How could you build a weapon that can kill us in our homes?
aka Vicious Communism!"
Contact your local bookstore or library or go to, the publisher for Lasers: Pre-operative Challenge, 3rd ed. Kay A. Ball, Denver 2004. Devilry calls this "my knife."
  2. Testicular Cancer
  3. Cataracts
  4. Mental Retardation/Birth Defects
  5. Drops the salad fork
  6. Disorientation and dizziness where the room doesn't spin, you do (Often used on pilots) Like being knocked off balance while sitting down.
  7. Dysmetria
  8. Strokes
  9. Teleportation of items made of paper. #14 advances
  10. Transportation Spills
  11. Gastroenteritis
  12. Hunger Pains
  13. Labor pains forty years after the fact"
  14. Cramps in hands, feet, and legs
  15. Unexplained aches and pains, often in unusual places
  16. Can keep a parachutes from opening
  17. Eczema (27) artificially engineered another words causing something to happen with the lasers. May go around to family members and create the same effect. Doctors are not incorruptible"
  18. Any unusual sickness after helping the government
  19. Can put insects, bugs and rodents (is sonar, not teleportation) on you. Favorites are roaches and mosquitoes
  20. Enflames gums and extracts teeth.
  21. Can travel an infection into eye socket and cause blindness.
  22. Orcas can go mad on sonar too.
  23. Laser radiation scorching and burns"  
  24. Coma is a roofie/memory lapses. 
  25. Also blinds by blocking optical nerve
  26. Rail splitters
  27. Puts images on the optical nerve when you're not thinking about it
  28. Laryngitis
  29. Jaundice
  30. Narcolepsy (ESS-2, SNS-52)
  31. Influenza via trachea
  32. Raises prices or deletes sale prices when an item is scanned
  33. Knocks things down or over which includes statues
  34. Crib Death
  35. Battery Sabotage
  36. Takes an inordinate amount of time to paste in another app
  37. Can change the hands on a clock
  38. Aging of skin/wrinkling (which is usu. asymmetrical)
  39. Can contradict what you say at checkout. This one is defamation.
  40. Can open or bust a lock and re-number a combination lock, forever locking you out of it
  41. Drowsiness
  42. Can pop a balloon
  43. Unties shoestrings
  44. Stops bank cards from going through readers
  45. Can block mail order. 
  46. Can change amounts in that account.  
  47. Can delay bank deposits.
  48. Blurs vision
  49. Turns off alarms (electronic and mechanical)
  50. Blocks computers from recognizing passwords and send out a "password doesn't match" message. Take a picture and send it to us"
  51. Keeps clothes from drying
  52. Cloaking
  53. Blackouts
  54. Double screening
  55. Darkens screens of cellphones (99)
  56. Puts extra pages or screens btwn your requests to open things
  57. Tape erasures and additions
  58. Demonic - Removal of inanimate objects as if they sprouted legs and walked way
  59. Miscarriages and premature deliveries
  60. Egg freezing and storage can be tampered with!
  61. Freezes cursor/mouse activity
  62. Removes wheels from my cart when I'm outside near traffic
  63. Makes voices like a ghost is in the room
  64. Fault lines and flood barriers are like matchsticks
  65. Falsifies any gauge known to mankind!
  66. Overrides or ignores or does it's own thing with TV control boxes, keyboards, calculators and phone/car pads
  67. Can hear what is said in a room
  68. Sleep apnea
  69. Takes enamel off people's teeth
  70. Can raise your blood pressure, not just on the cuff"
  71. "There's too much envy."
  72. Makes children cry or fussy
  73. Stops and resets watches
  74. Knocks off the second hand.
  75. Plays the lottery and wins!
  76. Punctures tires and anything else it wants like gas tanks
  77. "Twinkle in the eye" causes drivers to lose control
  78. Moves heavy objects and hides small things from sight
  79. Can etcher sketch any image anywhere
  80. Turns appliances on & off
  81. Burns out stove lights and stops burners from getting hot
  82. Causes food to spoil 
  83. Turns knobs and unlatches doors
  84. Makes text disappear when you thought it was saved"
  85. Cracks windshields
  86. Breaks things [Some are listed on UGLINESS]
  87. Takes the tops off felt tip pens
  88. Controls Nielsen's Ratings"
  89. Can lift your faxes and take them to the White House!
  90. Removes jewelry while you sleep
  91. ATM card harassment and at checkouts, too
  92. Can snap a photo so you won't be ready for the next shot! (Film cameras)
  93. Makes weather out of thin air!"
  94. Removes items sent to printer
  95. Can shoot down an incoming nuclear aircraft heading for America
  96. Premature labor (Sonar and laser)
  97. Knocks money out of your hand or from your pocket
  98. Insects in your food from out of the blue (Sonar, then laser)
  99. SHC
  100. Forest fires  
  101. Earthquakes
  102. Kills and poses pets and other animals" Can stop a bunny in its tracks
  103. Controls fax machines, times, sequences"
  104. They can skew radiology
  105. Ugly birthmarks! And skin tags
  106. Reseals caps, bottles and cartons. Removes medicine from the bottle
  107. Carnival rides break apart after inspections
  108. Train derailments"
  109. Spreads infections and poison ivy by popping blisters
  110. Moves things - including cranes on the runway
  111. Heart attacks"
  112. Shingles
  113. Plaque Psoriasis
  114. Levitation - the weight of paper 
  115. Can remove items from files on your cell, tablet and computer"  
  116. Trips Olympic Runners - Can literally knock your feet from under you
  117. Erases tapes and makes typos to ruin presentations
  118. ]If typos spell something or mean something to you, contact the chief's office at NYPD. Threats are taken seriously.
  119. Rapes
  120. Musical re-arrangements
  121. When something is taken from your hand on a windy day, they can keep it blowing and blowing away.
  122. Keyboard sabotage, i.e. loss of back spacing capabilities, no double letters allowed in a word, disables address pop-ups. You paste & save, it erases or doesn't take"
  123. Can move water anywhere
  124. Likes to burn holes in objects
  125. Arranges things in a way that could cause injury if you don't catch it in time
  126. Moves file sequencing around to cause panic!
  127. Stops music from going to speakers of headphones. In the same token, can stop electricity from going through wires
  128. Can change police records and SAT scores"
  129. Pets will moan while eating if being assaulted
  130. Removes zip codes from food giveaway programs"
  131. Can move birds at will
  132. Nicole Brown Simpson's throat
  133. The driver of Diana's car in the Holland Tunnel!
  134. "Day After Tomorrow" simulates laser enhancement as does 2012
  135. Overcooks food
  136. Causes sparks to fly from ear phones into your ears!
  137. Makes clicking noises in your ear.
  138. Unclips, shuffles and then re-clips in order to unset people before a presentation
  139. Erases computer discs and even types in things you didn't! 
  140. Can cause choking and move pills to other places inside your mouth
  141. Be careful when you swallow pills and food! They can cause choking and arm the spoilers if swallow tabs (you'll know if it happens).
  142. Uses objects near you to cause accidents or assaults
  143. Overides settings and can sign you out
  144. Able to stop vending machines from working""
  145. Pulls zippers down on a man or woman's trousers
  146. Can skew a polygraph test
  147. Can stop a mechanical stapler from working"
  148. Can stop just about anything from working
  149. Drains batteries
  150. Hematoma
  151. The only reason they want to hear is so they can subvert.
  152. Hernias (24)
  153. Mudslides
  154. Pickpockets (Sticky fingers is at night)
  155. Sleep deprivation
  156. Turns statues (very hard to do)
  157. Alzheimer's
  158. Turns TV screen blue 
  159. Stops cursor from being on the screen, from moving and can prevent what's typed from appearing on screen.
  160. Sticking paper together is a felony
  161. Self-service postal machines will work for others, but not you!
  162. Keeps elevator doors closed so someone else can be first
  163. Stops bladder from feeling full and just the opposite. Can make you unvoluntarily lose control of both muscles
  164. Breaks nozzles on spray cans so things won't work"
  165. Unplugs coffee pot and can make it stop perculating while plugged in and on.
  166. Changes channels on the TV and turns it on and off!
  167. The movie "Titanic II" gave that one away!
  168. Can open harbingers
  169. Removes TV channels from your TV
  170. Removes items in a database when you're looking for them. Then puts it back in later.
  171. Turns screens on/off DVD players
  172. Tampers with Hypothalamus regulation of body temperature while you're awake, overall body chemistry and proprioception.
  173. Shows off how they bypass coffee in a maker while the water drips down.
  174. Can subvert Breath-Analysis so color can evade. (Rare)
  175. Takes money and doesn't release the product.
  176. Be careful when shaving. They can jerk any muscle, such as your arm.
  177. Pokes holes in the strongest of trash bags
  178. Stops rice from being cooked
  179. Loosens lids, be careful
  180. Stops vending machines from registering how much you put in
  181. Ages skin prematurely and usu. in an asymetrical way, as if to send a message from a cockroach.
  182. Opens elevator doors before floors have leveled out to trip patrons.
  183. Relocates knee caps while walking or buckles it
  185. Sticky fingers: Steals from your wallet at night
  186. Turns off appliances while in use
  187. Crashes cable TV
  188. Causes coughing spasms
  189. Can stop hot air from coming out of a heater without breaking parts
  190. Can scald people washing or showering when both hot and cold water are being used.
  191. Controls what a cellphone can do
  192. Re-routes phone calls, even on a cellphone
  193. Sabotages databases
  194. Extends (holds) yellow traffic lights longer
  195. Prevents keys from working in a lock (keep trying)
  196. Unhardens arteries
  197. Steals time from computer timers in libraries.  
  198. Can stop gag reflex and a sneeze
  199. Can remove thoughts from current or short term memory, sometimes even before it makes it into long term. That's a stalking, pre-cog.
  200. Stops manual clocks, kitchen timers and stop watches. You can't take your eyes off things like that.
  201. Can knock things out of your hand or fingers
  202. Fizzes sodas that have been sitting on a shelf 
  203. Can stop medicines from working
  204. They can use microwave tech to block your access to the internet and probably your cellphone too.
  205. Unplugs things 
  206. Stops a cell from charging
  207. Unties knots
  208. Unscrews things  
  209. Can remove bark from trees and blame a storm.
  210. Can stop plants from sprouting 
  211. They can control what you see on that screen called TV. They take things off the TV and move channels without your input.
  212. Can infect people with diseases using lasers as transporter. Often hits voice box.
  213. She can open up root canals and re-expose nerves
  214. Can simulate disease symptomology 
  215. Temporary Amnesia
  216. NEBRASKA plate #10
  217. Check all wires plugged in because they can pull them out where you won't notice them" to spoil things or cost you $"
  218. Premature Aging -Telameres
  219. Enables theomania
  220. Can block entries to Social media and remove them, too.
  221. Prevents pictures from being uploaded as before
  222. Erases text when I use the backspace, sometimes everything below the that sentence is erased.
  223. Refuses to put the keyboard down so I can see what I am typing in.
  224. Controls word searches  
  225. Changes the coloring on your TV and prevents you from changing it back
  226. Erases saved photos in cellphone,
  227. Wi-Fi connections can be removed so you have to constantly reset them.
  228. Blocks WiFi . You may see an exclamation point by your wifi symbol. It's a signature for DoD meaning No! In a coup, there isn't "the law."
  229. Severe itching: Feet usu. target
  230. Can collapse lungs
  231. Prevents skin from absorption of creams
  232. Breaks/snaps horses hooves or legs where hairline fractures were.  
  233. Small welts that look like mosquito bites.
  234. Changes cellphone files around 
  235. Erases applications
  236. Tactical receptors and depth perception can be controlled by lasers on the brain to trip 
  237. Can change any digital image
  238. Can "see" you thinking" like in the movie Divergent. Ditto your dreams
  239. Locks up machines, freezes technology.
  240. Suddenness is the most noticed feature of them stalking" Catching you off guard is fun for them".
  241. 8th cranial nerve - Auditory ossicles
  242. Sinus problems
  243. They can make light bulbs suddenly brighter" without popping
  244. Makes noises in your home when the lights are out that sounds like an intruder, a "ghost" or a dog scrounging around.
  245. Puts hair in your food or beverage  
  246. Jam electricity so it doesn't come out of the sockets
  247. Slow down the flow of water in faucets. Suddenly it stops coming out fast.
  248. Makes you sneeze without the little warning.
  249. Can stop scrolling.
  250. Static electricity in your earphones even if unplugged.
  251. Stops music from going to earphones
  252. Can stop uploads to Facebook, etc.
  253. Can stop or slow digestion.
  254. Likes to "flip" hydroplaning police cars 
  255. Appendicitis
  256. Uterine prolapse
  257. Blocks computer screens from coming up.
  258. Rotates screens away from you, overrides all settings.  
  259. Puts cursor in another place, usu. while you're typing
  260. Criminal assaults and torture
  261. Changes ringtones, overrides settings, erases drafts
  262. Can and does change the picture you sent in an email.
  263. Can inflate your data bucket usage.
  264. Can stop things from going through by saying "stop"
  265. Can cause blindness for Oprah Winfrey
  266. Can put text messages in out of sequence
  267. Can turn off spellchecker
  268. Now you see it now you don't - what is sent to the printer and what comes out is different.  If you try to resend it, it may no longer be found when you call for it. Poof! This means someone doesn't want you to make copies. Use your phone camera, but that can disappear, too. 
  269. Stops apps, camera and touchwiz in your cellphone
  270. Likes to turn everything into a message you've heard millions of times"  
  271. Erases emails in "sent" box
  272. From copy to paste: contents can be erased.  
  273. Moves the cursor just before you erase something or click on it"
  274. Sends to printer deleted pages instead of the new one saved and requested.
  275. Cracks leather
  276. Separates heels from boots
  277. Blood clots
  278. Burst of dry cloud of ammonia in your face
  279. Blocks or interrupts streaming
  280. Wrinkling of human skin. Deliberately aging someone"
  281. Paralysis
  282. Changes microwave settings while in progress to defrost
  283. Incredible things can be done when you copy and paste.
  284. Casino Bingo!
  285. Rashes on face, arms and behind your ears - Active Denial
  286. Mental Telepathy
  287. White stains on dark clothing
  288. Paper cuts on fingers and hands (some very small)
  289. Stops ink when writing
  290. Creates hangnails on thumb of writing hand
  291. Blows up TVs (Blinks out and smoke rises from it)
  292. Breaks hairbands and eyeglasses can come apart and fall in your lap
  293. Opens locks for a burglar
  294. Page on your screen doesn't match filtered examples
  295. Sets microwave at 99.99 minutes and doesn't let you reset it. Now you have lost defrost capability.
  296. Shortens crosswalk time, enabling cars to hit you.
  297. Changes the sequencing of traffic lights to cause rage"
  298. Encephalitis
  299. Bald spots (Alopecia)
  300. Parasitic Oscillation

These tactics are not "balance."
  •  Espionage weaponry*
  • "She doesn't mind me" is on Evil.
  • Some of my personal losses due to this weapon can be viewed on the page entitled Sabotage and Ugliness.
  • Simple tape can stop this" (right)
  • And they can sever the tape when you try to apply it making it almost impossible for you to start the roll again"

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