Debbie Song is Federal Witnessing -  - Eph 2.2 causes 2 Thess 2.3 - BLACK COMMUNISM/94!
MONSTERS LUST outside the law, often with
Diabolical Cleverness"


*Do not gang up on her with Bush!
It is a felony to hear a dictator"
In America, you need evidence, sound evidence before you can sabotage someone's life. And that's called a warrant.
Extreme is another word for mental"
If you are asked to do any item on this list, let someone know" There is no excuse for playing along without telling someone"
They don't want to play by the law.
Please do not listen to these if approached by echelon. You will be responsible for your behavior on our satellites" And they're far reaching"
  1. For more on this subject, go to EVIL page. They don't want to act normal. They don't want to play by the law.
  2. Go find someone else to type up your scream. Debbie and I have better things to do"
  4. COMMUNISM: Knowing when to come and what to say
  5. Trying to block you from getting an apartment is a hate crime. Who's doing it? Ben Carson, the Chief of Dallas Police, Oprah Winfrey, Condi Rice and Michelle Obama?
  6. No more flogging Debbie"
  7. If you agree to play by the law, you will not be found here.
  8. Playing games while the blacks who torture your mother is communism" And your silence is Oprah in control" Just think on that"
  9. NYPD: That one in Dallas FBI is always mental"
  10. And corrupt police officers will not be tolerated" Don't even try to get away using magic"
  11. Sabotaging her stuff is communism! Don't let them in"
  12. The first list of name use the government to spy on us. You are not one of us"
  13. "No heart" is Treason" NOVA SCOTIA. These are the ones that need to see psychiatrists" not the ones who say no crime or troublemaking"
  14. Everything these loose leafs say is meant to establish and secure their criminal ways"
  15. I am suppose to witness by example in Instagram (visual evidence) against communism to my superiors. We hope this helps others so identify similar situations"
  16. Director Alles and FBI HQ: No warrants - no stalkings or obstructions"... You're the "joke" for stalking her that far back and trying to force my hand with intimidating tech"

KNOWING is a felony if you act upon it.
Purple is the worst and constant
aka EVIL List
* Laser Combatant
  1. ACLU 70 
  2. Affirmative Action Secret Service - Irving 70-57 "I said no communism!
  3. Asa Washington* & Oprah Winfrey* 
  4. Ben Carson* & Oprah Winfrey
  5. Ben Carson & Donald Trump*
  6. Ben Carson & Bush Sr. 
  7. Ben Carson & Dallas SAIC 
  8. Ben Carson on Olive Street 
  9. Ben Carson & Oscar King*
  10. Ben Carson, Oprah Winfrey and Condi Rice blocking photos to Google Maps
  11. Candy Carson & Michelle Obama*
  12. Candy Carson* & Oprah Winfrey
  13. Capitol One Bank  & Dallas FBI
  14. CNN
  15. Colin Allred* & Oprah Winfrey 55-84,74
  16. Colin Powell*
  17. Colin Powell, U. Renee Hall, Diane & StanleyWelch & Kimmie Robinson
  18. Coming for a satellite that is stalking someone makes you a piece of shit. Got it??
  19. Condoleezza Rice* 
  20. Condi Rice & Insta
  21. Condi Rice, Bush Sr. & new landlords* 91, B&E (includes Grizzly Adams")
  22. Condi Rice & Trigger Jones*
  23. Condi Rice & Valentine Brommer 
  24. Condi Rice & Donna Sakkinen* 
  25. Condi Rice, Kellyanee Conway, and Winston on city officials
  26. Courtney Murray*
  27. Dallas City Council
  28. Dallas Police Dept, Dallas FBI and Condi Rice" 46,55, 70  
  29. Dallas FBI Field Office"
  30. David Brown*
  31. David Pughes & Loretta Lynch*
  32. If you punish Mommy you'll be right back here!
  33. Diane Welch*
  34. Donald Shupe* still 55 with Bush Sr"
  35. Donald Trump & Ben Carson*
  36. Donald Trump & Oprah Winfrey*
  37. Donald Trump & Loretta Lynch
  38. Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey & George Bush Sr.*
  39. Donna Sakkinen*  
  40. Donna Sakkinen on my daughter
  41. Elena Benevides*
  42. Eric Johnson* 
  43. Eric Johnson, Kellyanne Conway and Ben Carson
  44. Eric Johnson & NAACP
  45. Eric Johnson & YouTube
  46. George Bush Sr.*
  47. George Bush Sr. & Condi Rice" (Mosquitos)
  48. George Bush Sr. & CBS Dallas/Ft Worth
  49. George Bush Sr. & Hillary Clinton*
  50. George Bush Sr. & that busdriver*
  51. George Bush Sr & Oprah Winfrey 
  52. Hillary Clinton
  53. Hispanic Family on terminal 9 1830 hrs 74 PForest" 55 Malik Aziz 10/17
  54. InKwon Song & Oprah Winfrey*  89
  55. Instagram & Condi Rice"
  56. Jackie Floyd*
  57. James N. Mattis*
  58. Jennifer*  
  59. Jimmy Carter*
  60. Julia Pierson*
  61. Kamala Harris* & Ben Carson* 99 She was stalking Cooley"
  62. Karen Pence*
  63. Kellyanne Carson"*
  64. Kellyanne Conway, Eric Johnson and Vistaprint 62 No insertion cursor working - turns it into a weapon is 46
  65. Kellyanne Conway & Colin Powell 
  66. Kellyanne Conway & Condi Rice
  67. Kellyanne Conway & Chris Wray
  68. Kellyanne Conway & Donald Trump
  69. Kellyanne Conway and U. Renee Hall
  70. Kellyanne Conway & Oprah Winfrey*
  71. Kellyanne Conway* NOVA SCOTIA
  72. Kim Robinson* 72-106 
  73. Loretta Lynch sadistic snitch" 
  74. Loretta Lynch & Eric Johnson*
  75. Loretta Lynch & George Bush Sr./Renee Hall"
  76. Loretta Lynch & Meghan Markle
  77. Loretta Lynch & Michelle Obama 
  78. Loretta Lynch & Julia Pierson 
  79. Loretta Lynch & Michelle Obama
  80. Loretta Lynch* & Oprah Winfrey
  81. Malik Aziz*
  82. Marjorie Robinson* & Kellyanne Conway
  83. Meghan Markle - Vandalism"
  84. Meghan Markle* & Malik Aziz
  85. Michelle Obama"*
  86. Mike Pence* 
  87. Mike Pence & Dan Quayle*
  88. Mike Pence& Oprah Winfrey
  89. Misook Park/Song* & Ben Carson
  90. Mrs. Amos Mun 
  91. Mrs. Chance* 55-74 Oprah Winfrey (since August)
  92. Myo Kim*
  93. NAACP 
  94. NAACP & Mexico
  95. NSA & NAACP
  96. Oprah Winfrey*: "I'm afraid he'll come home and want her thing." [Sick in season]
  97. Oprah Winfrey for Chance's spouse*
  98. Oprah Winfrey & Clarence Thomas*
  99. Oprah Winfrey & U. Renee Hall*
  100. Oprah Winfrey & Misook Park
  101. Oprah Winfrey & Myo Kim was Red Lobster"
  102. Oprah Winfrey & the United Nations
  103. Oprah Winfrey & Warren L. Dodge Jr.* 
  104. Oprah Winfrey & Winston" 
  105. Oprah Winfrey* & Malik Aziz*
  106. Patrice Kirk* 
  107. Postal worker 75206* & Ben Carson witholds fliers 70
  108. Prince Harry"
  109. Regina Smith
  110. Saint Matthew's Episcopal Church 74
  111. Sandy* & Condi Rice
  112. Setti" 72
  113. Setti* & Oprah Winfrey)Instagram)27s
  114. Setti* & Winston
  115. "Sacred Pregnant Black Female Crusade"
  116. SS Female Fair Park
  117. Steve Rexar*
  118. Tamara Benivedas* & Oprah Winfrey
  119. The Romneys"
  120. U.Renee Hall & Interim Sheriff
  121. Vistaprint & Hall" for changing background color
  122. Walmart
  123. Winston & Bush Sr. 46-74
  124. Winston DIA* 
  125. Winston & Oprah Winfrey*
  126. Winston, Oprah Winfrey & Condi Rice*
  127. Winston  & Bush Sr.

 Your message plus laser is Aggravated Assault.

* Black female that stalks and threatened to kill me, then married my nephew. Not a coincidence, this occurred after I went to EEOC in Washington, D.C. Turns everyone in the family against me including my only daughter. Everyone puts her first" Like her husband Stan, out-of-wedlock..
No, a miracle wouldn't tolerate communism or any machine that promotes death on a free people" just to entertain sick, immature, jealous troublemakers refusing the lessons of evolution"

. Without it, we'd be in full blown communism which is obedience without liberty.

Communists use espionage, laser weaponry and intimidation to control what isn't theirs legally. This is called Zoom. It is unconstitutional, un-American, and anti-Christ.


This is Bush & Oprah: Too many coincidences:
T.C. Broadnax, Dallas City Manager from Seattle, WA
David Brown, Former Dallas Police Chief from Dallas, TX
U. Renee Hall, most recently hired Dallas Police Chief from Detroit MI
Malik Aziz, Asst. Police Chief, from Atlanta GA
George W. Bush Sr., 41st president, from Milton, MA

1) Hall-Broadnax or Hall Brown mean Holy Bible which means Judges 5.12 is not a mixed marital situation, not with white. Since there are two HB's, it means no Holy Bible.
2) Detroit-Seattle means the name "Deborah Song" should have been given to a black female, said JFK and Eddie Bernice Johnson. Choosing white, they say, was racist"
3) Aziz-Hall numerology is 1 and 8. Besides being the initials of Adolf Hitler, their FREEMASONRY reverse numbers making it 8-1. Eight means cruel. Cruel contains the initials of Condi Rice. Condi Rice therefore, wins against Debbie because Dallas chose, out of sequence, Hall.
4) Ben Carson sent a message to Debbie in the date July 7. Two sevens means no Judges 5.12 which means no Judges 5.12 which was the reason my husband and I existed as a marriage"
5) Bush engineers sensational crimes for black advancements or sympathy.
6) Three males with the letter B means 222, a cipher for 666" Ben Carson said it means Revelation 22.2 or procreation sex only.. Ben Carson is one of those names on the Spingarn list. NSA standing for black tyranny says marriage is obsolete and will advise Americans against it" They say Christian values are racist and the Bible is a scam.
   A) That scripture alludes to a gestation period. The animals that fit in that cycle are rats, mice, squirrels and rabbits.
   B) Carson was born in the solar year of the Rabbit. Rice in the solar year of the Horse. However , it breaks down because the female with the child is the horse, not the rabbit. Nevertheless, Rev. 22.2, they claim (with laser rape), means no marriages to other countries and all colors belong to black according to the KKK.
   C) Eddie Bernice Johnson says my marriage was a joke. The NAACP, mote it be, with espionage satellites and extortions keep my spouse and I separate to enable them to address issues their unlawful ways.
7) The Spingarn Awards erected three men named Benjamin. The very first man awarded this prize was named Ernest Just. This is where the playing of the "just" comes in. Dropping the word "just" is a threat.
8) Barry Obama didn't give himself that name. Here is where an innocent baby comes in.
9) Because I had at least one child by Song, the first and last names in Judges 5.12 becomes my name through marriage. This is all I am going to say about my name here.

NO HAPPINESS is sadism
& never true love!

The list following is of items stalking satellites and ground troops (satellite soldiers)
have vandalized.
They are building a frightful world and calling it their "turn."

Boom Boxes
Briefcase locks
Carts (wheels & frames)
CD players
Coffee Warming plates
Combination locks
Computer Keyboards
Dirt Devil Hand vacume
DVD player
Electric Can openers
Fanny Packs
Hot plate
Hurricane Lantern (Hi/Lo)
Key Locks
Microwave Ovens
Perfume & other pump nozzles
Reading glasses
Rice Cookers
Sign Stands
Smoke alarms
Speaker Systems
Steam Iron
Tape recorders
Water containers
Water filters
Water heater

If you want to slip slide your way down into a pool of acid that's your business, but you better not splash me!"



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