in general amounts to X101 and 249.

Stalkers are devilry and blood thirsty cowards" Thefts are hate crimes and terrorism [chu-ah]. They're constantly stalking her. Most everything listed on these pages, she has suffered. Below may have happened to you.
1) Two calculators sometimes not working, now 
2) Movie cards are missing,
3) Phone still doesn't work;
4) Mini-duffle bag, color green camoflage 
5) Block of Swiss cheese;
6) Suddenly I need a converter box to get 4 lost channels: EWTN, G4, WGN, CSPAN;
7) She's been cheating me out of points since December;
8) Four pages have been removed from a spiral notebook locked up on department emails and online information;
9) $13.39 missing from my bank statements will be put on Communism page 
10) I am being led to believe that Casey stopped the mail order tape recorder I ordered to replace this unreliable one" they broke with lasers #6177325.
11) TWC refused to send me a digital converter by kicking out my request. 
12) One of my Hoover books is gone. It's #2 on the list;
13) Walmart Receipt disappeared off my desk overnight"
14) Newspaper and receipt in my cart stolen by a black female in stripes! before I could go back and get it!
15) mail order made on 5/1/13 for $30.29 hasn't arrived. Today is 5/8/13. It cleared the bank on 5/2/13. It was handed to me on 5/9.
16) Five bottles of prepared for mealtime bottles has been stolen by the landlord and Winston for Rice 89" She takes the buses away to prevent me from getting downtown"
17) Blue and gold "LAPD" hat stolen from my room $10. Condi Rice brags about it through prostitutes.
18) Cop Killer page file,
19) Two packages of gum
20) Vandalism on second gray cart $33 costs
21)Two white shoe insoles;
22) Evidence bag;
23) Broke 6177325 Sony Tape recorder cost $33.00 [only the stop and play buttons stay down]
24) Spiderman pouch on cart and irreplaceable contents.. They waste my time with these games. 
25) Came into my room and broke a padlock making it necessary for me to use wire cutters to get it off. BF Landlord stalking and vandalism" Terrorism what she says in the halls. 30
26) Movie card #884: Dead Poets Society missing and other files stolen
27) Vandalism on another cart 21.95. 
28) Picture of Dad and I in Avodat Elohim because she says "he was a brick layer and taking it means no Bruce Lee." She is playing games on the streets to that effect, too.
29) Ripped the rubber wheels off another cart. Holding them on the rim with electrical tape
30) I now have 5 (often) clear channels compared to the 74 I had from April 2006 - August 2013. No one else in the building has a television like mine.
31) October 1st order to Vitacost missing from my email account. Amount of order $36.09 They cancel my orders as hatemail. They play in my bank account making money disappear and then re-appear differently than the receipts I pull from the ATM.
32) CVS Card with double points on it stolen.
33) Vandalism on cart purchased on 10/2 for $21.65 on 10/12/13, 24.95 to replace
34) 1.25 gal water container from a thrift store. Replacement cost $5.96
35) $2 stolen from my pocket on 10/16 at 89 at Race Trac in Carrollton
37) Vandalism of Rice Cooker $19.47 while using 350 to make noise with pots and pans while she screamed: "No hot."
Byong Dong standing orders is a hate crime! "It's none of his business this website."
38. Rechargeable Eco-Lite LED Headlight $5.40
39. Pilferage
A) Ruler
B) 3x5 Index cards
C) Juice mix
40) 2 Bicyle bells $2.17
41) One audio tape
42) Vandalism on Tape recorder: All buttons have to be held down to work [violates state law so others may know they're being recorded] Since all tapes go to the police, what are you worried about, Mam?
43) Ledger sheets: Pages 8, 13-17, 21-23 (2012) and 6-15, 18-20 (2013) from a locked cabinet
44) Movie card #912: The Taking of Pelham 123 and Soylent Green $487
45) Pulsating showerhead. Replacement cost $45. approx.
46) Pair of pinpoint glasses $8.00
47) Withholds time sensitive coupons from HMart. Played dates of 1622
48) Swanson's Catalog replacement for 10/31 never showed [Petty is their trademark]
49) Newspapers and sales flier were missing from CVS on 12/26. Also the coupon kiosk was used to send hatemail from a BF employee standing by.
50) Peppermints removed from shelves at Walmart on Josey
51) Small hand on clock broken $3.88, plus tax. Was this "cost" for Aldi to put the candy boxes back?
52. Two lightbulbs in one night. Suppose to last 9 months each.
53. Rug removed from my bathroom from 350 overnight. $5.41 Koreans most likely responsible. Said they didn't like my scream.... That's Goose ready to do Lynch Mob stuff[27-73 Rice Oprah Moon, verify 73 Byong Dong who promised us it wouldn't happen again]. Thefts and stalkings for Condi Rice is sabotage"
54. Pair of shoes "Starter" recycles $13.88 holes punched in the front top. Bopught them new in November '13. They're always saying: "I thought she was crazy, so I could get away." Why would you stalk a crazy person?
55. Another small clock broken. $3.24
News: Went back to store to buy again #51 and it has been removed from the shelf and replaced by more expensive ones"
56. BF next to me said she [black]"lists" people until they do what she wants. Here's another way she makes me unhappy. She gets companies to change the taste of their products to such an extent I think I'm eating someone feces. X253
Saying Debbie needs Oprah's permission to do anything is communism, Ms. Pierson! And illegal!
The BF echo stalking me is always threatening to steal personal, irreplaceable stuff from me using "her" laser key to B&E my cages. Number one target is my family Bible that has been in the family since the children were small.
57) She stole another tally from me in Carrollton with the lasers. $3.24
58) Wings of Desire 1987 card stole from file.
59) Tapes #19 and 20 with the cases from a locked cabinet
60) Sony Micro-cassette recorder #6164925
61) Sony Tape Recorder #617325 Cost $35.00 Broke record button and doesn't allow rewind. See picture on left of screen. Again I am experienceing retaliation/89 for refusing to obey Oprah in my family business.
62) Broke Black & Decker Rice Cooker Serial # cannot be read Cost $14.06 Less than a week old. X266
63. RCA desktop recorder makes a noise but none of the buttons work. #4317DC Cost $27.05. X208 continues and the threats are getting greater. If I go along weith their demands, I become an accessory and taint my federal witnessing image" All attempts to find another one have been blocked by the Secret Service as 89-X208 in the internet, as of 3/7/14.
 This one is #63.
64) Target cushion, round red and white stadium pillow. Rec'd during a Fourth of July Celebration in Downtown Dallas.
65) Webpage #413 has been removed from my residence. It couldn't be done by just the lasers.
66) Golden Corral receipt removed as hate mail as it matches "Golden Lad" horse #1 in 1932 movie Men of Chance. All they do is make trouble on me. Something always bothers them and I must always be punished.
67) Round about May 2014, Condi Rice broke the heater/AC in my room and when I asked the landlord to fix it, he responded by reminding me "it's summertime. Does the AC work?" When I said Yes, he dismissed the matter. How cold is cold before he fixes it?
68) Sleeved pages in this website from books on shelf in my room. They took the sleeves, also. Communism is always showing off how they can get to me.
69) Landlord closed the washeteria.
70) 5" B&W Olympus TV-AM-FM Radio
71) They're still breaking my reading glasses and taking the cart wheels off to make blacks feel powerful or to make me look unprofessional. That's terrorism!
72) Large clear plastic "Scholastic Book Fair" bag
73) Large crack and hole in ice bucket (89 for 443 item)
74) Almost scalded me, a first! SteamX iron $19.95 plus shipping and handling. And those are the ones who scream thrift).
75) Cessation of DAV magazine.
76) Peirson's and Obama's steal the money and the copy I sent to the printer. This seems to happen much more these days. And often someone is sitting near by sending me the Antichrist wins hand signal and the hatemail included in the price she pinches from me..
[Enthrallment with that laser is sadism].
77) Pair of 350 reading glasses stolen from my residence and then the store - Dollar Tree - stopped carrying that strength because "35" has something to do with my husband. 58
78) On 11/4/14 another cart was sabotaged on the way to work by that devil in California. Cost $16.49.
79) Brand new Heating Pad $16.99
80) Two tallies Cost $6.26
81) This cart cost me $14.07. However, I used it's bag on another cart, whose wheels and frame were intact.
82) Three tallies have been broken in last 10 days. Cost of replacements: $9.72
83) They keep stealing my reading glasses declaring the don't want me with that style, color or strength. Then they disappear from store shelves, also and if I do find them again., the price is up.
84) Monthly Dart Pass $40.00 April-May 2015
85) Another tally broken $3.24 all  punishments without due process for making a stalker unhappy/communism
86) Black zipper bag full of personal business cards collection since 2002 are still missing. They left a brown one behind as some kind of hate mail on the couch where they were.
87) Android Cellphone 4.3 Cost to replace $600.00 X34, 112 and X24
In June, I paid over a hundred dollars to get it fixed. $20. of that has been reimbursed.
88) On July 20th, the "eagle has landed" $3.00 from my pocket was stolen.
89) Broke a heating pad as retaliation. Oprah for Condi Rice. Cost to replace $17.31 That's all they do is fcking terrorize people with Secret Service/Houston and Defense access.
91) Wi-Fi restricted by Oprah as retaliation though other residents have access. And still no TV, though others have access.
92) A white shirt with brass buttons: Just hatefulness
"I've had it with them coming in and helping themselves."
93) Another tally costing me $3.24 to replace. Then raised the rent up $50 bringing it to $530. a month. I still have no telephone or cable TV.
94) Another tally. This one cost $2.91
95) Another pair of reading glasses broken. $1.08
96) Movie Card stolen: Whatever Happened to Baby Jane 1962.
97) Another tooth removed: $400. Upper left canine
98) Landlord is raising the rent $50 and it cuts into my food budget. Oprah's gangster is helping her block me from working the streets. They just raised the rent $30.
99) A pouch I bought at the fair was sabotaged 24 hrs later on the train and $8.68 went down the drain.
100) $20.17 was stolen from my bank as punishment for a misunderstanding.
102. A roll of scotch tape was stolen $1.29
103. Postal receipts taken from zippered pouch to show off.
104. Money is missing from my bank account again 2015. Oprah says it's theft or a plane crash"
  • September $16.11
  • October $19.34
  • November $20.77
105. Marie Callender's Spaghetti Dinners are being changed and will no longer issue small meatballs and garlic bread. Con  Agra of Nebraska is X208. What a shame.
106. Another tally on a landyard and a VIP  blue sparkle tassle. I'll check tomorrow.
107. Broke both zippers on a blue and black satchel.
108. Broke another cart $14. Made other carts I saved for parts, not interchangeable.
109. $2.00 bottle worth of 1000mg Garlic missing
110. Umbrella cost $13.88 to replace, or go without
111. Another tally $3.24. It seems Office Depot is closing them out!
112. Wool Eagle and Flag gray hat Cost $5.00 plus tax. May not be r4eplaceable"
113. Aroma Rice Cooker (Communists won't let it be moved over)
114. Breaking the pumps of my hand soap etc. is to create inconvience for me." Also she takes the pins out of the tallies to break them off my belt are subversion.
115. ODMP bracelet $6.00 to replace
116. Green Lanyard $4.26 to replace
117. Another tally $3.24
118. Broke a coffee pot $10.80 (Replacement over $12. due to price increase)
119. Two felt tip pens taken $2.36
120. Broke another cart's wheels. Cost to replace $14.51
121. Broke that cart's wheels, but I was able to find cotter's to hold it together. Cost $1.81 Sometimes she breaks the wheels beyond my ability to make repairs.
122. Poked a hole in a water jug $2.00
123. Two more sets of headphones $2.16
124. A Smith Dictionary stolen from a drawer in my bedroom, Cost to replace 5.39 Bottom half returned
125. Raising her rent over $450. as 89 for NEW YORK.
126. Stapler removed from my lockbox (B&E laser key) $21.65 Returned
127. ODMP Bracelet $6.00 Removed from shelf
 They said they are stealing my things to insure delivery of my mail from the landlord's desk to my hand. Otherwise, without some kind of payment, my mail will disappear as it has in the past. Most noteably returning on time is the DAV magazines. So every time mail is waiting for me, it means something in my room has been stolen as payment for the mail to be there for me.
128. DART System Maps for 2016 come up missing, but though this is an inconvenience, it is free from DART. This thievery usu. matches what my instructions are, so when I get home, they're gone" 46
I am constantly reminded there are many things in my room which if stolen would set me back.
129. Three more headphones: Blue $1.08 [X385?], White $1.08, and Red $1.08 as of 7/6/16.

130) 1927 Book of Facts/World Dictionary of Facts, printed under a private label. In Bibliography page. Irreplaceable. Stolen by landlords.
131) Broke another pair of 200 eyeglasses.
132) Continues to break headphones, but was told on 10/7 that won't happen anymore. Just sent you three more pairs.
133) Tops of three white bowls stolen. Obviously hate mail, as usual" [Making people crazy enough to do these kinds of petty things to her is Nietzsche's crap/communism" Any criminal can sabotage someone"]
134. Broke another rice cooker (shown above). This is the second one to be so inflicted. Cost $21.61 1/13/17 Replaced on 1/16/17
135. Winston broke another heating pad costing $15.00 as 89 for new admin. 1/22/17
136. So far 13 pairs of relatively and brand new pairs of underwear have had the crotches torn out by members of the Trump Administration as punishment (without due process) for KOBAR 320 I sent to pals. Racist retaliation shows off the lasers in the clothes hamper. Cost $39.00 Communists beat up who they want and you have no way to prevent their evil expansions in your life" from that laser weaponry"
137. CRAIG DVD player broken by black tyranny with Trump's permission in November 2016 X101 Cost $32.53 Not even a year old
138. Winston assisted by Stacy King broke another rice cooker less than a year old $21.67.  This one was with Curtis when he screams at me from another area when I'm in my room. See it's age on #134.
139. LCD blown out of cellphone (2nd time in two years) $75.95 to fix it.
140. Pens keep on coming up missing. And these are not $1.00 a dozen pens.
141. Wallet ordered from Wish (mail order) has been stolen from the post office. $8.00 ReneeHall was stalking me before she was chosen as Chief of Dallas Police. Rectangular shapes triggers psychoses in black players and is now undoing the previous police administration's work in this entity. This is communism"!
142. Two month old black zipper purse strap broken by lasers on 7/23/17 Cost $10.85 fixed it with electrical tape and a harbinger.
143.  Dolly cart $21.65 from Office Depot wheel broken three times. Places where replacements could be found are no longer available. This is what UR Hall said she wanted and I am finding this to be true. She always attacks the left wheel first as a signature" Cost of replacement $15.99 (bought 2 due to scarcity and travel time). Price doesn't include tax.
144. Michelle Obama: "If I don't like what you do, I can show you my foot." Lost another pair of reading glasses $1.08 and lasers continue to be aggressive. 9/12/17 See NORTHWEST
145. Capitol One Bank - theft of $6.57 to send hatemail to Debbie from the police" That one is a bad one on our witness:
146. Car blue sweatshirt $2.00
147. Magnetic statue of the Virgin Mary $3.24
148. Box Cutter $5.00
149. Summer Vest $16.00 (Swami - pushed under the door and grabbed by another)
150. Charger port on cellphone $30 to repair
151. Another cart vandalized. Cost $21.65. Replaced by temp. $12.00
Kellyanne continues to make threats on my life, equipment and health"
152. Space Heater $10.83 Condi Rice says if I by another one she will break that one too.
153. Bush breaks the heel of a new pair of used boots. $4.32
154. Blue cellphone stopped working for me on 10/24 after I just spent $74 to fix it less than six weeks prior"
155. Hall requests and gets "browning" feature on a new microwave (gift) be broken"
156. Hall requests and gets my B&D Toaster Oven broken, so I can't brown a waffle, etc. Her sick mind says all things brown belong to her"
157. Texas Flag removed from cart $3.78 lost. Wrong call)
158. On 3/25/19, the day the phone was switched on, another tally was broken. $4.98 plus tax"

159) The following is how they sabotage my website capabilities:
Nick is coming in my room too much looking for something to steal"
  • Takes away new pages
  • Won't allow me to erase unneeded pictures in my image library
  • Changes the letter A into an S to say FMO.
  • Uses everything to send hatemail to me. This is new. Somone has gotten to my carrier.
  • Greatly delays or ignores font and color requests. Often allowing color first before font.
  • Takes away picture enlargement capability
  • Removes automatic spell checker
  • Ability to remove or insert underlines
  • Moves cursor to another location
  • Puts pictures in another location
  • Changes fonts from line to line, even if in the same paragrah and also the color of the font
  • Puts up false screens to readers until I obey a troublemaker using espionage to get at me: My home page still doesn't come up. It still shows 409 on screen.
  • Changes or doesn't publish number of hits"
  • Makes text disappear when I select and copy it.
  • Takes text and pictures out without permission and when I go to look for those pictures, they're changed - not the same way I scanned them in.
  • When they do that, "Undo" is lost too
  • Won't let me select in the direction I'm going
  • Tries to force me to select more
  • Always says either or because Oprah said no both
  • Removes pictures and pages I send to printer
  • Removes pictures I lay after published.
  • Gives me a hard time when I try to select things.
  • If page isn't online, everything can be erased by the time I return to it to go online.
This one is #60.
  • Refuses to let me change layout of pages upon request
  • Turns the insert cursor off and types over things suddenly"
  • Just got a nasty letter from the bank about an address published here. It was backdated and contained minor threats from Condi Rice and Oprah. The bank took care of the matter, but who generated that threat on me? Who tells these people where to look?
  • Oprah is jealous so I have to suffer in someway is fascism.
September 26, 2013
December 14, 2021
Never underestimate the power of evil to disturb you with the least item.
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