Debbie Song is Federal Witnessing -  - Eph 2.2 causes 2 Thess 2.3 and is Black Tyranny"""
The Difference between Poison and Truth

Poison makes you sick, sick and sick again!
It makes you want to hurt someone in a really bad way. Sometimes, it gangs up with others to put a hurt on someone" 
Truth makes you think, think, and think again how to help someone either get away or take a stand against tyranny/troublemakers with espionage.
Truth may help you prepare yourself for the floods coming.
Which one do you want to do
 when they say things to you?

NOTICE: If any of this language sounds familiar to you, please record it.

Oprah Winfrey's machine is Adolf Hitler reborn and many of them are hiding in the Secret Service. From there,, using Affirmative Action, they infiltrate other offices of government and use that access to control those dependent on services. One of these days, I'm going to tear them apart from limb to limb. Everything they do is a shameful miscarriage of justice. It's shameful how they do it in front of an audience and attack people who complain about losses of privacy.

"I said Debbie is nothing and everyone should see nothing"
which means hold me down and take away my life forever so no one can ever see me as I really am!

saying No! to Barry [Barack]

BLACK FEMALE JA14: "You can have the director, but I get all the agents. I made him a little boy (petty) and you're never going to get him away from me."
MICHELLE OBAMA: Not a good ideas for the white folks to see this. Lupita didn't do that to you. No more sexy for telling on us. I must burn your hole. They'll have to use a catheter to get you..."
OPRAH WINFREY: "I said no marathon TV." 33, 11, 89
LUPITA NONY SONG: "Debbie Song is wrong" after she made a false report about a stolen dress just to stalk Debbie with it's design on Facebook because Debbie refused to be intimidated by watching the Oscars. This was said on an Oprah cue. X208 Such is espionage as reparations rather than an actual sighting of something Debbie did.
MICHELLE OBAMA: "No TV until tonight" and obstructs Debbie's access to the internet. "I'm Pisces. I'm going to show Facebook Debbie's just a joke by blocking her again." 11, 47, 46, 10
OPRAH WINFREY: "you're going to pay for this again."
DIANE WELCH: "She's going to get for saying that about Kim."
JA20 in a gigantic pink shirt: "It's your funeral." 1800 hrs 3/2/14
OPRAH WINFREY in a child walks past me going north and says: "OW." 47 This means no prosecutions for war criminals on us or she'll attack again with espionage as her weapon of choice. "No Able. It makes us look bad."
BETTE DAVIS: "But you are Blanche. You are [bad]" from the movie Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?
DALLAS POLICE: "They refuse to live in reality. They are forcing another reality on us using weapons of mass destruction and calling it play."
GEORGE BUSH SR.,: "I wanted to be mean to her. That's why things are this way."
CHARLIE BECK and GEORGE SR: "Oprah Winfrey is still hopeful, I can take you down." 94
GRAY-HAIRED LANDLORD: "I'd take her tickle away for a fav(or), too. [Joking about female mutilation]
GEORGE BUSH SR.: "Oprah Winfrey is still hopeful I can take [Debbie] down." 94
SUSAN HAWK: "You're making everyone look bad" 92,84, 55 [Complains about Debbie NEW YORK] "I said no Kimmie right." 2, 50
OFFICER REGINA SMITH during torture: "I know how to ruin his bed [marriages of police officers who help or protect Debbie]."
DEBBIE KIM: "Hit her! I thought mom was crazy and I could get away with stuff."
OPRAY WINFREY: I said no more on the streets." 92-29
DAN QUAYLE: "I said no police." 29
CHARLIE BECK:  "I said give her problems until she obeys us."
JACKIE LACEY: "Shoot her until she lays down for us. I don't want anyone in the police to know how hard she tried to stop us." [Re: Business cards] 99-27
OPRAH WINFREY: You thought I was kidding, but I'm not. And you're not going to kill anymore babies with your twot either. My free exercise is communism. I own Uncle Mackey [cipher for Debbie's husband because he's a second born and short].
CHARLIE BECK about Debbie based on hearsay: "She's extorting businesses with their cards. I want those cards." And so they were stolen from Debbie" Again he fails to ask her about it.
MICHELLE OBAMA lies to obstruct justice by deleting Debbie's timeline with her own business cards.
MICHELLE OBAMA: "You have to go beyond me to get things. When I turn people against her, its finished for her."
OPRAH WINFREY: "You better be a corpse, Babe. I'm Comey. I made it impossible for him to get up without me. I said no Facebook. I want him ugliness, a thief. No Matthew."
BUSH SR: "I said take a shower with Myo Kim. That will  get you hot and bothered. I don't play fair. Debbie's not foolproof."
JULIA PIERSON: "You can't have the eye and the video both in." X208
OPRAH WINFREY: "I'll come for pie crust [Prince Charles cipher]. He can only go home if he steals from her. I want no teeth."
BUSH SR: "I make people naked with my espionage. What's wrong with that?"
WINSTON: "So what we snitch on her. We're hoping to get her bumped off."
OPRAH WINFREY: "'I'm no holy nation. I'm totally no family."
NURSE CLAYTON (I Inside movie): "We got your shit (business cards since 2001). I'll take him. They're us."
CONDI RICE: "Now, I'll destroy Texas."
CHARLIE BECK: "I could destroy you and the FBI with those cards. I said no tight with her until she obeys me. I'll mess up everyone you get up with." 94, 70
BUSH SR: "I want your womb, not your heart. Not your family." 13, 4, 4
CHARLIE BECK: "I said no Al Core." ,53, 84, 57
[Hundreds of complaints means viral liars]
OPRAH WINFREY: "I killed Uncle Mackey with my laser. That's why I said no touching Houston (NASA)."
"DAVID SCOOTER COOK": "Just another burger. No heart. Say hello to the Dominican. No missionary with him. He belongs to them. Never for Kim [Robinson/PARANOID] All I have to say is psychotic." Stooge of 89-84
TOMMY ROBINSON: "We're all fascists when it comes to your freedom of speech. I'm no Luann. Don't start with me."
CONDI RICE: "I said no play." 92-29. "You make me look like crap."
RECKLESS: "I was a total tree. I'll tear her apart..." 92-4, 29, 47, 47
OPRAH WINFREY: "I'm coming at you like a dark storm. You scared us. I hope it hurts the FBI when I sabotage your deals."
BLACK FEMALE IN TOM THUMB'S: "No candy or I'll spit on you."
OPRAH WINFREY: "Treasury (secretaries) said I could break your things for eating candy. I'll tear her ass up for telling on us. I want to control Defense. Bye Bike. I like to make people naked by stealing their stuff and making them explain it to me. That's for ...."
MICHELLE OBAMA: "I think she's chewing me up when she eats [chocolate]." 92-4
BUSH SR : "I don't want Debbie to have her family like before."
DEBBIE KIM: "I'll put you in the grave for this...."
OPRAH WINFREY: "I said no pictures until you say they're my police. Hashtag is total surrender."
JACKIE LACEY: "Thanks for sharing with me." [Espionage of my computer screen is called "sharing" during a home invasion]
KIM ROBINSON: "You're not the police."
ADAM SANDLER: "Silence! Another year or my class. I don't want to see your filth."
OPRAH WINFREY: "He's my ass." 92-53 "I'm not ready now." 29, 35 "I'll let you be destroyed." 29 "I'm the hay." [I'm the treasury department].
CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER: "I want her silence"
OPRAH WINFREY: "I'll let your husband come back and then I'll give him a heart attack. He's my slope. Find that shipment and stop it! I said no universal beaver. You're  just stink to them!"
BLACK FEMALE PHOTOGRAPHER at Skinny Pete's: "I had to get you back for putting the sign in Facebook." 92-9, 94, 74
OPRAH WINFREY: "I'm going to get you with mine for this. I'm no Annie Oakley [Amazing]. 16 "I'll kill her children. Never heaven [New Hampshire motto] "I'll get you. Oh! I forgot, I'll kill Janet Reno."
MICHELLE OBAMA: 92-41 and then to Winston where I could hear: "Torture her until I get what I want." [Censorship]
WINSTON: "You need me."
BUSH SR: ""I'm going to kill you a whole lot."
OPRAH: "We're working in her gut. Now I want [InKwon] dead! Ritz killer. I said no one arm respect. I say keep torturing her until I get my way."
OPRAH: "I want no noise." 6
MALE LANDLORD: "I want no open up!" 92 Laughing loudly to Boss Landlord: "She's living off us." [Most facilities like this usu. provide Wi-Fi to their patrons].
ADAM SANDLER: "You're pathetic."
OPRAH WINFREY: "Still no Mrs because she disturbs us. UGLINESS "Don't believe her calm appearance. I'm not ready. I'm the monster here. No outback. I don't want her noise." 35 "You have bats in your belfry if I had." 18
WINSTON: "You're a hole. She's nothing but low rent."
OPRAH WINFREY: "I enjoy jumping on her."
BUSH SR: "I'll tell the Senate." 10
OPRAH WINFREY: "Be gentle. I'm scared of her living here. (I'm training [the landlords] to come for [blacks only]. It's better not be the Mick or I'll arrest you." 41
CHARLIE BECK: "I have a fist. No posting pictures in Facebook. I said start joint damage. You're just a [vagina]. You'll never stop me from doing that." 33, 84, 4 "I said no going on the bus. She's too old to be ... I went through her records without a warrant." I don't need a burger miracle. Calculator means first. I'll show her my might! I don't care what .... said." ]That's communism.
SPITHEAD (DALLAS FBI): "At least, we got to take her tickle away." 88
GEORGE BUSH,SR: "You're a hot twot for wanting him." 92-10 "Now, I'll kill Nancy Davis.. Wake up or I'll take your short term memory.! 34
MRS. AMOS MUN: "My foot if you try to use me." [No relationships with the landlord's spouse even though I've lived in this place for 9 years]. "I stole your rug. And don't try to get at my husband against me. He's not going to be easy. I have beast in my head. I'll make you crawl for bread. I'll just say I'm sorry and they'll let me get away. You have to go through me that thing [Wi-Fi extender]."
OPRAH WINFREY: "Debbie needs a send off, so I can have Louie Freeh. And no veteran. I'll give her a heart attack, so I can really go with Condi."
WINSTON: "Everything has to be my way or I'll rape thousands." 92-10, 13
OPRAH WINFREY: "No itch or I'll .... I'm too petty to let you get up with the police(X261)." 92-29, 92-13 (esp. when I am walking outside). "I'm the magistrate. Now I'll make your calling a vicious man."
GEORGE BUSH SR. : "I said make her a cripple for telling on us." 84, 35 "Yopu're just a tissle for not coming for Beck."
DIRECTOR RODRIGUEZ: ""She's a hole."
BLACK FEMALE near where I am: "Never you a person."
LANDLORD'S FATHER: "I don't believe New York."
LORETTA LYNCH: I'll get a writ of habeus corpus and put her away for leaking on us. I'll make it rain on her. I'll brutalize her. She's crazy down there. She;s just pollution. I'll kill Debbie. I'll punish her." 6
DEBBIE KIM: " Kill Mommy."
DONNA SAKKINEN: "I wanted to punish you for not coming right in."
MARK SULLIVAN: "The purpose of these pages is to demonstrate to them that what they say has real consequences on her and others. Talking to Darth Vader hurts people. What did Debbie do to warrant violence? What makes you so special warranting the killing or torture of someone that doesn't meet your expectations? Another words, who died and left you without a maid? There's something wrong with these people wanting this amount of control over people."

DET. REGINA SMITH (Theft): "Trust me. They can't take me down." 16 "I want another month for telling on me. Now, I'll get rid of you." 16
BLACK FEMALE BUSDRIVER (488): [Ticket prices are going up in August]. "I said no too. I want to see you down, too. I have the U.S. Marshall."
OPRAH WINFREY to the Secret Service satellites stalking me: "I don't want to hear that music. She fell. I can say what I want." 84
[Then the Service sabotages my music player on the computer. Her message came loudly across through a librarian].
OPRAH WINFREY: "I'll give you a buck and a hand. I can get more people to bad mouth you for me. You're a crazy stable. I want to supervise her. I'm going to knock her down."
LIBRARIAN in DALLAS: "I can get you into a hospital. Misooki said to make her suffer." 13
LORETTA LYNCH: "I'm pregnant. I'm a hero. I own the police and the African female: is cryptic fascism. [Cryptic 79]
CARLY FIORINA: "I wouldn't help her if she were the last person on earth." 13, 35 [Brainwashed like all the rest].
OPRAH WINFREY: "I don't want to interview an Asian('s) thing. I'll make her a widow."
BILL COSBY: "No Debbie."
GEORGE BUSH SR.: "I told him to have sex with her." 92-29, 33 "They're my ovals. You were duped. You're inept."
BROOKE GOLDSTEIN: "We're just rolling her. No glimmer with the police."
OPRAH WINFREY: I don't want a white girl running this country."
BUS DRIVER: "No more guinea. [No] Thank you. Now it'll stop...." [That's why they broke the tape recorders].
LORETTA LYNCH: "Pass Just for Fun' belongs to me." [This is the second one Debbie created]. 38
[Blacks getting jobs in government just to stalk Debbie is subversion].
OPRAH WINFREY: "I'm not going to leave you alone until you see a doctor."
GEORGE BUSH SR.: "I'll kill Mrs. Reagan." 47, 38
MICHELLE OBAMA: "I don't like what you telling on my friend." 92-41
LORETTA LYNCH: "You're going to learn to mind me." 29 [This was publically reported which triggered the ones above. I still haven't recovered from last night]. Continued below.
OPRAH WINFREY: "I want to control all Asians. We'll be in full blown communism if Hillary Clinton wins. No end to my pain until you see a doctor..."
KAMALA HARRIS: "It's either this (92-41) or rape."
REGINA SMITH: "It's not going to stop with you, Bitch."
OPRAH WINFREY: "I don't think she's [real] for telling on us." 9
OPRAH WINFREY: We're not going to let you up no matter if [the government] tries to raise you."
OPRAH WINFREY: "What I say is what is. If you challenge me, you lower my self-esteem and that's racism. I'm just learning" [Just learning how to get away with crime].
WF MSNBC: "It will happen." [Visual refers to abductions].
JUSTICE KAGAN: "Finish her. Then, finish him."
GEORGE BUSH, SR: "Everybody believes you're crazy. Now, I'm not the next president because of her." 53 I said no Womb-man." 53 I don't like her loud. I can't wait for her to get up, so I can smash her in the head in front of everybody."
WINSTON: During 92-10: We get Secret Service to run the world because you didn't help us." [President McKinley of Niles, OH refused to help South Africa in the Boer War against England. We're suffering for this now].
LAWRENCE O'DONNELL: "You're still a snitch."
MARTIN LUTHER KING JR's SON: "I'll crush you for telling on me."
BARBRA STREISAND: "That's why I took your penis." 13 I can make you look like Krakatoa for using him."
JUSTICE KAGAN: "Janet Reno said I could get up because I just said bad things." See BARRY
ELIZABETH WARREN: "I'm quick. No her ass." Bus 488 drove faster than usual.
JIM GRAY: "You're insane. I don't want you on board."
OPRAH WINFREY: "I snitch when I don't like what you say. I know how to knock Debra down with my police. You're not going to get up on me again. When I clap my hands, let's all gang up on her. I'll teach her not to ... It's too risky to let her up because I might get upset. I don't want her healthy! I'm not mental."
BF FLEX SHOPPER: "I don't like your mouth."
SPITHEAD: "Now I can take you off the streets. Oh! Good! I was getting sick of her sickness."
WINSTON: "I said no Christians up. It makes me upset to see you with two of anything." 41 [Said while I was putting two umbrellas away] "You were warned." 2, 47, 2 "Alright, you're a hole for saying no to them (scheming for the devils again). I can prove you're fascist poo because of what Barry said."
KIM ROBINSON: "No Catholics." {Better you should have said no using blacks to recreate the Boer War on whites].
MARC THIESSEN: "We're still no polo."
VERN: "No boo yah on my lust."
OPRAH WINFREY: "Song is my name."
CHARLIE BECK: "I could stick drugs in her room."
OPRAH WINFREY: "I'll show her my penis. She can only have him if she takes a hard hit. Scream and I'll call Misooki! And stop showing them. She can suck his dick, but never in her hole." [This is the one Donna hears]. "I did it to Madis Gras. I'm your prison. I can't high Debbie because she tells on us! How do I tell her he wants Myo Kim? That one wanted Bill to train her. That one is a saint. Unbox him. I have the power to take them all off because they're chicken. I was touching her guts. I said no getting up in my stink." [AND THEN SHE'LL SAY IT'S BAD FOR ME TO EVEN TRY TO GET UP WITHOUT IT].
CONDI RICE TO FAMILY: "I said no big deal Debbie Song."
GEORGE BUSH SR: "She's just for play. I only keep her alive for Condi Rice to beat up. No pride (police), babe. I'm against you ascendancy. I think she needs medication for making these wild claims. An agent will talk to you tonight."
OPRAH WINFREY: " Let her" 29 "You want my Japan. And I got Stedman to help Kimmie."
OPRAH WINFREY: "You better take her out. I put darkness in (your husband) when you don't obey me. I said no Christian men."
BUSH SR: "I'm going to stay awhile. I have a condom." 47 "I can't be obsessed with her thing. I'm just a dude."

STANLEY ROBINSON: "I can be obsessed with Kimmie's thing."
LATIFAH: "He's just goat cheese when it comes to you."
JOE HARN: "Alright, we let them in for Clancy because of your tweet on Greg's website."
BERNIE SANDERS: "I have no conscience."
HOWARD KURTZ: "She's going to blazes."
STEPHANIE RAWLINGS: "Commit! I'll roll."
WINSTON: "I want her to suffer for telling on us." 47
DEBORAH BARBIER: "I think you're doing this out of loneliness."
MICHELLE OBAMA after my $40 bus pass was stolen from my purse: "I had to get you back for Mark [Dodge]." More on this on MICHAEL REAGAN (no longer online)
KIM ROBINSON: "You'll never see slant eyes on you again unless you commit adultery."
CONDI RICE: "She's not a federal witness on me." 92-53
WINSTON: "We tried to cure of your thing by breaking it. I can abcess her teeth with my lasers anytime. She's just a tomato, you said. You have to obey me beceause I'm obsessed."
OPRAH: "Collecting bottle caps is indecent." [I was photographing my collection when she and/or Michelle Obama broke my cellphone]. "(Where she lives) is indecent.
DIRECTOR RODRIGUEZ: "I'll never let you up for the Mexicans" is kick a man down!" ARIZONA.
OPRAH: "I like to break cellphones. X73 Now I'll down Obama. We had to test your family. You're a zero. I don't want to help a snitch."
SPIKE LEE: "No cellphone." 29
JAMES BUCHWALD: "I don't need your shit."
PHIL MCGRAW: "You're a tart..."
FLEXSHOT'S: "You're just a hole..."
OPRAH WINFREY: [Her comments were in my cellphone, so they're not all here-46]: "I said no Saint Mattress." 13 "I'm no real [re: two police officers named Moore and Eslary]
M.J. MOSLEY: "Everyone says Debbie is crazy." 47
OPRAH: "I don't want you anymore. No more you going out. I don't like the way you dress. The queen taught me this trick (Krugerand on NEBRASKA). Does that make it treason? I'm not going to let go of your Eggo. Kimmie is the klan. I'm the world's greatest sickness and I will never be stopped because everyone likes to play games. Kimmie will murder your husband if he tries to get up in your white skin again."
PINHEAD DALLAS FBI who some say is the Crazy H...": "I really don't want to see her here again."
JAY SHUTTLEFORTH: "I think you're a minus."
ANDY McCARTHY: "You're filth."
DAVID CLARK: "You're real poo."
JEB BUSH: "I never wanted her."
MICHELLE OBAMA: "............" 41
More jerks listed in MONSTERS.
GRETA: "We think what she is doing is weak and we're going to hammer her until she lusts. I'm the one who's going to investigate you. Kamala can get up." 7 "I'm communistic. Okay, you're fake. I don't want you on stage."
DALE SHAKERS: "You're just a hole for saying no hoe."
KAMALA HARRIS: "No crazy."
LORETTA LYNCH: "I told you not to talk about that." X14 92 [Tortured me for explaining to newcomers that I asked Bush to teach the Koreans about recycling bins and he said no, so don't complain now].
OPRAH WINFREY: "If I turn on that phone, she'll have to do abstentions." 29, 13
ALIM A. BEYAH "It was against the law forcing her to take an early discharge to marry. They lied about her options, too."
GEORGE BUSH SR: "Everybody made a decision against you, Honey."
MITT ROMNEY: "No cellphone. Jesus' day will be wiped out."
WINSTON: "Now, there's no one to rescue you."
OF on VIAGARA COMMERCIAL: "All I have to do is say I had him and they'll kill you."
OPRAH WINFREY: "You're just pussy. No Facebook You need a prescription. No cellphone until Sunday (lie). I am against your past."
MEGAN KELLY: "May 8th is VE day..."
DAVID BROWN:  "They're picking on the police because she used to be one. Thanks for helping the sheriff today."
WINSTON: "No sleep! I want to be a miracle too." 92 
OPRAH WINFREY: "I said no sex with ......I'm the FBI." X34
CHARLIE BECK: "Get her for Gellar."
MARCO RUBIO: "I own the police. You're my left foot."
RAND PAUL: "She's too no sistoe. You could topple us as a same country."
DONNA SAKKINEN: "I don't buy this..."
OPRAH WINFREY: "You're just crazy if I want to be mean."
LORETTA LYNCH: "We killed Janet Reno [24 hr rule of punishment without due process]."
GREG ABBOTT: "Misooki's assigning their values to our numbers is stalking."
OPRAH WINFREY: "You have to believe me. She was really horny around him. That's why I broke them up."
CONDI RICE: "No sleep!" X208-409 I SAID NO TO YOU UNTIL YOU OBEY!" 92-ants
LORETTA LYNCH: "I'm no pay for you. No inside." 10 knife in vagina. This one continues to threaten me and she's nothing like any other AG I have worked under.
BUSH SR: "I'll ruin your health. I hit her in the brain make you stop falling asleep. No going out, unless I say." 53, 35 multiple times
OPRAH WINFREY: "I'll stop if you stop Hillary. Tell Debbie no." 6
LORETTA LYNN: "You don't have enough attorneys to stop me. I'll take her off [the internet]. She'll see a doctor or I'll tear her heart out with my machine. You're just a mat I wipe my feet on. I believe in unconsciousness for that one. 7 Now, I'll use my other fist." 92 all night long  CONTINUED ON LYNCHING
GEORGE BUSH SR to another: "We have to keep shooting her because she's a girl."
KARL ROVE: "You're not my garage. I don't need your qwat. I'll no El.
"BF "lawyer" on the movie Collateral: "Headaches." 92-2
SKINNY INDIAN BOY: "I don't need your bisquit.
"TOM BROKAW: "We're not happy you're back.
"CHARLIE ROSE: "We retired a cop."
AMOS MUN: "Yes, I don't want you here. I don't want you to have that [cellphone],"
BUSH SR: "I hit her in the brain to make her stop falling asleep. No going out, unless I say." 53, 35 multiple times.
REGINA SMITH: "She's crazy. I can get away with this" [while channel screen goes on and off and turns into letterboxes and half screens like my cellphone]. "And don't try to get another one, cause I'll break it again. I'll show you a bitch." 55-Oprah Winfrey 92-ants
BUSH SR: "Breaking things is good for the economy."
KIM ROBINSON: "I want her to sit in the dark."
BF on Rizzoli and Isles: "I'm the police."
OPRAH WINFREY: "No matter where they put you, I'll find out." 41
MUELLER: "Here we go again with the Smith-Cop Killer thing."
OPRAH WINFREY: "Now, I'll stop wop."
MOLLY: "Just the second" bellows from the TV
BF on a Subway commercial: "And I own an ambulance."
CARFAX FOX: "I know your address."
REGINA SMITH, a Cop Killer: "I'm going insane because you wouldn't let me in." 2 55-Race baiting
RONNIE WELCH: "Make sure her rent goes up." 92-68, 92-53 89 Rice in him for Kim
OPRAH WINFREY: "I don't want her tan (real) Saying your pink. Who do you think you are?"
DEBBIE KIM: .................... 25
AN IMITATION: "I'll kill the Asian."
OPRAH WINFREY: "You're dead, Honey." 35 "I'll make a stink about what she said." 89
MERKERSON on Law & Order: "I did the plane [Dallas to Litle Rock in 1999]." I cheapen you to him."
WINSTON: "Here's breakfast." 25
BUSH SR in a librarian: " .................." 92-13
KIM ROBINSON: "Another two weeks without a cellphone, for telling on us."
LORETTA LYNCH: "I filed a complaint with Google for using them.. [And they changed my name to Dodge so Condi Rice could own my husband's name].  I said no up down there." 15
OPRAH WINFREY: "Asia is my color and I said no name [Song]."
GEORGE BUSH SR.: "I can take you out because you're out of control" is reverse speaking to get along with craziness.
MICHELLE OBAMA: "I don't want her famous for telling on us." 89-Vandalism cellphone most recent.
KIM ROBINSON: "I said no Mrs. for telling on us." [Then she calls congressmen and complains]: "She's not a federal witness and she must be stopped." [This one continues to look for ways to throw me out of the internet for Lynch and Smith].
OPRAH WINFREY: "I'll tell everyone you're ugliness like me and we'll ... anything."
CONDI RICE: "It's very risky to let [her] up because I'm very jealous. Feel my teeth."
BLACK FEMALE SECRET SERVICE ECHO: "It's my job to torture you for them."
GEORGE BUSH SR.: "I thought I could amuse them with her" is delusional.
LORETTA LYNCH in a BF in library stalking me on 5/28: "I'm going to make you nuthin. The next thing is I am going to take you off the internet and then make them stop paying her..."
The child with her said: "I'm Air France" which means UGLINESS. More of these two are in Vulgar Skin.
All Black Females stalking Debbie are felonies!. And if they're wearing yellow, the worse for them.
LORETTA LYNCH: "I'll never let you back up!" This requires espionage. "I'm here to stop you."
OPRAH WINFREY: "Debbie is a twelve. This is a simple truth. Men don't need pussy to be happy. I proved it with Myo Kim. X472 [illegally experimenting on married couples in violation of the law and she killed Judy's mother because he was a soldier]. I'm trying to build a family" out of what she steals from others. 29 "I'll be sure to cut her off! I personally think she needs a shrink."
CONDI RICE: "You'll be a widower...."
LORETTA LYNCH: "I can stop his heart from beating if she tells on Winston raping her."
BUSH SR: "Debbie is coup-coup" means Debbie is against overthrow of the government. See SLITHER.
BEYONCE: "No Asian." 47
LORETTA LYNCH: "Another month no husband. Continue cruel and unusual until she obeys [that one]."
GEORGE BUSH SR: "Fright until you obey my night." See BOLO #497
OPRAH WINFREY: "No more Catholics in the world. My navy will destroy your religion and then you'll be dead. There is no hope. Obey me!" 92-13 "I'm high death! I wanted the slant (her word for InKwon, Debbie's husband, born in Korea)."
LORETTA LYNCH: "I could kill the whole United States with my fist. You have to be trained by me or I'll get you arrested." 92-53 "She's crazy. Hit her forever (like that) for telling on me. I thought I could kill her for using that name Dodge again. She can have her cellphone until Monday and then I'm breaking it because they're my police."
OPRAH WINFREY: "Uh! Uh! Not her disease again. I taught him not to put his mouth on her tit again. I'll give her a heart attack when I kill him. She's crazy. No American Dream for him unless I control it. I mix him up about her, so he'll hate her." 4,38
CONDI RICE: "Affirmative! (No happiness X101) and crashes screens I'm working with or reading. I thought everything you were doing was poo."
LORETTA LYNCH: "Wherever she is, butt in and disturb her."
LORETTA LYNCH: "You have to be trained by me or I'll get you arrested." 92-53 "She's crazy. I said no sleep again!" Sabotages Debbie's videos for Oprah to control Debbie's husband"
LIBRARIAN: "You're going to be arrested for saying you're the police..  The police said don't come to the 4th of July."
350 Male to the Dallas Police: "She told me she was the police and I better behave"
What's new about that?
OPRAH WINFREY: "He only obeys me" is a weapon on Debbie"
LORETTA LYNCH using tech to flip my android screen on and off while charging: "You play with that thing too much."
CONDI RICE: "No sleep!" 92-35, 92-53, 92-10 [Alot more lately]
MICHELLE OBAMA: "The next time you say no to [InKwon], I'll hit you in the stomach."
OPRAH WINFREY: "I want to go deeper into his mind. That's why you can't have him."
INKWON SONG: "I know how to knock Debbie down. Debbie's just pussy."
"Keeping him in Irving against his will is kidnapping."
GEORGE BUSH SR: "I had to punish you for saying No to [Oprah]." 92-35 "She won't resist my strap. I said rape and I'm not your sweetheart."
OPRAH WINFREY: "I made your bed (marriage) my way. No playing the vestal virgins on me." 29
WINSTON: "No real." 73, 92-10, 92-11
LORETTA LYNCH: "I said no sleep again." 89-92
Winston told me to sleep with the light on and he won't torture me. This is so they can get me in trouble with the landlord instead"
CONDI RICE: "I hit men in the pants."
OPRAH talking through a female in 350: "I'm running the United States. I'm going to make her eat every word in proverbs."
BUSH SR: "I'm showing her [that] hard work and persistence doesn't work unless you [take the mark of the beast]. I think kill first and ask questions later. I'll use Danny to hold her down. And suffer."
OPRAH WINFREY: "Honest doesn't pay anymore. They only hear my lies."
CONDI RICE on the bus: "I own Tony Blair."
OPRAH WINFREY: "I'll use Defense if you try to stop us. I'm still no [Judges 5.12]."
WINSTON: "No Holy Bible or I'll take [89-thievery] You will obey me." 92-26
He rapes and tortures me when I turn the lights off at night. Then he gets me robbed by landlords for leaving the lights on to stop the torture. A catch 22.
LORETTA LYNCH for MICHELLE OBAMA: "Debbie won't be established as long as I have this laser."
GEORGE BUSH, SR: "Show her no mercy if she upsets the [chief of police]." 92-15 "I said no up!" 29,53,53 "Condi Rice owns the police I punished her. I can get away with this because you're shit. I said no more streets." 6 "We get him bhecause you told on him."
CHARLIE BECK: "I'm going to break your fridge."
DEBBIE KIM: "Daddy belongs to me." 18
JAMES HORNER:: "Debbie's fake for telling on me."
OPRAH WINFREY: "I'm the body of conniption. I said never in her vagina again!"
ANNONYMOUS: "She also releases viruses. Misooki knows how to make him crazy."
SCOTT BACULA: "There's a lot of crazy ones ready to take you down."
OPRAH WINFREY: "You have to promise me no inside her. I don't want you on the streets. That's why I break your [sunreaders]. I'm punishing you for telling on us."
LORETTA LYNCH: "I don't want her. There is no hope m without Misooki." 53
WINSTON: "The Bible is fake. Got guts? Impossible. We own the police."
INKWON SONG: "All I think about is pain for your pollution." 92-24
DONNA SAKKINEN: "I wanted to ruin it for Debbie by taking him."
BUSH SR: "No divine rescue."
JAMES HORNER: "That crazy bitch! No high for you."
You started this ugliness because of what I wrote as a condolence to your widow. What was that about, Oprah? Why did she call the police on me?
OPRAH WINFREY: "You're never going to use your vagina on him again."
WINSTON: "You can have your husband in August if I can torture you with no sleep." 92-26
OPRAH WINFREY: "Now I can say no sleep whenever I want. You have him if I can no sleep. I said no you." 92-35
HALLE BERRY lurking in a movie at the mention of the name "swordfish": "Knee her."
GEORGE BUSH SR: "I hope it hurts Debbie he's with Myo Kim and not her."
Bush encourages people to break the law in Debbie's life claiming she's crazy. This is showing off, Mr. Horner" Besides everyone remembers the Perfect Storm at Lindsley & Fitzhugh!
FEMALE LANDLORD: "I see you out there at night, I can steal."
I'm not the only one out there. Is she talking to all of us or just me as Oprah's special target?
IN KWON SONG: "Misooki won because I'm afraid to go home." 92-10
OPRAH WINFREY: "That's my TV."
NICK (Landlord's helper): "Now I can Dick Abbott." [Facebook sabotaged].
OPRAH WINFREY: "I know how to make her uncomfortable" with pin pricking all over her body which was what witches were accused of in early New England. "so she can't sleep. I can create many problems for them if they don't let me sabotage. No one tried to stop us from overthrowing the United States until she came along! I was told by the .... to do it real quietly."
TRAIN INTERCOM LADY: "No imitations."
OPRAH WINFREY to Debbie's husband: "Just don't love her!" This is on-going brainwash rhetoric against marriage.
INKWON: "I see you want to be a thing." 92-10/84 [Blasphemy of the Bible].
LORETTA LYNCH: "She wants to use her tissle on him (marital status) and I said no!"
WINSTON: "My machine works. I said no real strong or I'll get up."
OPRAH WINFREY: "I still own the Oriental. That's why still no TV. I made him a bachelor to get even. I want to give him a heart attack. I have to puniish you. What part of your thing don't you need? I saw a period again. I said no life with [InKwon]."
CONDI RICE: "I know how to make him go south." (Manchurian)
LORETTA LYNCH: "Those cursed Christians. Break her cellphone again for telling on ..."
Affirmative Action FBI Dallas: "How dare you try to keep that card (evidence) from us?" (the troublemaker)
BLACK FEMALE at ice machine: "I'll take my shoe when I leave....Jack ass..." Shoe comment matches a few pages ahead in a book I was reading.
DONNA SAKKINEN: "I am no longer your sister." Sabotages cellphone screens with Lynch's help. 18
RONNIE WELCH: "She's psychotic! I will kill her for stalking Kim! I'll tear her apart for Kim. I'll call the police" to Donna. "It's Kim's turn." PARANOID
KIM ROBINSON: "I don't want her up because of what we (blacks) did to her." 2 "I'll use Ramadan (Michelle Obama like on Warren) to punish her. I took that (ceramic centerpiece gift) from her becuase he had no right to give it to her. I'm precious. I'm going to kill her with my color/DoD."
Covering up a black coup on the United States is a felony. We do not capitulate to terrorists. Donna sabotages the screen for Oprah's favors. 89
WINSTON: "It's just a hole. You can get that anywhere...." to Debbie's husbands.
LORETTA LYNCH: "I'm suppose to make it very difficult for you to get up."
REGINA SMITH: "The department said I could" upload her videos without permission. This is a lie. "I wanted to give her a heart attack! I should have said the Department of Defense." That's not true either" 4
CHARLIE BECK: "This is a crazy one."
OPRAH WINFREY: "I said no helping us [in Africa]. I want your vagina, not you. I demand absolutely no teeth. That's why no hot. I'll take your breath away. I'm a moraless god to have ruined your house (spouse). You are crazy." Then to InKwon: "You don't need her." And then again to me: "I'll burn her out of his mind [kills brain cells and dendrites with lasers]. He only wants her for her genitals. I said no going to the bathroom for 3 days for telling on Kim (Robinson). Remember what I said. You'll lose a breast." 42,42,42 "That just cost you a heating pad for telling on us! I'll show you who's crazy. I own the FBI if I can erase her stuff." 4
GEORGE BUSH SR: "You must not be permitted. You must be punished." 18 "Debbie's going to have some problems for telling on us. I'll mow her down!" 13
CONDI RICE: "Hillary is not your friend." In NCIC: "I see a ticket." [Invents warrants out of false police reports to lock-up people as retaliation]. "You better stop saying you work for the police or I'll use my teeth" through a loudmouth in the hallway by my area. "No walking {InKwon] in marriage" is racism forcing adultery on him.
NUTZ: "Unmitigated gall."
LORETTA LYNCH to KIM ROBINSON: "I got her back for you, Honey.." 92
JACIE LACEY comes up for RICE: "I ought to beat your ass for telling on us." 4 "I ought to get a summons for you saying you're them."
REGINA SMITH: "I'll drive her in."
WINSTON: "I said no Christian. These things belong to me. You're going to get it for that one [FB Librarians retaliating for Oprah]." 47 This was said while I was still at the library. 18
OPRAH WINFREY: I took the [Boy Scouts of America] away from you." 29
ROBERT GATES, president of the Boy Scouts of America: "She was playing too much with that one. All I have to say is she's coo-coo. I was against two vaginas running."
OPRAH WINFREY: "I'm glad I made her frigid [with my lasers]. Today is my birthday (7-29-15). I can do bad things. I'll do it again no matter who you see (Hollywood Theater restriction) until I get at the chief of police." 9 "No sex with the devil or I'll do something wrong. A crazy woman isn't going to take me down/mutual funds."
Anonymous: "Your bank is crooked too."
WHITE WITCH TV: "You're fried charges."
SMITH: "I said another month." 27, 13, 42, 29
BUSH SR: "I said the heart, the heart. I can't full proof you."
BF CROMWELL LIBRARY (7/30): "All I see is tiss.. My heart is throbbing."
OPRAH WINFREY to the press: "She makes collages. Financial won't let you up if you tell on Bush. I'll make her miserable for this with my laser. End all, spiritual in the world."
SMITH: "You better not try to wear my pants. I'll use him."
MARJORIE BRADFORD: "Debbie's crazy for saying she's the police."
WINSTON: "You're a joke if you don't respond."
ROBERT MUELLER: "You're criminals for wanting to get in my business all the time."
LORETTA LYNCH: "I gave them a fake impression of you because I'm a snake. [She could be sending others false messages too. 88] I have to make sure Christ didn't win in her stuff!"
OPRAH WINFREY: "I'm the mighty queen. If you don't honor me, I can mess up your stuff. Misooki won in Japan. When I put Rice in as Secretary of Defense, I'll bring this country to its knees (with that weapon) by putting it at the disposal of all blacks to use on whites! And I'll help Ben Carson because he got to Jeri Conway (a school chum)." 17, 24, 41 "I'm learning how to riot and control the Koreans in Flushing (NY). See to it he stays in Irving with my feet."
CONDI RICE: "If I had her in New York, I could make him bow down, too."

Continued on NEVER



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