.
Misooki steals the conch from Debbie with torture
And they engineer things accordingly. Welcome to a coup d'etat.
Gina Miller: "Alright, I don't like her because she married an oriental." 30, 32 "Alright, I hear Diane."*
This is the end of the world. No privacy!
Make my day with espionage.
Gina Miller: "Debbie's not the FBI or I couldn't listen in. Feel my vibrations?"
What is a coup d'etat.
Spainer: "I thought she was a pretzel for douing that."
BF Carrollton Library YJ02: 81 leads to 92-30, 33
Paul Tonko: "You're a waste... Bounce her."
Liberty Mutual: "One year noir." 11, 32, 74, 55-27, 32
Use of weaponry is terror.
Debbie: Okay"
Swamp People: "She knows how to sink our ..." 32
Skinny Girl: "You can't win because you're forking them." 74"
No Obama's in here. She uses the landlords to steal based on espionage. That's a coup.
Where's the brown scapula? No halfing!
Debbie: "She's not going to do anything in a legal way. It's all espionage and insinuations with them!
She can dish it out, but not take it is communism!
Chris Tucker: This is my time, too. 92-9, 30
Don't be weak and hurt others"
That's called Pooh Bear*
First BF Dunkin Donuts: "They like my ice, not your t..t."
Boston Market: "I said no nut there, so two tickets."
Doug Dunbar: "I'll crush your nut for this."
Background CSI lockers BF: "I don't want him to have a libidio for her."
Oh! God! No loyalty to the white girl."!
BF Echo: "Girl means thing.
Then, why are you here?
Fishburn: "When you make love, you make alot of people sufdfer. It's alright, Nate."
Nate Haskell: "I'll make sure she suffers at university hospital."
Echo Oprah: "You're a whole if you want a husband." "Please don't Jor up."
Background in Lord of the Rings: "No happiness."*
Chili Pepper Lotus Leafe Model for Vegetarians: "Okay, I'm her house. I heard you were just hot. I'm still for you off. Alright, we're WWIII now." 30
Jim Bradshaw: "I don't want to be in your yard." 3
Memphis Beat Bigshot: "And her I don't like. And he belongs to me!" 10 "You are history." 2, 4 Then she said: "We're all in this together on this coral reef." And dubbed "Your reef died. I'm July 12. I'm not your cookie." 30
BF Echo: "All I have to say is 'Debbie doesn't like me'." 47
Robert Osborne: "No Joseph. I lied. I was afraid to make her pregnant." 2
Nightline's OF: "I can scare her with Warren. I had fun playing with them. I said catch her. I don't want him in."*
Nurse (Johnson& Johnson's): "Give me the bones."
Cher: "I can get rid of he(r) and I can get rid of you."
Office Depot clerk in Copying (Forest & Josey): "We don;'t want your violence here... We don't care if we get arrested." 5/13
Popeye's Chicken: "I know I'm an imitation of him."
That's why they promote violence and terrorism as solutions. They want to tear us away from God.
Ever Smooth: "Never smooth. Never stink me!"
Hitch's girlfriend: "Okay, Debbie fell through the ice. Okay, I can't get out now. Just discard."
Angies List: "I would have said godspeed to Will Smith and let hiim go." 29
Who invited you to say something? The one who told youes what to say is the stalker, not the receiver of your comment and that laser. 10 to 1 that person doesn't even know you're coming at her as she watches the TV or rides the bus, etc.
Cymbalta Guy: "Now, you'll be reported to Fannie Mae."
Predator Raw Detective?: "I still think she;'s a stench. We can do without her reports." 29-53, 47
Jeanna Keough: "No retinol." 53
BF Lowe's: 92-29, 32 " I was just showing him my v..ina, so he wouldn't listen to her..."
Katy in the swimming pool: "I feel good." 71
Dick Van Dyke: "I can't let you up." 6
MF in the Pertussis Commercial: "She's my penis."
WF in Command Sticky Nails: "You already lost. I can't let you hand[le] your man." 47
BF Librarian Cromwell: "I'm trying to stop her from working the road."
Lisa Masterson: "You'll be cooked today. He's mine, not Misooki."
BF echo accompaniment: "I'll tear her apart."
Strauss Kahn: "Alright, I'm afraid."
Joe Dig...: "He's not coming back, so don't try a con."
Jeff Rossen: "You're a still a tomato for using us."
Linda Fairstein: "He's still Misooki's up."
Bonnie Fuller: "A stiffy isn't there" on what makes marriages successful.
Gail Staltz: "You're going down ao Misooki won't suffer" [ for her mistakes and crimes].
OF Today Show: "I was just wearing a costume so I could get even with you."
BF Train Station: "You'll never stop me at this place."
MF Staples on 183 Beltline: "We can't give [the tapes] to you because you Chi* on us." See these on Troublemakers
MM Co-worker: "Go to Office Max."
Zyrtec: "I attack when I don't see Bentley." 13, 30
This one is a sickness.
Racist Xitch: : "I said only friends" and then sat one down next to me in a puppet biting a pen. 25, 25
Espionage is not a win for you [1557 hrs J-Y-05]
Psychotic racists are telling us what we can do in our marriages.
Debbie: She stops me from putting in things in this text where I want to with the laser messing up the keyboard. She defies you every chance she gets with espionage.* They said the British gave my husband to Condi Rice for mind control - to be used as her weapon on me. JY05 just hit the desk two times on the left hand corner.*
Bruce Willis: "You're just a whole here."
BF echo accomp.: "He belongs to me no matter what you do." 13*
Car blue Chevy Commercial: "It means he's just a penis and you're a toyota now."
Shriver: "I said no getting up in my man." 4
Write her ridiculous jealousy of police investigations.
Baena is a Korean word and BA is an Oprah cipher.
Nazi witch accompan.: "I exhaust them to do it my way."
Tea Leoni: "I don't want to see him get a hard on for you. I said crown No!" I wish I hadn't touched her mouth for ratting me out. No cookie!"
Rats aren't victims, witch!
Racists experiment on people.
Landlord: "I said no dental. Leave Debbie alone." 10, 10, 6, 6
Leave Debbie's life in private alone. End physics stalking people.
Beyaz: "You're b.s. that's why I can cause problems."
Terrorists pervert truth.
Mel Gibson: "You're crazy and ridiculous. I'll say I don't think."
Dairy Queen: "I know you're not the man because you tell on them."
Ronald Reagan's son: "Trust me, she's IA."
Pedigree: "Escape. Kill her."
BF echo relays Michelle Obama: "I said hit her in the tummy for telling on my hand and in the back."
Oklahoma commercial: "I said no road trip." 84
Marie Johns: "We have to see everything to see if it's racist or not. All it means is Condi Rice said no, twice. Alright, Condi Rice said she's against two hearts beating as one." 10
Ninja Juicer boy: "I have to make sure I can ruin you before you can [get up]." 55 "Alright, it's going to take another month if you try to get up. Now, no way. No laptop for saying that about Lori."
You're ridiculous black trash"""" trying to run the world with espionage
Katie Couric: "No body wants you up because you tell the truth. I'm going to tell the police what you said."
Access Hollywood BF: "Alright, no Kenny Knox and he's my penis or I'll hear."*
TXCN Weather Man (0500): I said she was shit, too." 11 "We're going to make sure you're charged by the police."
Western Sky: "I said in is a twxt. That's your frame of referance."
Grow up, George and give the ladies a break. Wives are not that word.
Landlord: "I could chrage you one thousand dollars a day and they wouldn't stop me because I'm a chaj."*
WF Staples Clerk in Dallas (See Troublemakers): "We don't help Hortense." *
Jamie Fox: "You're coup-coup. I just didn't want to be your asx.
BF/Colin Salmon: "Now, I'm not letting you up. No Debbie! (as she was going up an elevator type thing)."
Robert Duval: "Make her go down. I don't want to see anymore. She's not going to like my punch. I tried Steve..." 8
Emma Ray: "Thank Sly for saying no to her lust." 4, 18,18
Harrison Ford: "I'll do 25 years."
Robert Duvall: "I was going to say you're a good egg, but you started to write stuff.
How do you know what she was doing, George?
Tell the others.
BF entering the scene where Fox Books & Sons first opens: "He belongs to me."
Jeff Gordon: "I'm having fun!"
Landlord just before the fire alarms went off: "I'm sad[istic]."
Who are the British to tear down our marriages?
Judging marriages based on espionage is a hate crime.
Advair: "I can't because they want too much control."
WF Navy Blue Cheerios: "I kinda like it in this whole."
Dustin Hoffman: "I don't want your night on mine." Then TV control box stopped working. 73 Oprah espionage on Debbie.
It's none of your business the licensed relationship in marriages, you sick pathetic pervert. What Rice is doing to In Kwon is sadistic racism. How dare you come up for this kind of people!
No black lab on marriages or I'll scream!
Calling marriages filth is a hate crime. Taking Jesus Christ out of our husbands is sabotage. Thank you for trying to stay up when all these things are against you.
WF Auto City: "I don't want to see your teeth."
The Original BF in this commercial: "I'm M.A.D."
Greg Forbes: I said never let Debra up. She's a con." 42
Emily: "I would've hurt her for him.: (Michelle Obama)
You don't own that word. Go to hell for stalking her.
She made him be mean to Debbie on purpose as a jolly good time after EEOC ran scared. There is no love for him in them.
Emily (Harassed me alnight): I don't like the eggs you got.* I said Rick or I'll pummel. I know she's a racket. I can.* I did the damage to his heart and I'll fix it. I don't want him to hump. I don't want her hand." 33 "I forgot he Emily mounted." 29, 13 "I just want her to chill. I said no sweet. Alright, I'm your prick."
Robert Osborne: "He's not going to love it or I'll dispose of you."
Swap Your Ride BF: "I got him in." [Adultery to get even is prison]
Melissa Gilbert: "I don't need your P.D." 6 "I hope I busted her game. No Dallas."
Social Worker in Sylvester: "...You're too picky. I'm him. You're too old. You're a snatch if you want him." 44
Gilbert: "I'm going to make a whole and stick him in."
Youngest orphan: "Cold."
"Stewart Goodman": I ticket a no-nonsense approah. I can't let Danny be found out." 29
Busdriver 534: "I let fatty one again."
Orpah Winfrey by dubbing FB librarian intercom with 10: "I don't have time for your charity."
BF patron on a bus and @ Trinity Mills Station: "I'm trying to make you unpopular with them as I can. I've been very generous to you."
Why didn't you put the music on?
Debbie: "She keeps harassing me and breaking my batteries. Did you notice what she did on the bus with the middle finger? They're loud mouth troublemakers and I am being forced to listen to them! She broke new batteries in my room today because she doesn't like the CD I wanted to hear. They're always like this - on and on and on: bossy, intrusive and crazy." 33 "She's trying to force me to give up stuff by harassing and costing me money to proceed with my life!. I'll give you the notes for this section."
She's psychologically terrorizing Debbie to live her life according to an intruder.
BF SPCA commercial: "By the end of the year or I'll debts. I'm no pogo." (For Bachamann)
Johnny Depp: "Alright I said no arms. ...."
Carrollton Library using Espionage threatened me about putting the next one in. 6/10/11 1343 hrs
Toad's Sister: "You're great husband flavor. We're suppose to make him Asian (like us). I would jump him to get up. When we smile, we're pretty. That doesn't make me a whore. They's be making a mistake putting you in California."
Her Mommasan:  I don't want you to be his muffin. I told him to stay in Misooki or I'll use my might on her."
What do you mean by you can only use Debbie for sex?
Dallas Police Department: That's fascism.
Michelle & Comapny broke another tape recorder.
Turning him into a stranger was a felony.
Yong Im through another: "Mommasan..." 4
Teaching him how to wheel when Debbie said NO! was a felony!
It's Gray's black females using the credentials to subvert and deny me"
Dragon Lady: "I know how to take your cousin out."
Hate crime this one.
Toad: "Misooki saids I train him ort you're just puce. Still no money. No Debra ever real."
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas: "Stop telling him to say stuff when they are not college graduates and they have no knowledge on the subjects they're speaking of."
Robert Osborne: "Inside, I'm over her." 2 "And I don't want her to make me be sick again. I'd rather be a pussy."
Diane Keaton: "She's mentally weak if she wants him. ..."
BF in Rat Race: "Debbie won't take me off." 27-89 Body Language
Tom Corea: "You're Archie Bold."
BF SoBe Commercial with baseball bat: "I know how to trip him" is racism stalking men.
BF Dispatcher at the end of a Perfect World: "New York County won't back her up if she challenges us. We're Bent Tree* on her if she gets loud on us."
OF in beginning of Live Free Die Hard: "I said no sexy with you ever again."
The rest will be sent..
Justice didn't tell you or any body else to stop Debbie.
Obstruction of Debbie is subversion of the United States and tyranny"
BF Eureka Promo: "You're never going to make it in LA." 32
BF Popeye's Chicken: "I own Korean society."
BF checking out of the 99 cent store in front of me: "I said no Jesus Christ or I'll climb in your bed."
Nora Maio: "Okay, I'm a racist." (NYSE-BB)
Acuvue Oasis WF: "No contact."
BF Asst. DA in Dallas County: "I want her in debt now." 47
Bush Jr. echo on the green train: "I said no little man in the boat."
Lauren Bush: "I don't like you because you won't worship October (Oprah Winfrey). All I have to say is "off" and it's off. 88 We don't need anymore of your boog (Sinister). You're owned." 47, 47, 47
From the NAACP 102nd National Convention in Los Angeles which I turned off when it got nasty.
Miller is magic like Bush Sr. saying "no first with the husband" in keyboard sabotage..
Barbara Arnwine: "You're not double hear."
Derrick Johnson: "I ditch your class."
Super-Sized Pink One: "You're my district. You're my machine up. I said no Debbie."
Lorraine Miller: "I don't want her up now. He's going to do it my way. I wanna be in Ned with him."
Roger Vann: "Okay, I can't pay your [real]."
William Barber: "I said bye to him. Alright, I constricted her. We win...."
Rizzoli: "Okay, we can't train you, sweetie. You better be good or I'll bite [is fascism]."
Whoopie Goldberg: "I wanted to front her, but no using her thing as a magnet. 47 He's my penis if you want to get up without me and I'll tell Florida. She doesn't want my bones. That's why I said no husband, too."
"I own your husband" is a hate crime and very illegal to say!
Running another person's life is slavery"
And so they reveal they're low-life selves!"
Jon Huntsman: "I'm for Rice. I'm not" 11E-20C
[Anti-monogamy for 2nd marriages]
Tom Fuentas: "You're not real because you didn't say no to down there.. I didn't like you telling on the fires (Goose). He didn't want to come back and get tyour first degree(like it's okay what he did to us!). I groomed him. I want him out. I'm killing alot of people [Echo: because of you]. Alright, I didn't like your light!"
Joe Biden: "You'll be Shaun, not Joe Biden. I'll tank her. Alright, I tried to get up. Alright, you were a skank"
Morgan Freeman: "... I'll have to tear up the Holy Bible if you don't let us possess him."
Zoe Saldana: "Now I can't come up." 33, 6
Willie Nelson: "If I made your whole feel second best, it's because I found another vagina. I didn't like hussling her for some."
Malik again: "Just the second. I'll send you a picture. You'll happen."
Cornell West: "No him until the springtime because I didn't say you could Rosa Parks in." 4
Howard Cain: "She's a snatch. I'm learning how to give you a heart attack."
Rick Stengle: "Alright, we can't be critical of you. Misooki is carnioval and I'll have toget back at you. I can't get custody of that so I take it out on you."
Joe, CNN Situation Room: NASA erased the tape to subverse him"
Adam Sandler: "I want her out." 17
Oprah Winfrey: "I know how to abort you."
Jennifer Anniston: "I want no real near her. You're not Steve."
Korean male in orange sitting in McDonald's on Hebron: "Now everyone knows you're just a snatch to me." 41
Another older Korean male: "I don't want to see Debbie's tit in your mouth or I'll jujitsu you."  He went on and on about South Korea's plan to racketeer against Americanism.
Mexican male by the Library with another oriental male: "That's why I'm not sorry I hurt her ass. She's not suppose to tell on us."
Since when, low life??
George Sr.: "News to me." 10
Rosie O'Donnell: "I'm not your Lapso Also. Don't call me."
 This is called 71 InKwon 99s
BF News anchor at the beginning of the movie "I AM Legend": "I still say no inside or I'll pull down his pants" and psycholgically terrorize you to death.
Ed Rollins: "She's a miracle."
Angelina Jolie: "Alright, you didn't succeed."
Oprah Winfrey to the New York Times: "I hope she wins so I can shoot her with my laser."
Smith: "I make things up. I should say I make things worse." 2, 41
Thaddie Newton: 55, 17, 44 "Why don't you smoke, too."
Ellen Degeneres: "I can't make you look younger."
Condi Rice: "I said no sex [in marriages]." 10/12/11
Dan Quayle after hearing from Oprah's espionage": "No more working her cases."
BF in WalMart Layaway Commercial standing under the word "is" which is my husband's initials: "Your kids are mine, too...."
George Bush Sr. : "We took away your ability [to have sex] because you didn't agree with abstenance [in marriage.. Of course it'll be monitored by a subversive pervert]. You'll see I own the police." 9
Chase Sapphire Voice in commercial: "You're just a pert ]Poo."
WF in Ford Service Tires commercial: "You're just crap."
Soo Ching (outside an abortion clinic) in the movie Juno: "I did it with you."
Oprah Winfrey: "I took her tickle away because she wouldn't listen to my pollution. Janet Reno said we could make things up to move things along. Misooki gives him drugs for me. No more roominess or I'll use my magic."
Write them as perverts.
Fascist trash on a white chosen by God for a work on earth is a coward..
"She's going to prison for stalking the police"
Michael Steele: "...Alright, I'll run her, but you're dead [he said to Mueller]."
Debbie said: "Stopping forclosures is "womb to the tomb" politics and prevents people like my sister from buying a home through an auction/paying off the tax debt on these properties. That's life and it hurts sometimes to lose your home. You have to roll with the punches unless it's due to crime."
Black female on the train: "I let him up for helping us [get at Debbie's sources]."
Vivian Brown: "No white guy. I don't want him him to live here. Alright, I'm bitching at him about [wanting his wife's vagina]."
Leland Vittert: "I was told to say you're insane
Oprah Winfrey: "Alright, I slaughtered everything she could use as an asset against me. Either I steal something or I knock out the rest of your teeth. No richer or I'll clip her."
Jane Hampton Cook: "OK, I can impale."
Cavuot: You're wrong to use Greg Abbott. We cvan see Misooki [sadistic rogue government] when you change stuff. OK, I'm petty, bnut we don't want her up here. I already have her. Alright, I can't look at her." 47
Paul Ryan: "I'm for Misooki. 10 No loud now."
Daniel Hannon: "Misook said all she has to do is say 'NO!' to stop your life. {Oh, that sounds comforting"] I'm not paticularly fond of Misooki."
Jimmy Fallon: "I don't want your cat." 10
A62 (MM) in Oak Cliff: "We did this so your gook couldn't come home." 92-10
BF Echo near him (rogue technology): "Itr's either this or 9."
Erica on Dr. Oz and the BF next to me on the terminal: "He's my dummy. 81 I don't want to help her up for saying no to her. Misooki said I could take advantage of her." 47 ]They're both Rice stalking Debbie" 10/27/11 FB and the BF catty-corner to me"
Lawrence O'Donnell: "You're guranteed to lose because of Misooki. I thought you were a whole to say those things." 47
Jennifer on Dr. Oz: "I'll get off your back now, but I'll have to split you up later [cause a break up or death in the family again is payment for services of rogue government" whether you asked for it or not"]. Now, I'm dead. Now you're tall, but you're still going to meet your maker. I like no love." 11
Calypso: "I'm his PS and that doesn't mean death to Misooki (is referring to Madden's)."
Robert Frances: I would pinnacle her. I thought she w all slop. I thought you were my wine (half full). I thought you were just a douche.  Now, I'm a rubber. I thought she was just a hole. I'm against Elliot Ness. You lost him."
His BF secretary: "He'll never get rid of me. ..." BF with white page in her hand: "It's my time with him. 9 " Then wearing white, she moves her fingers as a WF with long blonde hair says: "You're not going to get him until you do it my way." = 4F
Robert Osborne: "I'm  the tickle thief ( a pervert that rapes women")."
BF Walmart commercial: "Disable joy..."
Anything on top of a BF that relates to Debbie's husband
is a hate crime. Take that off the air!
Rick Lowery: You're such an illegal choice, a negative couch." 17, 24
BF Fort Worth train station: "I was just showing off I won the police and your dick." 9 (10/20/11)
Tom Harkin: "I thoughht she was jagged. ... I'll fight for her to the bitter end."
Debbie Song: "Thanks for deleting No Child Left Behind."
Michele Bachmann: "I made  your husband eat Korean pxssy first." 10/26/11 [This one is a real bad one]. I want her out now. 10 He's Misooki's goose. You're still twot. I know I'm a hole, but you're gruel. I can do this because you're a natch. You're our town (OT). 6, 16, 47, 47 He's my tea. Never your altar. I'll urn her. You're  a  hole. Misooki's gettin him. You're a crap thing. You're Ohio for saying no adult(try). You weren't saved. We're Misooki. Alright, I'm an imitation, but I own the police. Alright, I'm no density. Alright, I'm for kids (8nn first). I don't want him to go back to the time of the Church [That's none of your business, Mam]. He's my Arm(ageddon). I'll shush you when I'm  [pregnant]. I'm very dangerous. 12 .... KEYbuttz. I'm hostile around Israel. I didn't know that. I didn't know it affected her what I say. 47, 47 I don't want her vile or I'll grief. 47, 47 Help me us. 33, 47. I can get her with Wisconsin (Blasphemy).  All I hear is she's a shame. Nine king. I said she ought to be under real observation. No wiser" Alright, I said no Obama... Her attitude won't work. 16 I don't want to get up in her Arlington (spirit). I said no Mineola (prosecution of Blacks for crimes against himanity). I can't get up in you. You'll be soaked for 6you. 47 She's just Misooki. I have no memory of your thin(g). 9 ...I'll hold onto her.'re not chipped. ...." 10/24/11
It's a good thing you're protestant or you'd be excommunicated.
Pat Roberts: "I said no Elliot Ness. I'm on Dallas Police's side. I'm a quit."
Rick Santorum: "I'll take pictures of her now. She's not our favorite. She's just a tissle without him now. She's not gifted I heard. No lust. I'll administrate her. Alright I took her ghome. Alright, I'm no Kansas. They want me to voice stuff and I said OK to be president. OK, I'm a shame."
71 Jackson's in the Foyer: "She needs therapy for saying she sees me."
BASF vioice: "We're no chemical Christ."
BF Terminal "D" next to me: "I own the police because you're crazy." 10/27/11 1350 hrs
The DA in this County owns the police. Please arrest this dalliance"
353 MF: I don't want him smelling your [tweet] anymore. No full proof. Conspiracy 11F My poo-poo is real. She's not my company. I want no detail (ASnti-DA). Alright you told the truth. (She's stalking DA Watkins). I'm 354 (Oprah and Condi Rice puppet). I'm Con- troll (doll). 47 I'm not allowed to half you. Don't share them."
Jeena St. John: Alright, she  can't be my cow if she wants the police. Alright, I destroyed her pal but she wanted my nacho."
Her boyfriend: "I'm going to pay her back for saying she's Congress."
Ambilify in a bathrobe: "I was company."
Oprah Winfrey: "I don't want her to naturally exist."
Hugh Grant: "Alright, we made Austin [governor]."
Debbie: "Can I put in who made Cain?
Michael: "Show me the warrant, George."
Chelsea: "Mom, how could you?"
Jeff Goldblum: Okay, I'm a monster."
Oprah, voiced by the BF in Walmart commenrcial: "I'm not going to share the kids with you." 9
Robert Osbourne: "You're not woth 99."
Try Michelle Obama's and maybe Bush will let you pretend, too.
Sports, anyone?
Jean Quan: Another two months without him. They don't wound me. He stays with his sister as long as you're not loud."
Harold Jordan: "I thought she was making that one up."
Hugh Garcia: "We should not forget that uintolerant violence leads to fascism." 1, 7
Robert Francis: "We'll have to dispose of her. Danny's doesn't come. We've got alot of lust."
Elizabeth Montgomery: "I don't want him here."
John McCain grants her this wish.
Mark has no comment here.
BF FBI to another official: "I made the whole thing up. to see if she would tell the truth. Now I'm not interested in bringing him home. I'll call Steve. (Rexar, everyone's favorite corrupt Special Agent in the Secret Service). He makes things happen for me. You're just scum for helping me. I said I'd put it back."
Her BF Echo on top of me: "Now I say no romance with Debbie for telling on us."
Hermain Cain: "I was going to say to her my way or the highway" if she walked to Story from South Irving Station at Oprah's request."
Queen Elizabeth: "Sex was about marriage not bastards."
Herman Cain: "Do you want me to go after the bitch? All I can say is you're crazy. We're sharing [the husband] now."
BF Ford Fusion commerical: "I don't want my penis now and I don't want my box now."
Fred Noe: Thank you for Bruce Lee."
Selena Gomez: "I can get you with AIDS."
Oprah: "I do cruel love. 25 Now she's just dennis, not us. He's Misooki's." 55
353MF: "...I'll say I didn't say anything." [Conspiracy to conceal a Crime]
Bush Sr.: "I don't want him whiter."
Condi Rice: "A beautiful, sexy guy ruined for her wire."
No Chatter!
Harrison Ford: "Sexy won, not her putter. Okay, he flirts. Alright, no maid."
Fredericka Whitfield: "I thought you were swell, until you told on Mueller."
See dark lettering on bottom of Lynch Mobs, Mam."
353 MFafter my daughter's answering machine didn't pick up: "She's my five (fist)."
Sara Underwood: "I thought you'd be docile from all the hitting." 2, 25
353: "Alright, I'm a sickness.
WM AARP commenrcial: "Don't even think about tapping into my numbers." 55
"Don't forget what you said."
A black female prostitutenear landlord when I went to the soda machine: "He knows I'll give him a heart attack if he tries to be real here (recognize her in his head and refuses to obey). He wants to be my car and that's that. He said he wants to be my baby (and goes to church with Misooki only). You can't take pictures without my eyes [is a flat out lie]."
Landlord: "I thought you had no money."
Michelle Obama echo: "Moltztaf!" when I discovered she had stolen a rhinestone from an art project just completed. 57
Dan Quayle: "I said strictly no veterans." using the MF in 353.
Oprah Winfrey: "I don't like her family. 10"
Dan Quayle: I thought Debbie was making it up. I thought she was just a vagina to them."
Does this need to be passed to Debbie, George?
Bush Sr. : "I'm against your bunny and I could make cancer in your womb [for Myo Kim]."
Oprah Winfrey: "You're mine for telling on Nancy."
You wish!
Boston FBI Director: "Tell her to stay home on Monday or we'll kill her. I was looking for a way of unshouldering her." [This one was stirred up on Debbie by Rice"]
Condi Rice: "Alright, I create hate on Debbie."
She blasphemes things to rile men up.
Don't call what Debbie is doing "playing around" when most of her life
has been obstructed.
Boston: "Kill the crazy!." 2
Oprah: "I'll kill you on the operating table if you try to look younger."
She changes Debbie's face with lasers.

Southland witch: "You'll never stop mine." [Cain]  25
Robert Casey: "She's fcking trash for putting 2P on us.
353: "No risky pathology" 47 [is a cipher for South Korean as Austin is south of Dallas].
Casey: "I'll continue to thwart her efforts." 5W
Dennis Haysbert: "[LA County] is trying to take you out of our reach and that's why I stop things."
Al Sharpton: "You can't stop my man."
Herman Cain: "You're trying to ruin my reputation." 92-11 [is a false accusation and 2 Peter 2.10]
Sarah Jessica Parker: "I think she makes too manycorrections. Obama is going to have you arrested." 4, 3
We marvel at the cosmetic industry with this one!
See Open in Definitions.
Go to Gitmo for continuation"
Pencil: Weak people, breaks easily under pressure, not as strong as Bentleys"
Violent: An Oprah Winfrey word for husbands
Misooki: Psychotic troublemakers that uses espionage to attack people. See Extreme for more antics of the cruel and famous!.
Early: A cipher for virgin that belongs to Debbie"
Change: They make up the weirdest things about Debbie"
On: Cipher for NSA and also the two middle letters in my last name
Baby: a cipher for petty
Wet: means drunk on power
Tis: Irish word abbreviated meaning female part below
Oh: Fist; wild kingdom; Attack without warning using espionage to customize/persoanlize; Often used to mean Oprah
Sad: Sadistic; also heard as veiled in "no happiness"; reprisals are always retaliation based on espionage and the willingness of bullies to play along for a favor
X or ex: They refer to husbands as lust because they like having sex with us wives. They say such liking of sex is lust as stipulated in the tenth commandment. It's a classic, them calling marriage lust and fornication for procration not.
Red headed personnel: My second born sister, mother and one of my brothers have red hair. Bullies use red hair as a cipher for husband. They punish me for saying in print stop using my family as ciphers! Bush has powder on his hands for turning this webpage off.
Two: Cipher used for saying No! If a T word follows it, it's a vulgar name calling device!
Kathy: Name of landlord who did perjury and defamation to get me evicted. The word is said to evoke terror as 89.
Tain: R missing from first sentence or words means no real accordingly.
et: Espionage and terrorism, Anotherwords a fascist response to payback.
Somar: Selma up with sonar on bodies which can cause heart attacks and miscarriages like birds
Ellis: An island in New York that was famous for a large number of immigrants/what Debbie's husband is""
Hu: A syllable meaning husband
Hard: Punishment/89 on persons a satellite deems as appropriate which completely eliminates due process, privacy, consent and release of information to spy! Hence, fascist communism unchecked, unbalanced and cruel! A communist overthrow with space weaponry. Psychoes on the loose. See Goose.
Dole: An Oprah cipher for LA County's
Lady: A female who agress not to have sex in marriage except for pro-creation
No Babybell: No prosecution of petty black females running amok with espionage and sabotages in private lives, herself included"
Stronger: I have lasers on those who oppose me and I will use them no matter what side of the law I am on!
Poo: Use the lasers to stop her body from functioning normal even if she resrts to medical remedies. Been done more than once to me even when I eat only vegetables and yogurts.
Ring: It's an "IN" word, therefore a cipher for husband. In is his first name.
Sorry: Sorry doesn't use words like this nor does it come after you again!. Spare me, George!
Lydia: The name means I front defense intel/espionage and will violate the 4th by telling lies or withhold informations.. Adams is a 74
Ten: cipher for the Tenth commandment meaning Lust
Dress: Cipher for stress or duress on someone
Diane: Read Lydia if name of a person(s); as a cipher it means Defense Intelligence Agency
Pooh Bear: Identical to "I see I spray" only audio: I hear love, friendship, comeraderie, I'll throw it at the fan until you comply with my demands. Nobody together against Oprah (et al) even if they don't know Misooki exist!. This is the price we pay to be safe from racism.
Happiness: None of this means sadism. To say, he's no happy means he's a sadist.
In: Married
OK: Means No First as Oklahoma is NOrth of Texas. It's cryptic" Right! It's Oprah and Bush freemasonry.
Chi: Korean word for rat which is what gangsters do to each other. What I do is report crimes committed on me using espionage and violence.
Espionage: Intel that sabotages, intimidates or breaks the law in the person being stalked
Left hand corner: Something that's real
Two noises in a certain area: Means none of that anymore
13: Means FBI and no one has permission to use it. That's impersonation.
Hear: Use espionage to destroy someone, instead of just blackmailing them
Chaj: Short for Chaji, a Korean word meaning penis. This word is used to mean without a conscience and ready to exploit a situation. Amazons use it almost exclusively to demonstrate their control of men.
Hortense: This is loose association game: Hortense the Elephant. Republican elephants. R words mean real. What Reagan called "the craziness."
I go: I'm a phlanderer
Can: I'm British. I own this country with espionage. I can get away with anything including loudly telling lies with the press! She's probably referring to the LA Times.
Bent Tree: Referring to the War Department which was a cipher used by them meaning my father's initials - Warren Dodge - a place where he  bricked many homes in Dallas County" That's espionage to know things about my family history

January 12, 2011